Drinks that accentuate your femininity

Dear ladies, I am sure you encounter the situation when you should drink alcoholic drink either to join the toast or to have a nice picture to share on social media. Since you are sophisticated lady, your drink order should support that image. I’ve created the list of top 6 drinks a lady can choose according to the taste, elegance and attractiveness when taking a photo. Let’s stay classy together!

Quick etiquette tips

1. Bring the glass to your mouth, not the opposite, don’t slouch!

Princess Diana is bending her head too much

2. If wearing lipstick, check it from time to time so it’s not ruined and drink from the same point so the glass doesn’t get messy.

Lipsticks everywhere is not elegant

3. When toasting with foreigners, clink the glasses and look them into eyes.

Always have eye contact when toasting!

4. Better hold the glass with the left hand in case you have to shake hands, exchange a wechat with your telephone, or simply take a call on the right hand.

5. Never have your small finger extended.

Do you know why you can’t raise the small finger?

6. Don’t mix different drinks, you can easily get tipsy.

Ladylike drinks

1. Cosmopolitan Cocktail

The taste is sour, fruity and refreshing. It’s very feminine cocktail because of the colour and the glass shape. You can match the colour with pink lipstick or nails for the best photo.

Drinkware etiquette

All glasses used for shooting are from Baccarat

Pinch the cocktail glass at the stem closer to the liquid so you can perfectly balance the whole glass. It’s not elegant either proper to grab it on the V shape part.

Samantha properly holding the Cosmo which is the signature cocktail of the show “Sex and the city”

2. The White Lady Cocktail

The taste is sour and fruity, but it’s a bit stronger cocktail. The name comes from a lady who was a platinum blonde. Coupe glass is very feminine and elegant, the white liquid even more adds to the luxury look.

Drinkware etiquette

Pinch at the stem. You may use another hand as a support. It’s not elegant either proper to grab it on the upper part of the glass.

Yang Ziqiong holding the glass in a wrong way.

3. Rose Champagne

Most elegant drink you can ever ask for. You can go with different options, but Rose Champagne with its pale pink colour, crisps, clean flavours and delicate bubbles is a perfect ladylike choice.

Drinkware etiquette

Same way of holding as of the cocktail glass. If your other hand is free you can pinch with that one as well, it’s a nice way to show your rings and beautiful hands.

Zhang Ziyi holding the glass of Rose Champagne with the both hands.

4. Chardonnay Wine

If you like the idea of rich and creamy taste then the classic style of oak-aged Chardonnay wine is a choice for you. With wine you can never lose face and your femininity. Nice jewellery will make the glass of white wine sparkle even more.

Drinkware etiquette

It should be always pinched at the stem with 3 fingers (thumb, index and middle finger).

Pinkish colour goes well with Chardonnay wine

5. Prosecco

Taste is usually dry but because of grapes’ fruity flavors it tastes sweeter than it is. This glass can make you very feminine and elongate your posture because of its slim appearance.

Drinkware etiquette

Pinch it by the stem. For additional support you may place your pinky finger underneath the base.

Posing with Prosecco will be a nice choice for elegant ladies

6. Black forest coffee cocktail

It’s a special coffee cocktail. The flavour is sweet and reminiscent of the Black Forest cake and has fewer calories. It’s garnished with whip cream and cherry which makes it look & taste very yummy.

Drinkware etiquette

Here we can warm up the cognac with a hand which will help to release the aromas.

Kate Middleton holding the snifter glass in inappropriate way

Dear ladies, I hope this will help you in your next high-end gathering. Take the photo with one of the drinks you like and send it to us ( before 22nd July ), the most elegant ones we’ll share on our social media!

Many thanks to our partner Baccarat for sponsoring us with these beautiful glasses!

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The proper etiquette for eating Spaghetti

Dear ladies, gentlemen, children, you may have the opportunity to go to Europe and more precisely to Italy. This country, offer us a delicious kind of pasta quite hard to eat elegantly: The Spaghetti. With a spoon, a fork? How to deal with the sauce? Here are the answers to those difficulties to help you remain sophisticated when eating Spaghetti in restaurant.

The spoon mores

We use to hear that it is recommended to use a soup spoon to eat Spaghetti, that it helps to wind the pasta around the fork. But to be honest, this is really not from the Italian customs. You can indeed use a spoon as a support but it is not considered as the right way to eat them: the fork is the single cutlery needed to eat Spaghetti properly.

