Do you have a fan with you in this hot summertime? As we all know, fan has a very long history both in China and in Europe. Do you know the secrets behind the delicate fan? I will share them with you! 

Stay with us! Below we teach you the meaning of these fans gestures:

The accessory for rich ladies

In 16th century, the Chinese fans were shipped to Europe. So beautiful as they are, fans became popular among the aristocratic class since then.

By the time of 17th and 18th century, fans became the must have accessories for aristocratic ladies. They would pick different fans according to their dress codes for different occasions

Ladies in 18th century learning fan etiquette

It is said Queen Mary had over 400 fans in her collections. So it seemed quite common that an aristocratic lady would have a closet just for fans.

At that time, fan can become precious gift for ladies. Holding an exquisite fan was the symbol of fashion and manner, and it also represents social status.

This is the wedding gift from Louis Χ Ⅵ to his queen ( 18th century)

Nowadays, fans are no longer the exclusivities for aristocratic classes, but love for fans is still there.

Queen Elizabeth II with a fan in hand
Queen of Spain
Queen Máxima  

The secret “fan language”

Did you feel the unspoken love in their eyes?

You got it! Fan had another important role back then: communication, especially when they want to flirt with someone.

The way how it has been taken, or the position it has been placed, or the movements with it, actually represents different meaning. There was even a book in 19th century to introduce the coded “language” behind their fan.

Let’s see if you could figure out the meaning behind:

Fan half open and then cover your nose and mouth with it: I love you.

Gently move the fan in front of breast: my heart is still open

Open and close the fan now and then: I miss you so much

The etiquette for Fan

The fan language is no longer used nowadays, but we are still using fan as important summer accessories! Do you know the etiquette for fan?

Open & close the fan

As an elegant lady,the correct way would be: take the handle with one hand, then gently open your fan with the help of the the other hand.

Same way when closing it, you should push it close with two hands.

Using the fan

Don’t do quick movements, be patient and make gentle movements instead. And you don’t want the fan wind to destroy your hairstyle.

Don’t do it with big movements, otherwise you will disturb the one next to you.

The correct way:  only move your wrist ( or forearm) strength, small movements.

Now, do you want to try with the fan language yourself? Take a fan and you will see!