Dear ladies, gentlemen and children politeness is nothing hard to achieve. It’s just common sense, manners and making others feel appreciated. Politeness will make you be more likeable, appreciated, loved, respected, etc… Let’s have a look at 16 things that genuinely polite people possess!
They always greet and introduce people
The most polite people know how to greet and introduce other people. They keep using the name you used to introduce yourself, it’s your right to be addressed in the way you wish to be addressed. Of course, they all do that with a smile!
They are punctual
Kings didn’t need to be punctual. They could show up when they wanted, but King Louis XVIII suggests that one way a king can show respect for other people is to meet them at the appointed time. If this is true for kings, it certainly is true for everyone.

They never push their opinions
Remarkably polite people know that what is right for them might not be right for others, and it is not their place to decide that for you. Like most things in life, offering helpful advice is all about picking the right spot and polite people know the right spot is always after you are asked.

They never gossip or listen to gossips
Gossips are not their sphere of interest. Polite people do not talk about others behind their back.

They don’t overshare
When talking to others via social media or chatting, sharing intimate problems and happenings is not an option, that makes others feel uncomfortable.

Respect the nonsexual touch guidelines
Polite people wait for the other person to establish the nonsexual touch guidelines. They don’t slap others on the back, initiate hugs, or pat a shoulder or forearm without the other person doing so first.

They are patient
They wait and think before they say or do something. No one wants to feel like they are being judged or intolerable. If you have an air of tolerance, people will think of you to be a kind, nice, and polite person.

Social networking is so natural to them
When you are around polite people, you always ask yourself how wonderful and pleasant they are no matter they joined or left the conversation.

They use the language smartly
People react to positive-sounding words, even if they are used with a negative auxiliary. Don’t say: I think that’s a bad idea. Rather Say: I don’t think that’s such a good idea.

They use humour carefully
They aim not to cause any offence and know the boundaries of appropriate language for different situations.

They listen attentively
It’s easy to meet someone, have a decent conversation, but inevitably have it go in one ear and out the other. The most polite and the most impressive people actually take the time not only to listen to conversations but remember details about others.

They know and practice good table manners
They are not confused about cutleries, napkin etiquette and other dining manners. That way they are respectful towards their hosts, venue and other dining participants.

They dress appropriately for the occasion
Avoiding wearing revealing clothing in public and staring at others who are wearing revealing clothing is normal for them. Knowing and practising different dress codes is must do.

They are courteous
They boost their politeness with being courteous to the people around them. Holding door to others, giving a seat to a pregnant lady and other small acts are their daily routine.

They give compliments
Compliment people about their clothing, new haircut, rose garden, or delicious homemade cookies. Not because you want them to like you, but because you actually like whatever you are complimenting them on.

They never stop being polite
Remarkably polite people keep on being polite: partly because they know no other way to be, but also because they know there is no other way to be.

Dear all, If you have polite people around you, send them this article and thank them for the greatness they have, show that politeness matters!