Here is an example of the right way to use a spoon if it is necessary.

Wind around the fork

When you start eating Spaghetti, take three or four pastas with your fork. Then start to wind the Spaghettis around your fork, placing the teeth of the fork on the plate with a 45° angle. It will help you to maintain the pasta together in a uniform wrap.

About the direction, I recommend you to wind the pastas slowly in the anti-clockwise direction. If you turn in the clockwise way, you may have some spaghetti full of sauce falling from the fork and landing on your chin when you will try to eat them.

The cutting rules

It is totally forbidden and considerate impolite to cut the Spaghetti you have in your plate. It is the same thing as the “Foie Gras” that you should never spread on the bread. It is a rule to know as an educated person.

Do not mistake noodles and Spaghetti. You can’t eat them the same way: never hoover the spaghetti up in your mouth. At the same time, it is not elegant at all and you will project sauce everywhere on your attire. The second thing to never do is to bite the pasta in order to cut them because they are too long.

Dear ladies, gentlemen, children, I hope this article helped you to understand the proper manners to eat Spaghetti in restaurants or in Italy. The thing to think about is to take your time, be delicate and savour your dish.

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How to sit and cross legs as an elegant lady?

Dear Ladies, being elegant is all about your attitude, especially when you sit. How can you sit gracefully and what posture should you have depending on your outfit? How to sit with a long dress, with a knee-length skirt or with a short skirt?

How to sit gracefully?

How to sit elegantly is a body posture mater. In fact, you should pay attention to several points:

1. Keep your back straight, lengthening your spine. Your shoulders, chest and waist should be aligned on the same line. You can train yourself in front of a mirror. Sit down and stand up, one of your side facing the mirror so you check that you maintain this line.

2. Hold your head strong and elegantly. Look straightforward, your chin parallel to the floor. Try to sit as if you had a book on your head, making sure it does not fall. (You can also do this exercise at home to feel the right posture).

3. Stand as close as you can to the front of the chair. Your back leg need to touch the seat. Then slide one foot back gracefully and sit down on the seat. Your thighs should hold your weight, not your knees.

4. Sit up straight with your legs close together and your heels slightly ahead of the chair. You can sit with your legs in front of you: angle your knees either left on the left or the right side. Never sit with your legs apart: it is an ungraceful posture that you must not adopt.

5. What about your arms? Keep them joined in front of you when you seat and place them delicately on your lap once seated.

Crossing your legs: how to do it?

1. Long dress

DO: You can cross your legs on your knees. It will give you an elegant and lengthened shape: the dress will create the illusion of one long leg. To accentuate this silhouette, leave a small space between the heel of the leg you crossed and your other ankle.

DON’T: Do not let your upside foot floating in the air, it will break the shape of your legs and give unwanted volume to the bottom of your body.

2. Knee-length dress

DO: Cross your legs on your knees but beware, it can rise up your dress and show your thighs, which would be crude. You should turn your body either on the left or on the right, facing the person in front of you from 1/3. Depending on the side, place the leg from the back on the front leg as Kendall Jenner did on the photo below.

She is correctly sited but it is not elegant to cross legs with a skirt as short as this.

DON’T: Do not cross the leg facing the person you are seating in front of. If you cross the wrong leg, you will show way more upside, will give the impression that your thigh is larger. Do not lay your leg on the other, it will change the silhouette of your legs and make them flabbier.

Her legs are not properly crossed: she is sitting on her right, and crossing her left leg on.

Lady Obama should cross the other leg to attenuate the shape of her leg.

3. Short skirt

DO: The best way to avoid showing your skin is to cross your ankles instead of your legs, making sure you keep your legs close together. You can point your feet gracefully as it will lengthen your legs. Finally, your legs must make a 90° angle.

DON’T: Do not hold your knees apart: keep them close together. Do not put your feet under your seat, it will show how uncomfortable your are feeling.

If you’re attending a social event and doubting on how to sit, simply cross your ankle: you will never make any mistake with this pose if you remember to keep your legs together.

