Dear ladies and gentlemen, we inaugurate new articles series concerning the analyse of famous people’s behaviour: how do they sit, pose, hold a glass. You will see that money and fame don’t necessarily buy perfect manners.

Sitting while watching a show

Here is our first analyse, let’s start with the lady in the purple attire.

She is crossing her legs at the knees level. This posture is to avoid if you have a short dress or skirt, otherwise your tight will be too visible. Moreover, you should never cross the leg which is visible for people on the side. Here, she’s crossing her left leg while the photo is taken by the left, giving her a big tight. Last point but not least, she is slouched in her seat, which is neither elegant or feminine.

The lady in white has a better leg posture: legs in front of the knees, crossed at the ankles. Her dress is too short for a knee crossing. Her back is straight, but her shoulders are a little bit stooped. To correct this, she may contract the muscles between her shoulder blade.

The family picture

What can we say about this impressive picture of the Trump family?

Ladies first, Melania is having a sexy pose, reminding more her model career that her first lady status. Her left leg is elegant, well placed. With this kind of posture, I will recommend to bend the opposite arm, but the presence of Mr. Trump on her right side gave her the reason to place on her hip the same arm as the outstretched leg. It is emphasized by the veil, which gives movements to the photo. She has a good shoulder posture has bent the chin down to have her face facing straight to the camera.

The efforts made by Donald Trump on this picture are remarkable. His face is not crude, his smile and expression look confident and calm. The legs posture is not bad, he opens his legs at the same width of his shoulders. The hands position, as Angela Merkel often do when standing, is perfect to hide the inside.

But as often his suit is too big for him: excepting the sleeves long enough to let show some white of the shirt and the socks long enough to cover the ankles, his jacket is too big at the shoulders level, we can observe too many creases on the arms and his trousers remind us the 70’s bell-bottoms style. And of course, the tie always too long. Plus he is not straight seated and his round-shoulders doesn’t help.

Globally, this picture is not excessive, we don’t observe big mistakes as we used to. So we can assume many efforts have been made for this photo.

Sitting on sofa for Afternoon Tea event

Here is our third analysis. Zhao Yazhi has almost the perfect posture: straight seated, shoulders back and correctly placed ¾ side, she is lightly lending in front, which helps to give a slimmer waist and narrower shoulders. The legs are in front of the knees line which emphasize a thin and long legs shape. This is accentuated by the second leg placed behind.
The only thing we can correct is her hands posture. She lies them down, which gives a taller image of them and she additionally place them one on the other, so we have a big unique hand illusion.

Drinking Champagne correctly

Our last picture analyse is about glass holding. Her body posture here is perfectly elegant in every aspect: her shoulders, neck, head, back and arms. But the main issue is with the right hand. The thumb and index should hold the glass under the bottom and not on the curved part, and they should not be up. The little finger in this position is not refined at all, it needs to be with the fourth finger.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed our analysis. If you have some comments, please let us know!

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