Dear coffee lovers, I am sure you like to start your day with coffee. Do you know how to hold that cup?How to use the coffee spoon to add sugar?Why should you drink cold water before tasting it?  Let’s share some tips!

12 sins

1. Looping a finger into the cup handle

Cup + Saucer

First pinch the handle with your thumb and index finger, then tuck three other fingers into the palm(Right method as shown in the right picture).

Coffee Mug

First loop your index finger around the handle and keep your thumb on the top of the handle. Then tuck three other fingers into the palm. (Right method as shown in the right picture)

2. Over-pouring coffee into the cup 

The coffee cup should be filled 2/3 full. More than 2/3 will result in spilling, less won’t be enough. 

More than 2/3  

Less than 2/3

3. Adding sugar and stirring  coffee witha communal spoon 

Ways to add sugar according to its form:

Power Sugar

Use the communal spoon to scoop powder sugar and put sugar into the cup, then stir with your coffee spoon.

Wrong Method   

Right Method

Sugar Sachet

Tear open the sugar sachet, pour the sugar powder into the cup. Place smaller part into a sachet and put onto a saucer. Stir it. 

Wrong Method 

Right Method

Sugar Cubes

Use the sugar tong to put the cube on the saucer (closer to your body), and then add it in the cup with the coffee spoon and stir.

Wrong Method

Right Method

Gently place it so you don’t splash around (sugar cube is heavy).

4. Never drinking water before taking a coffee sip  

Drink some water before having coffee, it cleans your palate, so you can feel the full aroma of your coffee.

Right Method

5. Leaving the spoon in the cup 

You should place it back on the saucer after using it, the same position as before. Don’t lick the spoon in any circumstances.

Wrong Method 

Right Method

6. Blowing on the coffee to cool it 

If the liquid is too hot, simply wait ‘till it cools down. Also, you can use the coffee spoon to stir it in a letter Z or from 12h to 18h motion.

Wrong Method

Z method

 12h-18h method

(Please remember not to make a clinking sound when stirring)

7. Leaving lipstick mark around the whole rim 

Try to drink from the same spot on the coffee cup, avoiding leaving lip marks elsewhere.

8. Lifting a little finger and tilting the head

Keep your fingers together, especially the little one! Let it stay in the palm. To finish the last drop, NO tilting the head backwards! 

Wrong Method

9. Making smacking sounds when drinking coffee

It should be drunk silently without clinking the cup and saucer and also without emitting any sounds from your mouth.   

Wrong Method

10. Enjoying the snack and coffee with both hands at the same time

Please put the snack aside when drinking coffee, and vice versa. Alternation is the key to elegance.

Wrong Method 

Right Method

11. Drinking coffee before meals

Coffee is drunk after heaving a meal. Besides helping with digestion, it keeps you awake; therefore, avoid coffee in the late hours.

12.  Leaving a mess on the table 

The cup should be placed onto the saucer, with cup handle to the left along with the coffee spoon. If there is a sugar sachet, leave it on the saucer as well. 

We hope you can enjoy every happy hour with coffee. How many coffee cups do you drink per day? Please leave us a comment.