Dear ladies and gentlemen, there are some rules that should not be broken. However, some men make those “fashion sins” maybe even without knowing that. Here is the list from which you can check whether you are a “sinner”. Let’s stop with these crimes from today!

1. White socks

They should be ONLY and ONLY worn in sports, please don’t wear them together with your dress shoes. And the other way around, white sneakers/shoes don’t get along with black socks.

2. III-Fitting suit

Donald Trump is a great example: his suits are not well-fitted, often sleeves too long, or too big in shoulders, etc… It should be like your second skin – get it fitted!

3. Shirt Collars Outside The Jacket Lapels

In formal occasions, keep the collar in! The jackets and shirts that fit best for this collar-over-lapel look are blatantly casual.

4. Runners (For Running) Or Ratty Sneakers With Your Suit

It’s the same as you wear your gym clothes and have dress shoes with it, a huge mistake which I see quite often. The suit is worn with dress shoes, no exceptions, find comfortable one instead of wearing the sneakers.

5. The Deep Vee

Are we a woman to show off our cleavage? NO, of course. Shirt with deep V-neck is okay for the beach, please skip it in other places.

6. Backpack With A Suit

I’ve seen so many men doing this. I get it, it’s convenient, you can fit inside the bag everything you need. But! The suit requires a higher level of style. Find a leather briefcase or a tote, people will treat you more seriously.

7. Overabundance Of Jewellery

Same as for ladies, over-acessorizing will make you look cheaper. The rule is: no more than 3 pieces at a time, find your match between rings, watches, bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces.

8. Vests without suit jackets

You can do this only if you are working as a valet which I doubt you are.

9. Socks with sandals

This is a huge sin! Take sneakers or shoes if you feel cold or for any other reason. Sandals are worn without socks, as simple as that.

10. Not matching the belt with shoes

The belt should be in the same colour and material with your shoes. When you get the new pair if you don’t have the matching belt, get it also and have it ready. Also if any, your bag should be also in the same style & colour.

11. Matching tie and pocket square exactly

We spoke about this already, the pocket square should have some elements from the tie, but not to be the sample. Here you can review it.

12. Exercising In Fitness Leggings Without Shorts

You are at the gym, not at home. Make sure you are dressed properly, not too sexy nor overexposing.

13. Unbuttoning the shirt all the way

When doing business, your shirt should be well-buttoned, which means all buttons should be closed, if you can’t close the button on your neck it means the shirt is too small for you, get a new one.

Dear all, I hope now when you know it all, you will help yourself or others in avoiding these faux pas. Did you notice any other fashion mistakes I didn’t mention? Please let us know!

When in formal situation, should you truck in your shirt into pants? Write your answer in the comments below!