Excellent Food & Beverage Service
In order to enhance the guest’s experience, the food & beverage service must be accomplished flawlessly, with discretion, grace and efficiency. It requires dexterity, and impeccable manners. Our training covers the different styles of F&B services, proposes multiple exercises for participants to practice, and can be adjusted upon request.

For enterprises and individuals – adults– from 3 days to 5 days, we can propose several programs, including the following:

  • Setting up the table properly
  • Knowing the cutlery
  • Knowing the glasses
  • Knowing the different menus and being able to talk about them
  • Holding plates
  • Walking with 3 plates
  • Carrying hot dishes
  • Dishes position
  • French / butler service
  • English / silver service
  • American / plate service
  • Body posture when serving
  • The wine service
  • The champagne service
  • Clearing the table