Divine Deportment

Three days adult program in Shanghai to develop your divine deportment and refine your overall appearance

  • Shanghai
  • 3-day program
  • Elegant Deportment
  • 21st century Dress code
  • Accessory etiquette
  • Refined Makeup

Course description

The secret of living a delicate life and being outstanding with exquisite manners lies in consistent pursuit of image perfection and elegance. Time passes, but elegance and experience remain. “Divine deportment” is a refined program for you to discover your inner and outer beauty and to have divine image worldwide.

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Class benefits

  • Grasp the power of elegant deportment and learn exercises and correct postures when walking, sitting, standing and descending/ascending the stairs.
  • Master the accessory rules and learn how they can enhance your image internationally and locally.
  • Understand the conventions of dressing on different occasions along with colour matching principles.
  • Experience how to accentuate your advantages, emphasize your beauty and express confidence in every single photo when posing alone or in a group.
  • Enjoy all the spotlights in this life-changing experience in your path to becoming the best version of yourself at the iconic Paramount.

Class content

Day 1

High heels tutorial
  • Sitting down/ Standing up like a lady
  • Walking gracefully
  • Walking in high heels
  • Smiling exercise
  • Different dress codes
  • Colour matching
  • Bag etiquette & gestures
  • High heel etiquette
  • Scarf folding etiquette

From head to toe, you will get your body in good shape, learn about accessories and color scheme so you can get a new look at the end of the first day. Parisian brand Maison Ernest sponsors with high heels for you to learn how to master walking in high heels.

Day 2

Makeup tutorial
  • Ascending & descending the stairs
  • Turning gracefully
  • Elegant sitting poses
  • Walking with others
  • Makeup theory
  • Runway technique

In-depth beautification and adjustment of body posture. Refining your makeup skills.

Day 3

Learn how to do graceful photo-poses
  • Posing according to your look
  • Posing in a group
  • Jewellery etiquette
  • Hat & fascinator etiquette
  • Runway
  • Closing ceremony
  • Diner:Dance

ANGELA JEWELS special sponsorship with exclusive jewellery, together to achieve elegant goddess. You can show your charm at graduation dinner and ball.

your ultimate elegance experience