Dear ladies, it is believed that women look more elegant and attractive when they wear high heels. The fashion industry comes up with plenty of different types of women’s shoes in order to maximize the attractiveness of the female walk! Do you know how to choose and walk elegantly in high heels? Let’s review that together!

The most suitable heel height
Nowadays people accept the concept of “High heel Golden Ratio”, to determine your ideal heel height, there is a special formula of the Golden Ratio: 1,618. About the details, please refer to our previous article on how to choose the perfect heel height.

The comfort myth

The key to comfort with any shoes is getting the right fit, which is highly affected by the slope (the slant, or the space between the heel and the ball of the foot), as well as the shape of the toe box (the front of the shoe).
A low heeled, wide open toe box and a gently tapered last may be extremely comfortable, it’s not as stylish and definitely not as sexy as a high heel.

The heels size really matters as smaller size may cause pain and cramps, and the bumps on the shoe corners show to the others. While a larger size would make your foot slides awkwardly.

How to walk in heels?
As with any shoes that have elevated heels, a little practice walking in them helps you get a feel for how the shoes can bring out your most attractive side. Here are some tips to help you feel more like yourself in those sky-high heels!

1.Take short steps and keep your legs close together. Move slowly, and be conscious of the surface you are walking on and if there are any upcoming obstacles such as sidewalk grates.

2. You must fully extend your legs and keep them straight, and your knees must be straight and not perpendicular as you walk.

The knees are not straight

3. Your heel should touch the ground first as you step, rolling the weight forward to the ball of your foot and then to your toe while stepping forward with the opposite foot.

4. Keep good posture by bringing your chest up and shoulders back. This makes you look more confident and helps to balance the change in your body’s centre of gravity.
5. Keep your stomach in, move your pelvis slightly forward if needed, in order to get a very straight body line. Then walk without being tense, which will give a more confident look.

When to wear platform high heels?
1. Galas, dinners, evening events etc. The daily footwear won’t give you the charisma or authority you’d like to express at more sophisticated events.
2. When the outfit is very long, you may need extra elevation to pull off the look.
3. When you want to look sexier, you can choose platform high hills, especially in darker colours, enhancing the whole outfit class if matching well.

Some words of caution
Matching: Don’t match tight pants or short skirts with platform heels, as it doesn’t look elegant.
Platform: Some people might find platforms comfortable to wear. But don’t try a pair of platform with too high heels. Generally speaking, the higher the platform is, the less elegance will show. Clearly, with the added height of the platform, if someone was about to twist one’s ankle, the damage might be even worse than normal high heels.

Dear ladies, we hope you learned some interesting and useful tips on wearing high heels. If you want to share more please feel free to contact us!