Dear ladies &gentlemen, today we are going to talk about a hot topic: the hot pot! Do you know that in Europe we also have hot pot? Do you know the right etiquette? Learn it together with me!

Did you know it? The “Fondue” (huoguo) concept has been brought in Europe by the Mongols Invasions in the 13th century.  There are mostly three types of hot pot in Europe:

The cheese one: the“fondue savoyarde”(from the Alps).

The meat one: the “fondue bourguignonne” (meaning from Burgundy).

The chocolate one: kids favourite (and mine too).

The Cheese Fondue

The cheese fondue is a very typical cuisine in Switzerland that you would not want to miss.

What is it?

Melted cheese in a large cup – generally gruyere cheese.

The second type of cheese may be melted and blended, with white wine, pepper, etc.

How to eat it?

Take a long fork (a special one);

Pick a small piece of bread and plunge it in the cheese fondue;

Put it on your plate.

Once the piece of bread + melted cheese on your plate, you can enjoy it with side dishes such as: bread, fruits and vegetables. You can also dip the sides in the melted cheese.

Did you know it?

We have a game! The one who lose his piece of bread in the cheese should have a little forfeit. Like drinking bottom-up his glass – fun mood guaranteed!

Where to try?

•上海:桃江路1号,近东平路 La Cabane

•北京:金鱼胡同3号 Le Cabernet

•深圳:南山区望海路1089-15号  Les 5 Chefs

The fondue bourguignonne

The fondue bourguignonne is also very common in Europe.

What is it?

The base of fondue bourguignonne is oil! The main food is beef, cut in cubes (but you may have other meats as well).

Have a large choice of sauce: bergamote, béarnaise, pepper sauce, spicy, etc.

How to eat it?

Take a long fork (same as the cheese fondue). And pick a small piece of beef. 

Let it boil in the oil, 30-60s depending on your own preference.

Put it on your plate, add the sauce of your choice on top.

You may also have the side dishes of your choice: vegetables, rice etc.


Don’t put the meat directly in your mouth! You would burn yourself!

Where to try?

上海:永康路72号Tap House

•深圳:南山区望海路1089-15号  Les 5 Chefs

Chocolate hot pot

Now it’s coming to my favourite one: the chocolate hot pot! It is actually a dessert!

What is it?

The base of chocolate fondue is of course… chocolate! (you were expecting it don’t you…)

Eaten items are fruits, candies, cookies, or any delicacies you like.

How to eat it?

Again take a long fork (it may be the same as the other fondues!)

Pick the fruit/candy and plunge it to the chocolate.

The sweet-addicted ones may even add whipped cream, ice cream. It’s a dessert, so please yourself!

Where to try?

•上海:新天地 Godiva Café

•北京:金鱼胡同8号 The Peninsula

•深圳:深南东路5016号 The St. Regis

Which one do you like the best?