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Wow your clients with exclusivity, provide them an entertaining and knowledgeable event!

  • ½ and full day
  • Adapted on request
  • Real-time tutorials
  • Entertainment
  • Extra value
  • Exclusivity

Course description

Want to give your customers a enjoyable experience?
Want to add multiple value to your service?
Want to show your professionalism to your VIPs?
Want to thank your customers in different way?
Académie de Bernadac is committed to providing customers with professional royal etiquette training, allowing customers to have a unique memorable experience. We can customize the training content according to your needs.

Making your VIP events extraordinary with Académie de Bernadac!

Choose from a selection of bespoke disciplines to fit your needs

10 disciplines available

Table manners

Behave outstandingly at the table


Achieve confident and elegant deportment

Top Seller

Photo – posing

Outstanding picture of yourself

Top Seller

Social & Business manners

Refine your soft skills

Afternoon tea etiquette

Discover a special refinement

Public speaking

Make your speech memorable

Wine etiquette

Become a wine connoisseur

Dress code

Start dressing for success

Floral arrangement

Upgrade your floral skills

High jewelry etiquette

Glittering jewelry wearing on the right occasion needs to follow a variety of principles to show personal heritage and literacy. We offer a range of high jewelry etiquette training, from occasion to matching, to help elegant ladies shine in social situations.

Table manners

From 1 day to 5 days For enterprises and individuals, Practical knowledge, Real-time tutorial, French & English manners

Western table culture is sophisticated and can be confusing to the untrained novice. We offer a range of training exercises in how to behave properly and elegantly at the table, while making it look effortless. Recommended for ladies, gentlemen and children who looking to enhance their skills.

Program content

  • History of table manners
  • Setting the table
  • Serviet etiquette
  • Cutleries knowledge
  • Glasses knowledge
  • Table manners
  • Body posture at the table
  • Organising service
  • Menus and specialties
  • Hosting
  • Table plans
  • Dinner conversations

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