Ladies, gentlemen, children, everybody: we all sit down and stand up several times a day, but did you ever wonder if you were doing it correctly? I mean in a elegant and healthy way which protect your back? Here are the solutions.

Even wearing the most beautiful clothes, one’s cannot make a good impression if not having elegant gestures. The action of sitting if one of those you often show in public.

Do you think this way of sitting down is correct? 

Likewise, what about standing up that way?

Actually you should not bend over so much when sitting down or standing up. There are three reasons.

First reason: about elegance

I let you guess, if you bend over so much when sitting down, what are you showing to anybody behind you? Yes, something they should not see. 

Second reason: your social environment

If you bend over when sitting down, your face is looking at the ground, so you lose the eye contact and the interactions with the people in your environment. 

Third and most important reason: your health

If you bend over when sitting down, half of your body is leaning forward and maintained by your back. It means that half of your weight, several kilos, are controlled by a few vertebras in your lower spine. You are hurting your back. 

How to sit down properly?

So sitting down that way must be avoided. Then, what is the correct way of sitting down? The correct way is to keep a straight back, like this:

That way, you can maintain the eye contact with people around you, continue  to speak, your spine is straight and protect your back from lordosis. You are no longer using your back to sit down but your legs, strengthening your muscles. Likewise, when you stand up you shall maintain a straight back, for the same reasons. 

Tip: if you keep your feet together it is more difficult than if your place them apart, like this:

This is why we have the famous exercise with the book on the head: to teach you how to sit down and stand up with a straight back. The book will oblige you to keep a straight spine. Try at home!

Now we have seen together an exercise our students are often doing, as you can see.We will soon launch a deportment class, join in us for real practice, and in the meantime keep following us, next time we will introduce you how to let your legs look longer when seated!