Ladies, you are now able to sit properly and to adapt your posture depending on your outfit. Seating properly is one of the main skills an elegant and refined lady must master. Therefore, you must practice. You are welcomed to book one of our deportment and/or table manners classes if you want to learn more.

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Checklist for your next bag!

Dear ladies, among all kinds of accessories that you have, I believe bags are one of the most important item. Are you planning to buy a new bag? Well after all the common truth is: there is always space for a next bag. However, awkward situations can happen when you carry certain kinds of bags. To avoid messes and stay elegant, make sure to go through this checklist before swiping your card.

1. Lambskin

A lambskin bag is as fragile as it is irresistible. If you consider yourself all prepared to pay much attention caring it, here are some points we highly suggest to you check first:

1. What are the items you take in bag everyday?
2. Do you regularly do your nails?
3. Where do you keep your cosmetics in bag?

A lambskin bag, especially a small size one, can easily show a bulge outlining the content. To avoid this, put a notebook or a square pocket mirror on the side further to your body to maintain a flat appearance.

If you love to keep longer nails and decorate them nicely, it is unavoidable to leave scratches. In this case, a lambskin bag is obviously not the best choice.

There are bags of similar size as a purse, some ladies are used to put cosmetics directly into the bag. Actually it is more complicated to clean the colors and stains inside of a lambskin bag than on the outside. A makeup bag of light fabric will do good help.

2. Chain Bag

Chain strap bags are one of the must-haves. Gold, silver or gunmetal gray chain, braided with leather straps or not, can always bring extra delicateness to the whole look.

1. How many sleeveless tops or dress do you have?
2. How many silk cloths do you have?
3. Are you allergic to metallic materials?
4. How tall you are?

Summer is arrived, if you prefer your skins around shoulders or collarbones not hiding under cloths, you should be cautious. The chain can leave red marks on the skin because of rubbing or allergies.

If you love the texture of silk or voile, you can wrinkle or fray the fabric carrying a chain strap bag.

Straps with shoulder pad is a smart option to avoid these awkward situations. It adds stability while releasing skin and cloths from the pressure of the chain.

Many of the chain straps don’t allow you to adjust the length and are usually longer than needed. You’d better try it in store.

If you already bought bags with extra long chain straps, one solution is to open the cover and circle the strap around it, then close the cover.

3. Cross Body

Free your hands and no more concern about straps slipping off! But still here are some questions to check in advance:

1. Do you usually attend formal occasions?
2. Are you a shirt lover?
3. Do you walk fast?

Cross body bag is usually more casual. If it happens that you carry a cross body bag to a formal event, simply switch it to be on one shoulder.

If you wear shirts for the most of the time, think twice because the strap can easily wrinkle the front part of your shirt.

I suggest you to wear a whole piece top and avoid decoration on the chest. Choose cloths fitting closer to your body so the strap and cloth won’t get tangled.

Those who walk fast can experience hitting on lower waist, it looks not very elegant. To make it more stable, put your phone or a notebook to increase weight of the bag. When you need to walk really fast, hold the lower part of the strap with one hand to avoid bumping.

4. Bag Lock

I am sure you must once got amazed by the creativity in the lock designs of the big brands. I am also sure some of you once experienced your bag opened itself and passenger behind came up and remind you about that. In the end, the lock’s function is to lock! So, ask yourself:

1. Will you take your next bag mostly to the office?
2. Do you have a lot of things to take with you everyday?

Squeeze locks, insert locks and snap locks rely on the inside spring structure to realize their function. If the flexible part is worn out, the lock would not be able to hold pressure from inside.

Safer options are flip locks and twist locks. Twist flip locks even double ensure the locking function.

Dear ladies, I hope this checklist can help you make the best decision with your next bag. Which one of your bags is your favorite? Could you tell us the reason?

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One scarf is all you need!

Dear ladies, it’s said that Queen Nefertiti from ancient Egypt was the first to wear a scarf, nowadays every lady can adorn her look with this precious accessory. Are you curious about how can you use one scarf to enhance your style? Please take your scarf and follow me!

Queen Nefertiti wears a silk scarf under a headdress.

What will you need?

