Dear ladies and gentlemen,

Summer is there, at the same time, it’s also the seafood season! When you are enjoying the seafood in front of you, don’t forget being graceful~ In this article, we are going to share some steps and tips about three types of seafood to make your seafood taste easy!

Before we begin our article, there are some little etiquette tests about seafood etiquette for you~

  1. We can use hands to eat shrimps in formal occasions.

Yes   No

2. We should use metal spoon to eat caviar.

Yes   No

3. We cannot eat caviar with blinis.

Yes No

4. In formal occasions, we use normal fork to eat oyster

Yes   No

Alright, do you have all the answers? Let’s find them in our article!

  1. Shrimps

Shrimp is a popular delicacy enjoyed for their delicate texture and exquisite flavor. We may be quite familiar to eat it with hands which is not recommended in formal occasion. Fork and knife would be better in dining etiquette. Let’s learn the concise step-by-step guide to enjoy shrimp with finesse!

Step 1: Cut the head and set it aside

Step 2: Separate the flesh and skin

Step 3: Remove the skin and set it aside

Last but not least, enjoy the delicate flesh!

  • Oyster

For seafood lovers, Oyster is quite delicious, right? But in formal occasions, how could we enjoy it gracefully? We are going to discover immediately!

First of all, eating oyster, we won’t use the formal fork as you may see in the photo below.

There are special oyster fork like this:

A closer photo? It seems more clear:

Then, how to use it to enjoy oyster elegantly? You may follow the steps below:

  1. Detach the meat

2. Squeeze the lemon juice

3. Pick with oyster fork and eat it.

Attention: be careful not to pierce through the meat with the fork.

  • Caviar

Another very precious seafood is caviar.

Many of us may use metal spoon to eat it.

Buuuuuut, it is not recommended. Caviar should never be served on steel or stainless-steel plates or forks, since it can change the taste of caviar and make it bitter or metallic.

Eat and serve caviar with utensils of crystal, ceramic, glass, or plastic to preserve the taste could make sure the best taste.

Which food we eat with caviar?

Here, we recommend you four ways to taste this delicate seafood:

Baguette bread

egg white slice


and…just taste the caviar itself with non-metal spoon!

Or, a special way…

These are the three seafood we bring you today for summer season, do you still remember your answers at the beginning? I’m sure now you have the right answer!

Hope you enjoy!