Makeup etiquette: the flawless effect!

Dear ladies, you like to look flawless to yourself and others. Do you know how to handle the makeup blunders? How much makeup you should apply according to the events you are attending? Let’s groom together!

General rules
Makeup styles come and go, but some rules are timeless!

1 Foundation

Before applying anything to your face be sure to moisturise it first. Then be sure to have a foundation that matches your skin colour. Having a face and neck in different colours is a big no-no. Also, apply it evenly all over your face. For a not glowy look apply setting powder as well.

Proper vs wrong application

2 Eyebrows
Eyebrow shape should look natural on you. They play a great part in facial expression. Avoid looking too serious or angry, and match the colour with your hair.

Different appearances with a different shape
If your eyebrows are too rare, consider making them thicker. From the photo, you can get familiar with the procedure.

Doing eyebrows – step by step

3 Lipstick
Moisturise your lips, if they are too dry there is nothing to hide. Apply the lipstick very precisely, don’t overdo it. Find the lipstick that looks good on you. For long-lasting lipstick search for matte.

Too dry lips

Choose a fitting lipstick
If you still have some doubts, please refer to our previous article on how to choose the perfect lipstick.

Makeup for different occasions
1 Natural look
This look is a daily look when you just want to enhance the beauty you already possess. You can apply it when going to work, shopping, meeting friends, etc… You may apply: foundation, concealer, loose powder, earth-toned eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss or tinted lip balm in a natural colour, blush to achieve this look.

2 Sexy look
This look gives you attractiveness and a feminine touch. Sexy look is appropriate when you are attending some night event or you go on a date. You may apply: foundation, concealer, loose powder, smokey eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, red lipstick, blush to achieve this look.

3 Special event look
For this look, you need all the possible makeup! You should apply it when going to events like galas, dinners, weddings and other festive events. You may apply: primer, foundation, concealer, loose powder, smokey eye shadow, glitters optional, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blush, bronzer, eyelashes extensions, setting spray to achieve this look.

At the dining table
When dining you are sitting at the dining table not at a makeup table. Only conversation and dining should happen. If you think you should ‘powder your nose’ simply excuse yourself from the table and go to the restroom. If you are not sure if you should go and reapply some of the makeup, you may take a mirror from your bag. Keep it on your lap and skillfully check your face without letting others noticing it.

Makeup blunders
If you spotted someone with lipstick on her teeth, bleeding lips or any other makeup blunder try to subtly notice that person. You may offend that person, especially if you aren’t friends, that is why you shouldn’t do it in an intrusive way.

How to remove the lipstick from the teeth?
Once you become familiar with it, the best is to find a restroom in which you can have a look and correct your lipstick. If there are no restrooms nearby then try to slowly lick your teeth to remove the mark, don’t put your finger in your mouth in front of people!

Applying makeup in public
Do apply all your makeup at home before leaving. Avoid applying it in the car, it can be messy and dangerous while driving. If you doubt doing something in public – don’t! It is always a good manner to excuse yourself and prompt in private.

Dear Ladies, is there anything else you would like to know more about makeup etiquette? Please share with us!

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