Dear Ladies, winter is coming, are you still hesitating how to choose your winter coat? Today, we invite our etiquette trainer Janine to share with us some tips about lady coat styling, let’s have a look together!


# By length

Depending on different length, winter coats could be classifiedinto three types: long coat, medium-length coat, and short coat.

Long coat

If the length of coats reaches under knees, it is known as long coats; Long coats could keep you warm and give you an elegant look.

Medium length

Medium-length coat normally extends to knee level or a little bit above the knee.

Short coat

When it comes to the short coat, the length always ends at our hipline or slightly longer than that, which helps us to appear taller and give us more flexibility.

# By shape

In terms of the shape design, we may divide coats into four types: H shape, X shape, A shape, O shape. Then, how could we choose the suitable coat for ourselves?


Among all the four types, the H shape is the one which helps us to appear taller! Thanks to the distinct shoulderline and the straight up to down design, choose the “H” if you want to have a smart and sharp impression.

Suggestions: we would suggest that tall ladies may choose the H shape with medium-length or long coat; instead, petite ladies better choose H shape with medium-length of coat. 

Occasions: H shape coat generally has tailored suit collar, it would be a suitable choice for business women, attending formal occasions.

Victoria Beckham often wears the H shape coat, which suits very well her proper style.

Attentions: we would suggest a high waist pant or skirt inside for matching due to H shape’s no obvious waist line.

High waist inside styling, elongating length of legs
Low waist inside styling, not recommend


X shape is the one which shows our body shape the most! Usually you will find a very clear waistline or a waist belt on the X type. The most identical X shape is what we called “the wrap coat”.

Suggestions: X shape suits pear-shaped figure, as well as for ladies with big breasts. If we talked about length, a medium-length or a long X shape coat is recommended.

Queen of Spain – Letizia

Occasions:X type also have the curved shoulder line plus a big turn-down collar, which make it suits more daily social occasions and business leisure occasions.

Attentions: X shape with the ankle length is not a very good option for petite ladies.

Lady Gaga wearing the too long “the wrap coat” makes her shorter


O shape has no clear shoulder line with an oval shape.

Suggestions: a large O shape coat could be suitable for the apple-shaped figure ladies, especially for those with a thick shoulder or arm. We would suggest choosing the medium-length or short coat, as you would not like to be “drowning in your outwear”.

Occasions: You can wear it on daily bases, and also O shape coat suits for different social and formal occasions with its retro and elegant charm.


Attentions: be extremely careful with O shape plus round collar, as your neck will look shorter and your face will look bigger.

Princess Diana with O shape winter coat & round collar


A shape coat is the one with narrow top and wider at the bottom, which seems an “A” shape. It has more cute style but can still be formal.

Suggestions: A shape matches those with wide shoulders. When it comes to choosing an A shape coat, we would suggest a short or a medium-length one, instead of a long one which may seem shorter for petite ladies.

Occasions: both formal and leisure occasions could be wearing A shape coat. We all know the A shape coat lover Kate Middleton, she wears them a lot attending different formal occasions.

Princess Kate wears medium length A coat to achieve formal and elegant look
Long coat in cold weather to keep warm

Attentions: Ladies with narrow shoulders may need to avoid the A shape coat which may have an imbalance look.