Dear ladies, gentlemen and children, crayfish and summer are back. There is a casual style, but as you know, we always like to put some elegance in our eating habits. Let’s discover the grace of the crayfish!

Yes yes, you probably use your hands. Becoming a better version of yourself goes through learning more elevated manners, included how to handle the crayfish with cutlery. Here we start!

Formal (traditional) style

We will use the same tools at the crab or the lobster. For those who forgot, here are there again. 

Click to review : The manners for eating crab

8 pieces set

  1. Scissors
  2. tiny table
  3. hammer
  4. ax
  5. scraper
  6. fork
  7. spoon
  8. tweezers

The good news being: for the crayfish we won’t use as many of them as for the crab! Our objective is to eat the crayfish without having to touch it, avoiding dirty hands.

Step 1: Take the crayfish on your plate

Step 2: Use the hammer to gently crack the shell on the claws and on the tail

Step 3: Use the scissor to separate the tail from the head

Step 4: Remove the digestive tube

Step 5: Use the tweezer to pull out the meat

Step 6: Pick the meat and enjoy it!

Family (finger) style

None! But gloves if you don’t want to have your hands greasy. For the rest, I’m sure many of you know how to do it, but let’s still review together.

Step 1: Take the crayfish, the head in one hand, the tail in the other one. Twist to separate them both. If it doesn’t come easily your crayfish was not well-cooked enough.

Step 2: The crayfish-fans will like to suck the juice from the head. I must confess, I’m not one of them but I’m sure it is delicious

Step 3: Remove the shell of the tail and separate the meat

Step 4: Here as well, you may pull out the digestive tube

Step 5: Enjoy the meat and take your next crayfish !

Kind reminder, like for the crab place the crayfish leftovers in a tidy and elegant fashion no matter the style!

The season of crayfish just started, I hope you will enjoy it! Share with us some photos!