Dear ladies, how you handle your handbag says a lot about you, not only about your personality or style but also about your good manners. How to keep your grace while carrying different types of handbag? How to hide your imperfections with it? Take your handbags and try out our advice!

Have a look at these pictures, who has a proper posture while carrying a handbag? Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge or Manushi Chhillar, Miss World 2017?

Kate Middleton

Miss World 2017

Maintain elegant posture

First of all, looking elegant while carrying the bag requests an elegant posture. Keep your shoulders back and down, chin parallel with the floor, engage your core.

Rosie Huntington

How to carry different types of handbags?

Shoulder bag

Rest the strap on your left shoulder. Holding your bag on the left side allows you to socialize since right hand is the social one, regardless of whether you are left or right-handed.

Grasp the centre of the front strap to hold your bag in place as you walk.

Crossbody bags

Wear across your body with a bag behind you or in front of you.

Wearing this kind of bag allows you to reduce stress on your lower back since you can adjust the strap length and reduce the swing and to arrange the weight.

Bags with short handles

Hold the handles in your left hand, keeping your arm relaxed and poised by your side.

For a more refined look, slip your hand through the handle from the outside, let the handle rest on your forearm, turn your palm so it is facing upwards and relax your fingers. Now place your bag lightly against your waist so it can rest on the hip.

The clutches

Grasp over the clutch with your left hand lightly but firmly.

Another option is to place your hand over the top of the clutch with keeping your fingers together and left hand close to your body to add an elegant touch.

If the clutch has a chain simply wear it on your left shoulder.

Hiding imperfections with a bag

Situation 1: Wearing a short skirt/dress while sitting

Crossed ankles- cover the hole between the dress and legs by placing your bag on your lap.

Queen Letizia of Spain

Crossed knees – Sit a little bit on the side and cover your exposed thigh.

Isabel Goulart, model

Situation 2: You prefer not to do a handshake when greeting with people.

Hold the bag with 2 hands in front of you. If you are married you may let the people see your ring by putting your left hand on top.

Situation 3: You are petite and would like to have a taller appearance.

Don’t take big handbags, you’ll look even shorter, go for small ones.

Please Avoid

Carry more than one bag throughout the day. You appear overloaded and unorganized. If you have a laptop bag if it’s possible to try to put your handbag into the laptop bag.

Put your bag over your shoulder if it is a large bag.

Overload your bag, it looks ungraceful and also it might affect your posture because of the bigger load.

Our Advice

When you are at the table place your bag on the empty chair next to you, on your lap or behind you.

Navigate through crowds with ease while holding your bag down with your left arm while carrying it on your left shoulder. The other option is to take it off your shoulder and carry it in front of you or beside you. Be mindful of others when you are putting your bag on & taking it off of your shoulder.

Take care of your purse. Depending on the material of your bag use an antibacterial spray or wipe or have it dry cleaned to keep your bag in top condition!

Keep your bag snapped, zipped or buttoned shut so the content is well protected.

Dear bag lovers, carry yourself with strength, confidence & grace everywhere you go! Which one of the ladies from the beginning has the proper posture while carrying the bag? And why do you think so?