Dear gentleman who strives to be elegant (or Ladies who want their men to be so), for you the folding of your pocket square into the jacket of your suit is a crucial moment. Depending on how you fold it you can give a formal, sophisticated, romantic or dandy impression. Therefore, we propose you a tutorial about the different possibilities you have. Today, we will review 5 sophisticated technics. Shall we begin?

If you missed it

Today’s lesson will go through more complicated (but more beautiful in my sens) technics. I strongly recommend you to review our previous article about the 5 basic foldings and be sure you handle them properly before starting these 5 new one. 

The 3 peaks

This type of fold that is sometimes also called “crown fold” is perfect for patterned and coloured pocket squares, no matter if you have a cotton or silk one.

When to wear it: For business and business occasions if you don’t display extravagant pattern, otherwise for every social event during which you may wear a jacket.

How to do it:

  1. Lay your pocket square on a flat surface.
  2. Fold the bottom side up, placing the bottom peak just on the side of the top peak
  3. Fold the left peak up, placing them just on the side of the 2 already existing peaks
  4. Fold the right part on, to reduce the size of the pocket square
  5. Place the folded pocket square into your pocket and you are done.

The rose

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful realisation you can achieve with a pocket square: elegant, romantic, but not too extravagant. It will give a very seducing style for a gentleman.

When to wear it: For social events only, either formal or casual one. It would be a bit too sophisticated for a strict business environment.

How to do it:

  1. Form a ring with your thumb and index finger and place the pocket square over your hand.
  2. Push the pocket square into the ring with your other index finger.
  3. Grasp the fabric you’ve just depressed with the hand holding the pocket square.
  4. Holding the fabric in place, twist the fabric clockwise.
  5. When you get your desired look, cinch the fabric down to hold it in place.

The open suit

Simple and elegant, you can make it with a plain colour or a patterned square, rather with silk.

When to wear it: for any type of occasions, social or professional, formal or more casual.

How to wear it:

  1. Fold in half horizontally from the top to bottom
  2. Fold the right corner down to the bottom peak, and then the left corner
  3. Fold the right edge toward the center, and then the left edge
  4. Fold the bottom up and behind the front. Adjust to fit the size of your jacket pocket.

The stairs

A very elegant style, that offers you new creativity possibilities. You need to have a silk pocket square, with plain colour or with 4 different colours (one in each quarter). In my sense, the folding is far more beautiful with a 4 colours one, like our example.

When to wear it: for any type of occasions, social or professional, formal or more casual.

How to wear it:

  1. Fold in half horizontally from the top to bottom
  2. Fold the left corner slightly under the right corner
  3. Fold the bottom corner slightly under the left corner you just folded
  4. Fold the three peaks that are now on the right behind the pocket square, do the same with the part on the left and on the bottom. Adjust to the size you wish.

The double pocket squares or “Ice cream”

Here we reach one of the most advanced technics, that some purists may find “too much”. Personally, I find it totally acceptable and even elegant as long as properly done with a reasonable choice of colours that go well together. Don’t make it too flashy.

When to wear it: I would not dare wearing it in a strict professional or social environment, it has to be for occasions allowing some creativity, or fashion style.

How to wear it:

  1. Take two pocket squares, fold each of them in triangle with the top corner down.
  2. Place them one of each other, one has its right corner reaching the middle of the second one.
  3. Fold back the right corner of the second pocket square on the first one, just under its right corner
  4. Continue to fold them one after each other. Adjust it to your pocket.

Of course there are many other ways of folding a pocket square. You may also create your own one with some imagination. If you found this article useful, or if you think some of your friends may need it, please share it!