Dear ladies, it is the end of the year again, peak time of parties, high evening events, etc. If you want to look sexy, here is our advice to handle occasions and the faux-pas to avoid looking vulgar during those events.

One-piece dress
Colour: Colours like black, white, silk, gold; or deep colours like dark blue, green or even red. They are glamorous and feminine.

Shape:  V neck, tube dress, or hollow-carved design on arms and shoulders will deliver more sexy images. In winter, a high-waisted voluminous feminine dress will create a contrast with your legs and make your legs look thinner.

Materials: You can choose lace fabrics, which are as elegant as silk, soft and light fabrics. Casual fabrics as denim, jersey, chino, etc. are too informal.

DON’T: Do not wear a dress or skirt above half of your thighs. Back low-cut is sophisticated but be aware: in this case have a long length dress. Skin tight dress, plunging décolleté or large volume of sheer are not appropriated. 

Too vulgar as mentioned. 


Style: Moderate thickness is good choice. Shiny tights is optional if the attire is not too extravagant.

Colour:  Black opaque  or nude tights are always optional in winter, keeping you warm without creating heavy look on the leg. Just make sure it pairs with your dress.   

DON’T:  Fishnet is too exposing for glamorous occasions. 

Alternatives to the dress

The skirt: If you don’t want to wear a dress, we recommend wearing a high-waist flounce skirt. Graceful and light, it is a very elegant outfit when it is matching with a feminine top. Visually you’ll look taller and slimmer.

Suits: Suits can be sexy too if you don’t like to wear any dress.

Decolletage is too deep. 

Trousers: You can also choose pants or a jumpsuit, to make your body look longer and slimmer.

DON’T: Avoid jeans, sports or any other casual wear.

Hairstyle and make up

Hairstyle: Hairstyle should match the dress. You may raise your hair up to reinforce the finess of your face, highlighting your chin and your neck. You can also have stylish loose hair, brush it to create volume or structure it with hairspray or refined hair-slide.

Make up: Events require heavier make up. For the eye shadow, also match your dress but skip daily colours, eyelash extensions is optional. For lip colour, better to choose night colours, like deep red. Concerning the nail polish, match the tone of your lipstick to built a nice harmony. 


DO: Exquisite jewellery is optional. The rule is to have no more than two pieces of jewellery per hand maximum. So you need to choose between necklace and bracelets, earrings and ring. If wearing a décolleté/turtle neck, your earrings should be small and delicate.

DON’T: Do not wear a whole trinity at the same time. If you make an imposing jewelry attire, you will be seen as the lady who wants to show how rich she is.

Too many accessories. 

Evening bag

Size: Small and light hand purse is suitable. Any event bag is less than 2 times the size of your hand.

Colour: Match your bag with one minor colour of your outfit. If you are in one colour attire (as black), pair the colour of your bag with your high heels, jewellery or even with the colour of your lipstick. 

DON’T:  Don’t place your bag on the table, put behind you or on your lap.


DO: We recommend you wearing stilettos (3~7cm), which suggest a feminine and lengthens shape of your feet and ankles. Your dress will look even more graceful with them. If having a shorter dress/skirt you can wear high heels with straps.

DON’T: Avoid every flat, sport, or open-toe shoes. Like a Lady, you can’t assume to wear non-feminine or non-elegant shoes for any event.

Ladies, hope our article provide tips for your coming events. Please have a look on the above photos, which ones show a too vulgar look? Welcome to share your answer with us!