How a lady should properly stand?

Dear ladies, I am sure many of you have already been wondering: what is the proper standing posture? How to place my arms and my feet? What can I do when I start to feel pain? I propose you to review together the proper postures you can adopt every day.

Your shoulders
We said it in our previous articles: your shoulders should always, ALWAYS, be down and backwards. It’s elegant and healthy for your spine (rounded shoulders would add pressure on your vertebras).

How to reach this position? Again, same exercise: Place your shoulders in front- Up – Back – Down.

Keep your stomach in. You can breathe normally. Your neck must remain straight. It’s healthier and more elegant.

Your arms

The elegant pose
Here place your arms at the belly-button level, put one hand on the other one, fingers relaxed, covering only the two first phalanx. Your rings remain visible.

The confident pose
This pose is simple, but not the one most people would have thought of: simply let your arms along the body! It makes your body shape longer, and create a space between your arms and your body, giving a slimmer appearance.

This is typically the pose many stars would have when taking photos. You may think you look weird, but actually not at all. This is why I would call it the “confident pose”: you need to be self-confident enough to do it.

Avoid crossing arms
Don’t cross your arms. It will give a bad impression about yourself (closed mind), and will also make your back round.

Your feet

The elegant pose
Place one foot facing straight in front of the other facing towards the side. This gives you a slimmer and taller shape.

When: When you want to look elegant. This pose is also pretty common among stars.

The proper pose
Simply have your feet joined together, against each other. This position is for those who don’t want to catch attention.

When: If you are working in hospitality, service, at a junior position, or if you just want to be discreet.

The confident pose
This is the same as the proper pose, but you don’t have to put your feet together, you could have a little space in between (not larger than the shoulder). It gives a more solid, confident impression.

When: If you are working in an executive position.

How to relieve your pressure
For those of you who must stand for a long time, here is what you can do to relieve the pressure.
Start to put all your weight on your heels when standing.
Once it becomes painful, start to put the weight on your toes. You will bend a bit. It will relieve your heels and hips.
Alternate this slowly, and you will be able to stand for a long time.

But I am sure you also have some standing postures and technics you would like to share with us. Please do it in the comments below!
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