Dear Ladies & Gentlemen of the 21st century, do you know the most popular coffee? But most important, do you know how to do a good tasting, when should you drink and how often? We have summed up all the answers here! Read with us!

Reading Guideline

Coffees you must know

How to taste coffee

When and how offen to drink coffee




7g of coffee, 30ml of water. 


A highly concentrated coffee shot. Quite a strong taste. When you don’t have time to sip your coffee but still want your caffeine dose quickly.

The Americano


1 Espresso + hot water, to dilute the taste.


When you want the same caffeine strength, but don’t like the strong bitter flavor of the Espresso.

The Macchiato


1 Espresso + milk foam to soften the taste.


You want the Espresso strength but would like a softer touch.

The Flat White


1 Espresso + hot steamed milk.


You want the Espresso caffeine with a more creamy not-so-sweet taste.


1/3 Espresso + 1/3 Hot milk + 1/3 Milk Foam + Chocolate Powder on top.


Served in the cup, in 3 layers (1/3 for each), it’s a smooth, creamy coffee. Here you look more for the comfort and the delicious taste rather than the strength.

The Latte


1 Espresso + 1/2 of steamed milk + little milk foam.


Similar to Cappuccino, but you have much more milk, everything is blended together (not in layers), and it’s served in a glass, not a cup.

The Mocha



A coffee and hot chocolate hybrid. The chocolate syrup gives a rich and creamy flavor and cuts the acidity of the espresso. It’s almost a dessert.

The Vienna Coffee


1 (or up to 3) Espresso + a lot of whipped cream.


A strong and intense coffee, whose taste is soften by the sugar and cream. It will warm up your whole body…and bring you joy.

The Irish Coffee


1 Espresso + brown sugar + whiskey + whipped cream.


A strong and intense coffee, whose taste is soften by the sugar and cream. It will warm up your whole body…and bring you joy.

How to do the tasting?

The smell

The fragrances must be both intense and enjoyable. Gently twist the cup to liberate more flavours.

Describe the perfume: floral, fruity tastes ? Spices? Be creative!

 The taste

You should feel the smooth taste of the coffee, never the bitterness! A good coffee is not bitter, or it means it has been burnt, which is not healthy.

However, coffee should have a little acid taste.

 The body

It depends on the strength of the coffee. A good body must let a filling sensation on the palate, and unctuosity. It must be pleasant to drink.

The length

It’s the taste remaining in your mouth after you swallow it. A coffee of good quality leaves you a long length in mouth.

When and how often ?

Are you drinking too much?

The more you drink the more your brain get accustomed to it, you will lose the benefice of coffee’s energy. Drinking every day will erase this benefice. Moreover, your body may develop an addiction.

There should not be more days you drink than days you don’t. Meaning in a month you shouldn’t drink more than 15 days.

You are drinking more? Beware! Don’t stop too fast! Otherwise you may,

1. Feel headaches

2. Be irritable

3. Having focusing troubles

4. Being tired etc.

When shall you drink?

When we wake up, our hormones are naturally bringing us energy. Thus, this is not the best moment to drink coffee (unlike what most people do), because the benefice of caffeine will be low.

To maximize the effect of coffee we should rather drink it between 9h and 14h.

When should you avoid coffee?

Caffeine’s effect last around 3 to 5 hours, and will be cleared by your body between 8 and 14h after drinking.

It means after 14h you should stop drinking any coffee: its effect stop at 19h, by 22h it is no longer in your body. You can have a good sleep.

What kind of coffee do you like the best? Leave us a message!