Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, how many of you have ever dreamed to become a princess or a prince? You know it would lead you to follow many strict fashion rules, especially if you join the British Royal family. I have listed a few of them, let me know if you would be able to bear them all. 

Part 1: Clothes


Say good-bye to your denims! It is still not considered as an appropriate fabric. None of the Royals are wearing them in official occasions

But, probably concerned to adapt, the young generation has been spotted several times wearing some, for private and informal occasions only. 

Meghan Markle created a little scandal by wearing ripped jeans. One of the multiple rules she broke. 


A very classy and well-known rule: your skirts should ideally be at the knee level, or at a maximum of 7-10cm above. 

A rule Meghan Markle couldn’t make an exception of, even if she used to wear many short dresses before. 

Of course, for ladies skirts are more recommended than trousers. Forget your jumpsuits. 


The queen must to be seen from far, she has to stand out of the crowd. Thus, she rather goes for intense colours. She went through all of them!

For you if you were another royal member? If the Queen is with you, you rather pick more neutral colours

If she is not here, you may go for an eye-catching one. 

Revealing and sexy clothes

Shall we even mention it? These items would be banned from your wardrobe. They are strictly forbidden. Although, here again Meghan famously made a faux-pax by wearing something too revealing for her engagement announcement. 

Shorts and dresses for the children

Shorts for boys are mandatory, royal sons could only wear trousers at the age of 8. It is an ancient rule.

Girls shall only wear dresses. No denims for your daughters allowed

Sportwear absolutely banned

Despite denims slowly made their way in, sportwear is an absolutely no-go. You simply couldn’t wear any of items of this style. Even for doing Yoga Prince William is wearing semi-formal clothes

Part 2: Grooming


You can say good-bye to the colours and the stylish shapes you like. Only nude is allowed. And short cut of course, please. 

And guess who dared to break the rule? Yes, Meghan again. It made quite a scandal at that time.


Simply look at Kate during her wedding: natural colours allowed only. Forget your red lipstick. 

Facial hair

It has been reported the Queen doesn’t approve men of her family having facial hair. But a certain tolerance is made for Harry, as long as it remains clean and neat. 

Part 3: Accessories


Even in summer you couldn’t go without tights, those of you enjoying bare legs would probably suffer a bit. And careful: just like your nails you couldn’t wear any colourful ones. Sheer is the only possibility

Needless to mention who broke the rule, once again. Meghan Markle was criticized for not wearing any at the announcement of her engagement to the press. 


Such a big topic here. Of course, you couldn’t wear any handbag you like. It has to be small enough to be carried on the left hand. Always. 

The right hand being for shaking hands, if needed. 

The Queen uses it as a signal: if she passes her bag on her right hand, it means she wants to end the conversation. If she places it on the table, the meal will end shortly. 


A particularly appreciated style of bag for the young generation, used to cover cleavage when getting out of the car (because of course, even if your cleavage has to be light, you still have to cover it). 


Flat shoes are forbidden. Those of you who don’t like to walk on heels would have had to change drastically. This photo made strong impression:

She was famously spotted to wear stilettos when leaving the maternity a few hours after giving birth. 

Beware: heels shall not be higher than 7-10 cm!


Traditionally, a lady would never go out without covering her head (this was for workers, peasants, or menial jobs). Nevertheless, since the 1950’s the rules have been softened. 

If the Queen always wear one, the younger generation has more freedom. 

I could continue for a long time with all the rules, but I think you get the idea. They have to follow many fashions rules. And we don’t even mention here the deportment, social, dining manners. So, after knowing all these details, would you like to became a member of royal family?