Dear ladies and gentlemen, perfume is delightful when it is correctly used. Have you already met someone who got irrational with fragrance and didn’t know when to stop? I invite you to learn the fragrance rules and policies: when and how can you wear it? 

The conference

You will sometimes go to some venues which have policies about wearing fragrance, I recommend you to ask about it. For conferences, you will notice that there often is policies about fragrance free. The fact is many people have complained about it making them sick and we do not wish to make others’ experiences uncomfortable just because we like to smell good.


Fragrance is subtle, if you over do it, you will exceed the good smelling limit and have a stinking smell. If you work in a closed office, the smelling will be more intense than if you work in awide-open space.

Once you are sure your workplace do not have any policy about perfume, you can wear some but use it sparingly. Avoid any heavy, musky and sexy aromas for work; prefer light floral and citrusscents. The goal is that others should only be able to smell your perfume if they come close to you. 

How to apply it?

DO: Apply the fragrance once on morning. Even if you think the scent went away, others will be able to smell it during all the day. Spray it on some specifics points as: behind your ears, at your wrists and behind your knees. It is better if you can apply a base of petroleum before the perfume, it helps to lengthen the smelling. You can also spray a cloud in front of you and walk into it to disperse the scent.

DON’T: Avoid spritzing perfume on your clothes, it makes spotsor bleaches on some fabrics (and don’t wash out in the launder). If others start sneezing or coughing from the moment you enter a room, you’re probably wearing too much. Go to the restroom and wash off as much as you can and refrain from making the same mistake. Avoid rubbing the fragrance all over,it will waste the smell which will be overpowering.

The places you should not wear fragrance

It is important to wear perfume at theright place and avoid any “faux-pas” in other places. Indeed, if you want to go to the church, the office, a job interview, or visiting someone in the hospital, it is preferable to not wear any fragrance. 

If you had lunch in a strong-smelling place, this is not a reason to reapply perfume. In the first place, don’t forget our nose get use to the smell and the perfume / food smelling mix is not comfortable to wear. 


There are some rules about when can weapply perfume. You should not spray it in public places: in your vehicle withpassengers, in the bus, subway, train, plane, etc. People won’t appreciatehaving to inhale the fumes of your perfume. You never know if the person seated behind you is allergic to any fragrance you are spraying.

I recommend you to take the season inconsideration when you choose your perfume. Opt for a floral scent for summer days. It is the same idea for the time of the day, choose a light fragrance for morning and have fun to wear something heavier in the evening.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I hope you understood the right manners to wear perfume in the right conditions and places. If you have any doubt about a fragrance you have, I will be please to help you to know how and when you can wear it.