Dear ladies, today we are going to discuss how to choose the suitable lipsticks for females according to the three main skin tones. With better colour lipsticks, you can enjoy a better version of yourself!

Cool or warm?

Do you know if your skin is cool or warm? Understanding your skin tone is of great benefit for choosing the suitable lipsticks, so let’s take a look at these 3 main types: cool, neutral and warm.

Cool skin tones: bluish, red, or pink

Neutral undertone: a mixture of both warm and cool

The skin has no predominant shade. When in the sun, you can burn or tan.

Warm undertones: golden, peachy, or yellow


1.    The Vein Test

This is one of the easiest tests to conduct. You just look at the veins on your wrists or under your eyes to see if they appear to be more purple/blue (cool) or green (warm).

2. Gold or Silver

Hold up gold and silver jewelry next to your face.  If gold jewelry gives you a lift, you’re warm. If silver is better, you’re cool.

lipsticks for undertone

There is nothing like finding the best red lipstick for you.  From rich blue-based reds to bright orange-toned shades, there’s a hue to suit everyone.

Cool undertone

No.1: There is a variety of colours that fit the cool skin, however, please rather avoid orange colours which will make you look sick.

No.2: Choose bright, vivid colours with high saturation that could cause strong visual effects.

No.3: Generally a matte lipstick is classier than other types of lipsticks. And especially when your skin is under bad condition: that is to say, with obvious pores and marks, a shinny lipgloss will make it look the skin look even rougher. 

Warm undertone

No.1: People with warm undertones are more suitable for warm-toned lipsticks, that is, the shades that incorporate an orange base. Such as coral, orange, and rust red are all good choices.

No.2: Be careful with dark colours as they are usually not good match with warm skins. However, lipsticks with a bit brownish colours could fit the warm skin tones. So if you are into dark colour lipsticks, try one with brownish colours. 

No.3: Ladies with warm skins could also try lipsticks that with cool tones, as long as the cool colour is with lower “brightness”. Be careful, pearly-lustre lipsticks are not compatible with yellowish warm skin tones.

Nude Lipsticks that fits for all undertones

Still not sure about how to choose the right colour? Then you should try out the nude lipsticks, which fit any skin tone and reveal the natural beauty of your lips.

Tip1:A good starting point for determining your nude lip shade is to find one that matches or is one shade darker than your inner lip.

Tip 2: The intensity of the lipstick colour should correlate with the skin tone.

Cool undertone

Neutral undertone

Warm undertone

Apparently, nude lipstick can create a finish so natural-looking that it’s almost as if you’re not wearing it at all.

Tips for using lipsticks

Tip 1: Lip liner will help keep your lipstick from bleeding beyond your lip lines, but it can look a bit harsh if the line is too crisp—go for mimicking the natural edge of your lips rather than overdrawing.

Tip 2:It’s always a good idea to blot. The most important thing with wearing any bold coloured lip is to make sure it doesn’t end up on your teeth (or your chin, if you’re eating).

Tip 3: Pressing a lip colour into your lips with your finger in a dabbing gesture (similar to how you apply cream blush) will give your lips a flushed-from-within look, and you can control how saturated you want the colour to be.

Dear ladies, did you find your undertone and have a better understanding on choosing lipsticks? What is your favourite lipstick? Please comment