Dear ladies and gentlemen, today we celebrate women’s day. Therefore, we will introduce today 4 chivalrous gestures gentlemen may accomplish towards women, to remind them how important they are. Manners make the man!

He helps her to put her jacket on, not off

Do: When preparing to go out for a nice evening out, the gentleman would grab the coat he knows the lady will wear and hold it behind her so she can easily slip her arms into it. He pulls it over her shoulders and wraps it around her.

Don’t: Do not button the jacket for her, nor should you be the one to pull her hair out from under the jacket. You want to aid her, not baby her. Also, I wouldn’t advise helping her take her jacket off. That just seems a little overly “helpful”.

He holds the umbrella for her

Do: Holding an umbrella is a more usual gesture which can be simultaneously practical as well as getting you two closer, both physically and emotionally. The gentleman draws her close and holds the umbrella over both, make sure to cover her a bit more though.

Don’t: If she also has her own umbrella, it would not be proper for a gentleman to ask her not to open it, in order to be closer to her.

He draws the chair for her

Do: For special nights only, the gentleman can add a touch or romance: the proper way of doing this is to draw the chair out just enough for her to slide between the chair and the table, then as she’s bending to sit, slide the chair enough under her so her behind makes contact with the middle of the seat. Such a traditional chivalrous move!

Don’t: You do not have to do the whole standing up and waiting for her to sit when it’s just a casual dinner at home. Also, you shouldn’t stand up as she is getting up and returning from the restroom. That’s drawing an unnecessary amount of attention which she is not looking for.

He helps her carry things

Do: Particularly if it looks like she’s struggling. Also, if the gentleman is not carrying anything and she is (besides her purse), then he should offer to help her. Also, he should go first to open the doors or for any obstacle if they both have their hands full of belongings.

Don’t: Make a suggestion in the way of “Can I take that for you?” or “Let me take that?” rather than outright stating “Give that to me” or “That’s too heavy for you.” Do not assume she is not strong enough to carry something.

These small gestures do not cost much energy, but they can easily add so much romance in your daily life. There is always more of you reading us, thank you so much, and happy women’s day!