Dear gentlemen, we already saw many different tie’s knots but we didn’t clarify when you should wear a tie, which colour, which patterns? You have a job interview and are uncertain about the tie you chose? I invite you to discover the tie’s rules. 

Why the tie?

This masculine accessory helps to attenuate or accentuate the different contrasts in our outfit. It is about mastering the colour’s associations on your attire with the colours ranges. The tie is the detail of the coherence and the key of your outfit harmony.

In a suit, the tie is the only element you can use as an original style, patterns will help to galvanize your attire, but no worries, the non-pattern tie never is a “faux-pas”.

The pattern

Regular or straight line stripes bring vigorousness, polka-dot, check, etc. all those different patterns can be use in a work suit.

Favour thin stripes and polka-dot, avoid every big size patterns and repetitions. All the animals, fruits, characters or any outrageous symbols are to forbid. It is the same idea for the “artistic” ties with painting stain or shadings. 

  Outrageous patterns to avoid

The goal is to value the patterned tie, so wear it only with a plain suit for an elegant and sophisticated style. But if you wear a patterned suit, choose a tie with the same colour of the suit’s patterns.

Avoid the “pattern repetition”, you can wear stripes on your suit and tie but be sure the stripes are not the same size, colour, direction and space.

The colour

The right choice about the tie colour is in the details: inspire yourself with the colour of your shoes, your belt, your buttons, etc.

About the black tie: I do not recommend you to wear it, it is too common and simple for the daily life, but for an important occasion as a funeral, a high dining reception, etc. you can have a very sophisticated look with a black suit, the cigarette-trouser, a waistcoat, white shirt and black derbies. Except these particular occasions, in fact,  you may notice that it’s mostly for waiters.

If the suit dominance is blue: you can as well stay in blue or green tones, but you can wear yellow, orange and red ties to bring warmness to your attire.

If the suit dominance is grey: every colour is possible with this tone, I just recommend you to avoid maroon or cyan, those colours give a too serious and cold style.

If the suit dominance is beige-maroon: chose in the first-place tones as blue, green and red (more or less intense).

If the suit dominance is a special colour: you can as well choose a tie according to your suit, in the same colour tone or chose one in the opposite ton (for example, if you have a cyan suit you can either choose a green or blue tie or either choose a red one).  

The occasion

The job interview: the tie should be as sober as possible. You must value your professionalism with a non-patterned tie and an elegant dark and neutral suit.

The workdays: adapt your tie to your society’s style. For creative and sales department,coloured ties are great and appropriated. But financials department will prefer elegance and refinement: the silk tie in sober colour is always perfect, as well as any assortment we saw before.

The family reunion: you have all rights to use your tie to have a more original attire: patterns and colours are welcomed. But I recommend you to opt for light colours (dark colours are too serious).

The society invitation: the tie must be choose depending on the theme chosen by the hosts. But you will be able to wear the white tie attire.

Dear gentlemen, I hope you are now more familiar with tie and how to wear them, where and with what kind of suit.