Dear ladies, gentlemen and children, how should you behave on the road, driving bike? What are the rules your children should know to be respectful and safe on the road? We propose you here 11 rules to master to be safe and sophisticated on bike.

Shared bikes are from an amazing organization, we can find them almost everywhere at any time. But it is our responsibility to maintain them in proper condition, as their name shows it, they are shared proprieties, usable in good conditions by all of us.


Bikes are made to ride on bike lanes, or on the road, but not on the pedestrian sidewalks. Let it to pedestrians. If you absolutely need to go on the sideway, you become a pedestrian and have to walk on the side of your bike, holding it like the photo below.


You must take care of your lateral distances: 50cm away from the pavement is the right distance to let place on your left if somebody wish to overtake you.


On the road, you must follow the rules: stop when the light is red and ride when it is green, it is not only for cars. If there are a bike and moto interdiction sign, don’t use this way, you can either walk on the pavement or take another road.


When we are getting to a cross junction, do not block pedestrian crossing point – stand behind the white line on red light.

Do not block the pedestrian crossing point


If you are cycling on the road and there is a bus stop ahead, ensure that bus passengers always have priority, let them board the bus safely. If you notice the doors had been closed, you can safely move forward.


How to overtake? Over-taking, give a shorthand sign, look behind you and overtake as fast as possible. Look behind you that you both have enough space before going back close to the pavement.

a) If it is safe, you can overtake the bus from the left-hand side and re-join to your track.

b) To over-take a parked vehicle, ensure you can see if anyone sits inside. Taxi allows passing slowly by the right-hand side. But if you see the indicator, please gently wait behind the parked car.


Do you need to make a turn, have a look over your shoulder, give a clear hand sign (stretched arm) on your action, and move safely.


If you need to avoid an obstacle, give a short hand sign pointing 35 degrees downward, it will be a form of notification for all biker behind there is a danger on the given track which needs to be avoided.


When should we ring the bell? It has been designed to inform if someone is potential causing you danger.

Possible scenario in using bells

a. Pedestrian walking in front of you. Give one ring, to notify that you are behind them.

b. You notice a pedestrian will jump onto the road without maybe looking for oncoming traffic, give two louder ring.


If you have traffic behind you on narrow lanes, find a buffer zone to let them pass you safely. Give an indication if you shortly stop or slow down.


It is highly recommended to wear a cycling helmet, it is even one of the road rules in many countries. Ladies, if you wear too long dresses or scarf, it could be very dangerous if it gets into the wheels. On the contrary, avoid shorts, you can be hurt a lot if you fell in this attire.

Here, the skirt is long enough to protect her legs and her scarf is high and will not block the wheels.

Ladies, gentlemen, children, bikes are part of society, and I hope those 11 rules helped you to understand how to be gentle but most of all, safe on the road.