Dear Ladies and Gentleman, Jill Biden is becoming the 46th First Lady of America, replacing Melania Trump, with a very different style! Shall we compare them, and find out which one do you prefer? Let’s the battle begin!

Reading Guideline

I – the Fashion taste

II – Deportment

III – Public image

Round 1: Fashion

Both ladies have a strong taste for fashion, no one can deny. But on the style, their choices go on diverse directions.

Melania, the fashion icon

Lady Trump has proven a high fashion audacity throughout the years, wearing famous designer pieces. She made an internet buzz with the fluo-green Valentino dress during the investiture of her husband in August 2020.

Valentino dress

Her Alexander McQueen military uniform also received high praise.

Alexander McQueen

The stunning red Dior dress she worn to meet Brigitte Macron caught eyes.

Dior dress

So did her fuschia Jason Wu dress.

Jason Wu

Or the Dolce & Gabbana jacket she wore in Mai 2017, a piece estimated at 51, 500$.

Dolce & Gabbana jacket

Even when she tries to plain low-key, her choices are still far from what the normal American would afford or choose, such as the Balmain shirt at 1380$ she has chosen to pick flowers in the White House garden.

Balmain shirt

She famously has a personal stylist, Frenchman Hervé Pierre, who does anonymous shopping for her, especially at Dior and Michael Kors.

Hervé Pierre

Melania remains a Trump, not ashamed of who she is, and daring to show it at the face of the world. Jill is here quite different.

Jill, the flower lady

Jill’s husband is politically speaking to people concerned about equality, and a certain humility from their politicians. Although we can acknowledge she is into fashion and beauty, it is obvious she had this concern in mind when choosing her clothes.

Her personal taste seems to go for flower dresses. Such as an Oscar de la Renta piece she worn for the victory speech of her husband.

Oscar de la Renta

Or the Dolce & Gabbana one for the debate with Donald Trump.

Dolce & Gabbana

And many other ones.

Even on her face masks.

But so far none of her fashion choices has caused any controversy. Most of the time she is wearing knees level pastel color dresses, sleeveless or with medium size sleeves.

Recycling vs Opulence

Kate Middleton has been often seen reusing some of her most beautiful dresses for several events. So is Jill Biden doing.

During a debate with Donald Trump, she wore a green silk dress with long sleeves.

She was first seen with this piece in October 2017, during the Save the Children Illumination charity gala.

Or during a TV show on the channel MSNBC.

Melania is the First Lady, but also the wife of a billionaire. And has no problem having the lifestyle that comes with it. According to the magazine Instyle she has been seen wearing 6 different Hermès Birkin bags, when we know acquiring only one of these pieces may take years.

They estimate the retail price of these bags to be at least 114,000 $.

When clothes are carrying a message

Jill Biden is using clothes as political leverage. Regularly posting a casual photo in sportswear, or with her family on her Instagram, to appear connected with people’s life.

She is also good at manipulating the internet buzz, like when she wore the Stuart Weitzman black boots with the capital letters “Vote”, during the election in Delaware.

Melania fashion choices have also been politically interpreted. She was Melania fiercely criticized for wearing stilettos while going to visit victims of the hurricane Harvey in 2017.

Worse, she wore a jacket written “I really don’t care” to go visit migrants children – she claimed this was addressed to those criticizing her.

So, on a fashion point, we have 2 very high players, whose choice reflects what they are: politician on one side, socialite on the other one.

Round 2: Deportment

The difference is clear between the former model and the teacher.


Jill Biden has a tendency to be slightly casual on her sitting poses in front of the camera, with leg crossing styles we would not always recommend.

Remember, don’t cross your leg if there are people on the side of the crossed leg. Here you understand why.

Also, while her position is supposed to represent control and power, she has a little tendency to rest her arm, giving an impression of casualness.

On the contrary, Melania has been constantly paying high attention on her posture: she is invariably straight seated, legs together uncrossed, or crossed with an elegant way: both legs in front, staying together.


Dear Jill, please neck straight! You are a tall and beautiful woman, don’t curve yourself that way!

She tends to have a shoulder facing forward when walking, giving the impression of a shorter, unconfident, fragile lady.

Her steps are also broken, she is stepping with rounded knees, giving a heavy deportment style, not to say ungraceful. Could be better.

The days spent on cat-walks are paying off. Melania’s posture when walking is impressive: neck straight, shoulders down and backwards constantly.

Her steps are what we expect from an etiquette & glamour point of view: stepping from heel to toes, with a straight knee, letting the behind leg long. Beautiful to watch, showing control and confidence.

The First Lady diplomacy has an important trend. Melania vs. Jill, who is more prominent as First Lady?


Once again, Melania is here playing her role. On official events she stands very straight, shoulders down and back, neck straight, arms along the body, feet together, very still.

It looks easy but it is actually not. We are often tempted to move in such occasion, to cross or arms, touch our hands, lean on shoulders forward. So did Jill Biden.

Here Melania started the competition ahead. Her modeling career obviously helped. But Jill is a smart woman, no doubt she will have people giving her advice she will follow.

Round 3: Public image 

Family image

The Trumps like to be on a show. Even if their relation has been through ups and downs, they always agreed to pose together as a flamboyant, powerful family, displaying their luxurious life with ostentation. Absolutely no shame.

On the contrary, Jill and Joe Biden have carefully sent photos of a united, preppy but warm family, close to nature, happy to celebrate family events. The “model family” image electors want to see?

A loving wife

Jill Biden has been devoted to her husband and her family. In March 2020 when he was attacked at a meeting she didn’t hesitate to defend him.

On the exact opposite, Melania has been several times spotted to refuse to hold Donald’s hand in public, showing him some marks of animosity.

So, as a conclusion, who do you stand for? Let me know!