Checklist for your next bag!

Dear ladies, among all kinds of accessories that you have, I believe bags are one of the most important item. Are you planning to buy a new bag? Well after all the common truth is: there is always space for a next bag. However, awkward situations can happen when you carry certain kinds of bags. To avoid messes and stay elegant, make sure to go through this checklist before swiping your card.

1. Lambskin

A lambskin bag is as fragile as it is irresistible. If you consider yourself all prepared to pay much attention caring it, here are some points we highly suggest to you check first:

1. What are the items you take in bag everyday?
2. Do you regularly do your nails?
3. Where do you keep your cosmetics in bag?

A lambskin bag, especially a small size one, can easily show a bulge outlining the content. To avoid this, put a notebook or a square pocket mirror on the side further to your body to maintain a flat appearance.

If you love to keep longer nails and decorate them nicely, it is unavoidable to leave scratches. In this case, a lambskin bag is obviously not the best choice.

There are bags of similar size as a purse, some ladies are used to put cosmetics directly into the bag. Actually it is more complicated to clean the colors and stains inside of a lambskin bag than on the outside. A makeup bag of light fabric will do good help.

2. Chain Bag

Chain strap bags are one of the must-haves. Gold, silver or gunmetal gray chain, braided with leather straps or not, can always bring extra delicateness to the whole look.

1. How many sleeveless tops or dress do you have?
2. How many silk cloths do you have?
3. Are you allergic to metallic materials?
4. How tall you are?

Summer is arrived, if you prefer your skins around shoulders or collarbones not hiding under cloths, you should be cautious. The chain can leave red marks on the skin because of rubbing or allergies.

If you love the texture of silk or voile, you can wrinkle or fray the fabric carrying a chain strap bag.

Straps with shoulder pad is a smart option to avoid these awkward situations. It adds stability while releasing skin and cloths from the pressure of the chain.

Many of the chain straps don’t allow you to adjust the length and are usually longer than needed. You’d better try it in store.

If you already bought bags with extra long chain straps, one solution is to open the cover and circle the strap around it, then close the cover.

3. Cross Body

Free your hands and no more concern about straps slipping off! But still here are some questions to check in advance:

1. Do you usually attend formal occasions?
2. Are you a shirt lover?
3. Do you walk fast?

Cross body bag is usually more casual. If it happens that you carry a cross body bag to a formal event, simply switch it to be on one shoulder.

If you wear shirts for the most of the time, think twice because the strap can easily wrinkle the front part of your shirt.

I suggest you to wear a whole piece top and avoid decoration on the chest. Choose cloths fitting closer to your body so the strap and cloth won’t get tangled.

Those who walk fast can experience hitting on lower waist, it looks not very elegant. To make it more stable, put your phone or a notebook to increase weight of the bag. When you need to walk really fast, hold the lower part of the strap with one hand to avoid bumping.

4. Bag Lock

I am sure you must once got amazed by the creativity in the lock designs of the big brands. I am also sure some of you once experienced your bag opened itself and passenger behind came up and remind you about that. In the end, the lock’s function is to lock! So, ask yourself:

1. Will you take your next bag mostly to the office?
2. Do you have a lot of things to take with you everyday?

Squeeze locks, insert locks and snap locks rely on the inside spring structure to realize their function. If the flexible part is worn out, the lock would not be able to hold pressure from inside.

Safer options are flip locks and twist locks. Twist flip locks even double ensure the locking function.

Dear ladies, I hope this checklist can help you make the best decision with your next bag. Which one of your bags is your favorite? Could you tell us the reason?

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