Dear ladies, what dress is the one you’ll always want on standby? Definitely the classic little black dress!

The debut of the little black dress

The Little Black Dress, in short, isLBD. This concept was originated in the 1920s and has been celebrated for around for a century.

The 20th century is the most classic era in the history of clothing. With social changes and the efforts of designers, some high-end fashions become classics in the fashion history.

However, before the liberation of female dressing, women have been constrained by corset-based clothing.

The hourglass-shaped corset is easy to crush the organs

Although the corset shaped the slender waist for women, yet the corset also incurred women suffer from abnormal rib growth.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the fashion industry was quietly undergoing a revolution, and the women’s liberation movement was undergone.

American dancer Isadora Duncan’s fluttering skirts and barefoot dance set off a fashion wave.

Many women threw off the tight corset.


Many designs that liberate women’s dressing were quietly beginning, this including Coco Chanel, the originator of the fashion industry.

Originator Ms. Coco Chanel boldly innovated, and drew inspiration from Chanel men’s clothing, which becomes a fashion classic.

Ms. Chanelloved black, she believed that black is the beginning of all things, and the returning of all things.

« Chanel’s Ford » was debuted by Ms. Chanel in 1926.

This little black dress is knee-length with long sleeves, a low-waisted H-line black dress. Vogue called it « all-female uniform » and compared itwith the most popular Ford in the United States. So, this was why it was named « Chanel’s Ford ».

As time goes by, the little black dress has inspired more designersfor more tailoring, among which include the famous designers Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy, etc.

Like the subversive revolution in men’s wear and women’s wear, YSL’s little black dress still uses tailoring like wide brim, small stand-up collar, and suit fabrics to retain its neatness and spryness.

Givenchy designed 80% of Hepburn’s film costumes, Hepburn was his muse throughout his life, and the LBD also flows with Hepburn’s elegant temperament.

纪梵希 Givenchy

The designers discovered and designed different series of little black dresses, giving women a different charm.

The Classic LBD

The inclusiveness of the LBDfascinateswomen of different ages. Let’s review the famous LBD scene from the last century to today.

Monroe in the movie, the Asphalt Jungle in 1950 in a LBD, charming and pretty.

In Breakfast at Tiffany in 1961, Audrey Hepburn in a LBD, stopped in front of Tiffany gracefully.

In the movie Indecent Proposal in 1993, Demi Moore in an imaginative deep V-neck LBD.

After the exposure of Prince Charles cheating in 1994, Princess Diana and Prince Charles announced their marriage failure. The media wanted to capturePrincess Diana’s depression,while Princess Diana looked vigorous in a LBD.  That is why this LBDwas called « the LBD of revenge ».

The nice and clean little black dress in the modern American drama Sex and the City.

In the modern American drama Emily in Paris, Lily Collins in a classic one-line black dress for the gala.

A minimalist black is full of identities: calmness, elegance, mystery, sexy, far-reaching, solemn, etc., the little black dress always effortlessly gives off an elegant appeal for ladies in needed occasion!

The occasions for the little black dress

Every woman should have at least one little black dress, as LBD’spurposeful tailoring and variabilitycan never go wrong for the desired occasions. 

Next, we will introduce our tips on choosing the little black dress for 3 occasions – business, life/leisure, and gala.


Look 1: A-line LBD

The A-line littleblack dress design is suitable for women with narrow shoulders. The flared A-line can perfectly highlight the shoulders, cover the wider buttocks, and give off a smooth silhouette in the lower body.

Look 2: LBD wrap dress

The wrap shape ties it all together, with the front piece wrapped around from one side to the other, and also with a tie that wraps around the waist, the curved design is most favorable for the rectangular-shaped ladies, keeping things breezy yet form-fitting.


Look 3: shirtdress LBD

The shirtdress little black dress has a loose impression on the top, and volume at the legs, with a well-designed waistline.


Look 1: V-Neck puff sleeve LBD

This easy, breezy little black dress is crafted from a tonal-striped seersucker that moves with your body, so you can feel relaxed. Plus, pretty, puffed sleeves are always ladies’ fondle admiringly.

Look 2: Backless LBD

The backless little black dress contrasts nicely with bare skin, it will be perfect for summer.

Look 3: H-line LBD

H-line is a tailoring suitable for all body types. Its straight-line design can balance your figure and perfectly modifies the possibly larger buttocks and the waistline. 

It is the absolute essence of the season, this dress plays well at the beach but works just as well for strolling sidewalks,withan ice cream cone in hand.


Look 1: Side slit LBD

The little black dress with side slits is very popular with celebrities. An understated side slit design puts a twist on thelittle black dress,showing your perfect body shape and your slender long legs.It kills two birds with one stone.

Classic side slit little black dress from the last century

Contemporary side slit little black dress

Look 2: the hollow-carved LBD

The hollow-carved design little black dress makes a modern updateand gives off a sense of breathing, if you have cool/white undertone, then this hollow design definitely suits you!

Look 3: Umbrella-hem LBD

The classic umbrella hem is the trend of this year, the exaggerated umbrella-like hem gives off a sense of drama.

Look 4: Leather LBD

The little black leather dress comes with a strong aura, it makes women look strong, the leather brings warmth, it is trendy and stylish.

Look 5: Lace little black dress

Lace is a woman’s best friend, it adds femininity and elegance, and the thickness of the lace also brings a sense of layering.

Look 6: LBD with patterns

Designers are more diversified in pattern design; pattern design brings you identity!

After dressing up the little black dress, throw on your favourite footwears, like a pair of boots, white sneakers, sleek heels or open-toe sandals, with accessories or handbags to adapt to little black dress for a more elevated finish!

The one-of-a-kind little black dress has become the dream of women all over the world, simple, pure, elegant and full of charm.

Now you must fall in love with the little black dress. Choose one for yourself!