Dear gentlemen, do you know what kind of person you are? If you take great care of your clothing and general appearance you may be a dandy. Here is a guide for you to understand what makes this aristocratic style and how to achieve it.

Dandy – an elegant man

Dandy is actually an elegant man that places importance upon physical appearance, deportment, refined language, honourable ideals and more.  He is quite flamboyant in his fashion. First dandies showed up back in the late 18th century. Today, you may ask yourself – Who is a modern dandy? Let me walk you through steps on how to become a modern & elegant man.

1. Be confident

A dandy stands out from the crowd, style-wise. His look is an expression of himself. Therefore, you have to take pride in your appearance. A style becomes elegant and perfect when it reflects the inner you. Don’t be afraid of what people will say, you should feel good with yourself.

Be confident and smile

2. Impeccable tailoring

There isn’t any part of clothing that is loose, baggy or wide. Garments are well-cut and fit good. You don’t look like the suit is not yours. Focus on detail and fabric. Also, you should change your suit according to the events and the season. Lighter colours are worn in summer while darker in winter.

Taking measures for a suit

3. Tie or bowtie?

I personally wear everything: tie, bow tie, ascot tie. Depending on the event I will choose a particular type. I feel the most elegant and confident when wearing an ascot tie, which I do when I am teaching. For gala events, I will choose a bow tie. For daily or professional use I will wear a tie.

Wearing a bow tie for a gala event

4. Shoes

Leather shoes in classic colour are timeless. Invest in your shoes, all your efforts can be worthless if you wear a pair of shoddy shoes. There are many models, but I suggest you to have at least these: Derby, Oxford and Slipper shoes. Wax and polish them regularly.

Elegant shoes for a  gala event

5. Accessories

Accessories should match the occasion you are dressing for and your personality. I personally prefer having cufflinks, pocket square and wristwatch most of the time. You can also have a pocket-watch, tie pin, brooch, etc… Hats can be also worn if you really want to be noticed.

One of my favourite pocket square folding: the rose

6. Groom yourself

There are no limits when it comes to hygiene and grooming. Style your hair and beard if you have, use perfume and even makeup in achieving the desired look. When I am teaching, or when I have some special event I will be always freshly shaved. Also, I apply different perfumes depending on the occasion and season. Face cream is a must have, for having a moisturised face.

Moisturise your face every day

7. Express your thoughts

A dandy is an educated and sophisticated person, who uses a refined language when speaking. Jargon, curses, impolite words do not exist in a Dandy life. I always tend to respect others and to be pleasant when having a conversation. Properly addressing people, giving compliments always work well. By reading books or magazines you can widen your vocabulary.

Take some time just for yourself

8. Be a gentleman

Good manners never go out of fashion. Know the table manners, how to present yourself socially and how to be considerate to others. Treat others as you would like others to treat you.  Be the best version of yourself!

Be considerate to others and grateful

Dear gentlemen, I hope I have enlightened you with some tips on how to be a modern & elegant man. Do you have any other tips / questions to share with us? Please do so in the comments below!

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