Dear ladies & gentlemen, like me you probably don’t like seeing some men not wearing properly the iconic masculine attire: the suit. White socks, oversize tie, large jacket…: the list of mistakes is long. I have counted 10 of them. Do you have more?

The oversize suit

The most common mistake for men who needs to prove their authority and importance: they take a suit too large for them. The arm should not disappear in the sleeve, the jacket cannot be longer than your shoulders, like Donald Trump below.

Not closing the upper button of the shirt

I see it so often. Let’s be clear: wearing a tie with the upper button of the shirt open is casual, not formal, even in a 3 pieces’ suits like below. For business or serious occasions, you close it. If you are too tight, take a larger collar. That’s all.

Both collars are too large here

The ridiculous tie

A tie with funny animals, big fruits, shiny stones etc. : it is appropriate for parties or casual occasions. Not those you need to show credibility and seriousness. It should be with plain colours, stripes or conventional patterns.

Keep this one for your private Christmas event

Too long/short tie

The tip of your tie should reach your belt. Not higher, you would look like a nerd and it shows too much of the shirt’s buttons, not lower or you will look like Donald Trump, the specialist of the over-long tie.

The plain black suit

It’s actually not really a mistake, it depends on the occasions. The plain black suit is for people working in service, hospitality. If it is your case, you must wear one. If not, you shouldn’t.

Plain black for service



The invisible shirt’s sleeves

Your shirt’s sleeves should be visible at your wrist. Around 2-3 centimeters of your shirt should get out of your suit’s sleeves. It creates a good balance and makes the cufflinks visible if you are wearing some. 

2-3cm of the white shirt visible from the suit’s sleeves

The non-matching belt and shoes

The rule is simple: the colour of your belt should match the colour of your shoes. That’s all.

Too long trousers

Trousers should crease once on your feet, not having too many pleats. Or you will look like a child in his dad’s suit.

Maximum one crease on the shoes

Plain white socks

No, no and no. This is the ultimate fashion crime. If you are wearing a suit, you have to wear dark socks. Nowadays, some colourful patterns are acceptable if you are working in a creative environment.

The thick plastic shoes

You are wearing a suit; it should be paired with leather shoes (they don’t have to be expensive), but not the thick plastic one with thick soles. Even if it’s comfortable. They are too massive whilst you are looking for professionalism and elegance.

Avoid thick plastic shoes

Having written that I hope you won’t make these mistakes anymore or will prevent your husbands, sons and friends from them!