Excellent Professionals in Healthcare
In healthcare, what patients are looking for is not only the diagnosis and treatment, but also the listening, attention, and good care shown by the entire staff. This is why it is crucial for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare actors to display perfect behaviour. Our classes offer solid preparation with practical exercises and advice that are specially adapted to the healthcare industry. Better manners, better results.

For enterprises and individuals – adults – from 1 to 5 days, we can propose several programs, including the following:

  • Personal grooming, hygiene and accessories
  • Uniform standards
  • The concept of healthcare etiquette
  • Specific etiquette standards for each position in each department
  • Speaking facing the patient
  • Proper gestures: guiding, comforting…
  • Language specification for Inpatient department doctors
  • Language specification for Outpatient department doctors
  • The proper behaviour during cares
  • Explaining the process and comforting the patient
  • Moving patient with kind gestures
  • Topics to avoid in a discussion
  • How to deal with angry patients
  • How to handle complaints diplomatically and sensitively
  • Patients unable to speak English or Chinese
  • How to deal with inappropriate requests from patients