We are going to use:
-one scarf, size 90*90 cm
-one bag
-one hat
-one dress
-one ring

Style 1: Turban

1. Fold the scarf into a triangle
2. Drape the pointy end of the scarf in the front of your head
3. Grape both ends of the scarf and bring them to the front
4. Tie the knot in front of your head
5. Take the loose ends and bring them to the back and double knot them
6. Tuck the knot underneath the turban
7. Now, try to tuck in the middle part, forming a beautiful shape

Style 2: Hat wrap

1. Take a hat that doesn’t have any details on it
2. Start folding the scarf from one end until you reach the opposite one
3. Drape the scarf around your hat, make sure both ends are even
4. Make a knot with both ends, then make a ribbon
5. Tighten it and adjust it as you wish

Style 3: Hair

1. Fold the scarf into a triangle, keep folding it to the centre
2. Wrap your head with it, bring two ends to the top of your head
3. Make two knots to fix the scarf
4. Braid rest length of the two ends into each side

Style 4: Buckaroo knot

1. Fold the scarf into a triangle, keep folding it to the centre
2. Drape the scarf around your neck
3. Cross one end over the other
4. Fold it back up on itself
5. Make a folded end
6. Bring the second end over the folded end and take it round behind
7. Tuck it through the loop
8. Tighten the knot gently

Style 5: The scarf shawl

1. Fold the scarf into a triangle
2. Wrap it around your shoulders
3. Tie both ends together and secure the knot
4. To glam up the look, use a ring

Style 6: The scarf top

1. Take two ends and form a knot, leave some space so you can wrap it around your neck
2. Take the bottom ends, bring them behind you and secure it

Style 7: The Belt

1. Wear some pants or a dress that can have a belt
2. Instead of a belt use scarf and pull it through the holes
3. Create a knot at the end

Style 8: The rose scarf

1. Grab one of the ends and fold it toward the center, do the same with the opposite end
2. Tie those 2 ends together, double knot
3. Take one of the ends and slide it under the knot, meeting the other end of a scarf
4. Make sure the edges are matching, forming a triangle
5. Separate 2 ends and wrap them around each other
6. Grab the end that is closer to the knot and only slip that end to another side
7. Gently pull the ends away from each other until they create a rose
8. Grab any bag and tie the scarf on a strap

Dear ladies, try out different styles and tell us which one is your favourite? Take a photo and send us, we’d like to see it!

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Fragrant Journey with Guillaume and Miona

Dear ladies and gentlemen, perfumes, once exclusive to nobles, can now be seen at home of anyone who wants to keep a perfect image. Today, two of our etiquette experts, Miona and Guillaume will share with you their stories with perfumes, offering some useful tips that they have concluded from their daily usage.

Guillaume’s first perfume

This morning I found this empty bottle of perfume. It is the first and one of my favourite, so I keep it as a remark of the beginning of my fragrant journey.

It is Kachgar from Isabel Derroisne. I still remember the moment i tried it: the opening note, an enchanting mixture of woodiness and amber led by refreshing bergamot; after a while, what left on the skin is the warmth of burning sandalwood, the sweetness of mandarin orange and a subtle smoothness of vanilla…

Describe a perfume

Perfume Families

Considering the using occasions would be mostly business events or open class, the perfumes that I choose to wear are mostly Eau de Toilette. For an event of around 3 hours, an Eau de Toilette can provide enough lasting time with a just right strength of aroma.


A perfume is basically a solution of fragrant essence as solute and ethyl alcohol as solvent. The way we call a perfume differs according to the concentration of essence, let me introduce you their differences:

Eau Fraiche: essence < 3%
Eau de Cologne: essence 2%~5%
Eau de Toilette: essence 4%~10%
Eau de Parfum: essence 8%~15%
Extrait: essence 15%~25%

Perfume for formal occasions

Sensitivity level of olfactory receptor cells can differ among people. In formal occasions, it is better to avoid perfumes with too strong or unorthodox aroma.

Givenchy Gentleman

Let’s take example of Gentlemen Eau de Toilette of Givenchy, a perfume that I like to use. The major impression of top notes is cardamom, but its spiciness goes in company with fruity scents. The heart is iris, giving soft and sweet aroma; leather and patchouli are there in the base, but both very controlled. In a word, it is well balanced, nothing too strong, easy for people to accept.

Trying a perfume

Now, perfume has become a part of my life style. I always like to spend some time on looking for next nice perfumes. Trying perfumes is one of my favourite activities when I go shopping.

