Dear ladies, gentlemen, and children handling a door is such a simple thing but it unlocks a lot of good things. Do you know how to approach the door in different situations and don’t lose your face? Let’s look at them so you never fail in this important social contact.

Ringing &Knocking

When approaching someone’s front door look for the doorbell to ring. Press it for 0.5 seconds and step back and wait.

When no doorbell is present it is common courtesy to knock gently on someone’s door first. 2 to 3 knocks are considered as a proper way of asking to enter through the door. More than that is aggressive & impolite.

When the person opens the door, allow her/him to greet you before you enter their home.

When visiting someone in his/her office, knock first and wait for the person to invite you in. Otherwise, you’ll be considered rude. If no one answers, don’t try to enter their office by yourself.

Opening& Holding doors

Door etiquette can be understood as being mindful of others. There are certain rules that should be followed.

Public doors

If the door pulls open, reach out to open it then, continuing to hold the door open, stand aside so the person you’re with may enter. If the door pushes open, go on through as you hold the door, standing aside as you continue to hold it so others may enter.

Still, if you aren’t accompanied by any person, never allow a door to slam on anyone behind you. Hold the doors for strangers too, especially when they need physical assistance or have arms full. But avoid holding the door for someone who is too far away, since that can cause him/her to hurry.

You’ll also find doormen who will get the door for you. Don’t forget to make eye contact with him and thank him.

Car door

It is still appropriate for a man to open a door for a lady. If there is a driver, you should wait until he/she opens a door for you. In some corporate cultures, junior associates will open and close car doors for senior staff regardless of gender.

Home door

When people visit your home, hold the door open as you invite guests to cross the threshold into your home. And always walk guests to the door, opening it for them as you see them out.

Revolving door

If the door is automatic, ladies and elders go first in social settings and higher-ranking individuals go first in business settings.

If the revolving door should be pushed, a gentleman would precede a lady in a social setting, while a junior person would precede a senior colleague in a business setting. Don’t try to crowd yourself into one wing with few people, it’s impolite and insecure.

Restaurant door

If you are hosting a business lunch at a restaurant, greet your client at the front, or stand to greet her/him at your table. When your lunch is over, walk your client to the front door of the restaurant, allowing her/him to exit before you.

How to enter and leave the room for making a good impression

After you passed the door you may face a group of familiar or unfamiliar people who will try to figure out your intent. That is why is important to enter with an at least a slight smile which will encourage them to interact with you. Avoid looking back at the handle to close the door behind you.

When exiting don’t turn your back on them since that will interrupt eye contact. Instead, leave the room with facing people in it and having eye contact until the door is closed again.

Dear all, as you might see, door etiquette is mostly common sense with a dose of kindness. Keep this in mind when next time you encounter at the door!

Would you like to add some advice regarding this topic? Please do it, in the comments below!