Dear ladies, you probably have posed so many times when taking photo, either for someone or for yourself. There are ways of posing that can make you look slimmer, more elegant and gorgeous! For having the best photo pose is not all, your shoes and facial expression have a critical role too. How to have the perfect match of those 3 elements? Take the camera and practice with us!

Ways of Posing

1 One leg ahead of the other

This stance gives you the wished hourglass silhouette and makes you look taller, slimmer and statuesque. It is effortlessly classy, and delectably elegant! Also, it’s time resistant, never gets out of fashion!

Chin parallel to the ground, back straight, shoulders back and down, arms relaxed next to the body or you may strike some pose. Place one foot ahead of other, legs parallel, keep your ankles closer so you form a slight acute angle. That way your body will canteen in a sophisticated tilted stance!

It is all about a diaphanously sleek alignment of your knees and legs. With arm’s position feel free to experiment, find the pose that is the most flattering for you. Victoria Beckham has her red carpet pose and she is very faithful to it. One arm is always behind, the other relaxed in front. Try tilting your chin in different directions and practice at home to see what your best angle is.

2 Stance pose

This pose is characteristic for the royals. Your picture should show an effortless, sophisticated and tall attitude. Just imagine Duchess of Cambridge, Queen Letizia of Spain practicing some other pose, they would not look as serene as they look in this stance pose.

Chin parallel to the ground, back straight, shoulders back and down, arms relaxed next to the body, on the bag or hand in hand and in front of you. Keep your legs and feet together.

3 Look over the shoulder

Strike this pose if you want to stand out of the crowd, it will give the world a new view of you. In the same time, this body twist elongates your figure and gives slimmer appearance.

Dakota Johnson having a perfect look over the shoulder pose.

Stand with one shoulder pointed toward the photographer, at about a 40° angle. Turn your head so you’re looking over the shoulder that’s pointed at the photographer. Don’t jerk your head in their direction, but just turn naturally and glance at the camera, or in the direction the photographer instructs you to look. Let your arms to naturally fall down.

Shoes rules

There is a belief that from shoes you can see someone’s personality and weather she is a lady or not. If your shoes don’t accompany your stance, the image will be ruined! Your feet and shoes must have a harmonious, concomitant symmetry.
When choosing shoes pay attention to following details:
1. First check the placement of the heel under the shoe, it should be falling down in the center of your heel. Otherwise, bad heel placement will ruin your posture and health.

2. Make sure that your toe cleavage is not visible at all.Otherwise, it looks very cheap and unstylish.

3. Cinderella’s fit in her glass slipper is not a fairytale- your shoe should fit you perfectly! With smaller number than needed you will feel pain that will affect your posture and mood. On contrary, bigger number will affect your balance and the way of walking.

4. When wearing open-toe shoes or open heel be sure that your toes/heels do not protrude beyond the sole. Maybe you think it’s a trifle but it’s a big NO-NO.

Facial expression

Facial expression plays a big role,inappropriate one can ruin the image while the proper one will enhance your look.
Depending on which attitude you want to show, your facial expression should be corresponding. If you want to smile on the photo, think about something that makes you happy, otherwise, your smile will be fake. If you want to look serious be careful you don’t end up looking angry or sad instead. Find the best facial expression at home and master it!

Zhang YuQi has a nice pose but her smile is fake

Rihanna having a proper serious facial expression.

Dear ladies, now you are all set to shoot all those beautiful red carpet photos! Which pose you find the most flattering for yourself? Please share with us!