It is not elegant to spray a large amount of perfume on yourself. Usually people use fragrance blotters. However, the aromatic chemicals indeed give the best scent on human skin.

What I do when trying is to take a lower concentration perfume, spray once on my wrist. Around 5 minutes later, I will try another one on the other wrist or inside elbow. I stop after trying 3 different perfumes so that my sense of smell is still sharp.

What other perfumes does Guillaume use? What is his secret of matching outfit with perfumes? More stories about Guillaume and his perfumes coming soon…

Miona: perfume lover must-knows

Like many ladies, rather than keeping a same rigid image all the time, I change my styles and I have a collection of perfumes to go with different occasions and outfits.

My Collection

When I dress up nicely for an important date or event, I would like my perfume to make the perfect even better. I like to keep a pleasant and female style, so most of my perfumes are of floral notes, Versace Crystal Bright and Burberry Weekend are the two that i use the most often.

Take the perfume with you

I have a small perfume atomizer, which can be filled with perfume from large bottles. It is convenient to carry so that I can put on in restroom whenever needed.

I also like to buy roll on perfumes. They can be easily put into a purse to take with me anywhere.

Where to apply

When the event is long, in order the aroma can last longer and give its best smell, I usually use some Eau de Parfum on the inside of wrists, inside of elbows, behind my knees and a little bit behind my ears.

Spray on body parts where you can feel the pulse.

When you are already dressed up but still want to wear some perfume, don’t directly spray on your cloth! Essential oil in the perfume can leave a stain on white shirt or even dark cloths of smooth materials like silk.

Better not spray to cloths

Alternative Ways

When I feel stressed out, I take a hot bath or go out to a SPA. Since I already have some aroma from lotion or essential oil, I will spray some Eau de Toilette on my hair or on the pillow. I enjoy this feeling of lying in bed surrounded by fragrance.

For perfumes that I haven’t been using for a while, I spray them on curtains or on furniture.

With so many perfumes, how does Miona keep them? What’s her personal etiquette tips about perfume using occasion? Find out in our next perfume article!

Dear ladies and gentlement, what was your first perfume? What is your favourite one? Please share with us!

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How a lady should properly stand?

Dear ladies, I am sure many of you have already been wondering: what is the proper standing posture? How to place my arms and my feet? What can I do when I start to feel pain? I propose you to review together the proper postures you can adopt every day.

Your shoulders
We said it in our previous articles: your shoulders should always, ALWAYS, be down and backwards. It’s elegant and healthy for your spine (rounded shoulders would add pressure on your vertebras).

How to reach this position? Again, same exercise: Place your shoulders in front- Up – Back – Down.

Keep your stomach in. You can breathe normally. Your neck must remain straight. It’s healthier and more elegant.

Your arms

The elegant pose
Here place your arms at the belly-button level, put one hand on the other one, fingers relaxed, covering only the two first phalanx. Your rings remain visible.

The confident pose
This pose is simple, but not the one most people would have thought of: simply let your arms along the body! It makes your body shape longer, and create a space between your arms and your body, giving a slimmer appearance.

This is typically the pose many stars would have when taking photos. You may think you look weird, but actually not at all. This is why I would call it the “confident pose”: you need to be self-confident enough to do it.

Avoid crossing arms
Don’t cross your arms. It will give a bad impression about yourself (closed mind), and will also make your back round.

Your feet

The elegant pose
Place one foot facing straight in front of the other facing towards the side. This gives you a slimmer and taller shape.

When: When you want to look elegant. This pose is also pretty common among stars.

The proper pose
Simply have your feet joined together, against each other. This position is for those who don’t want to catch attention.

When: If you are working in hospitality, service, at a junior position, or if you just want to be discreet.

The confident pose
This is the same as the proper pose, but you don’t have to put your feet together, you could have a little space in between (not larger than the shoulder). It gives a more solid, confident impression.

When: If you are working in an executive position.

How to relieve your pressure
For those of you who must stand for a long time, here is what you can do to relieve the pressure.
Start to put all your weight on your heels when standing.
Once it becomes painful, start to put the weight on your toes. You will bend a bit. It will relieve your heels and hips.
Alternate this slowly, and you will be able to stand for a long time.

But I am sure you also have some standing postures and technics you would like to share with us. Please do it in the comments below!
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