3 tips to appear socially refined when drinking

In high-end social gatherings, there are always some tricky situations when you wonder yourself: “What should I do now?” Of course, you don’t want to disgrace yourself and let others comment you. Let me release you from some doubts with the following faux pas that definitely should be avoided when drinking beverages.

I left a lipstick /food mark on the glass, what should I do?

It would be a shame to have a messy glass in front of you no matter if you are a refined lady or gentlemen. Here is how to handle this situation.

To avoid
1. When you leave the mark, don’t take your napkin and polish the glass, that’s a waiter’s job before serving the glass.

2. Also, don’t just leave the mark for the entire night, it’s very tasteless.
3. Is it okay to ask the waiter every time to replace your glass? Absolutely not!

To do
1. Dab your mouth before drinking for the first time, to remove the surplus lipstick/food.

You had your first sip but you still left the mark:
1. Lower the glass at the belly level while having a conversation, or having eye contact with other dinner participants.
2. Without looking at, discreetly erase the mark with your thumb.


3. Return the glass onto the table.


4. Clean your thumb in your napkin and continue enjoying your dinner.


Don’t decide anymore not to apply lipstick when drinking!


My tea is ready, but what should I do with a tea bag?

These days you may quite often find yourself served with a glass of hot water and tea bag. For the correct etiquette do/avoid the following.

To avoid
1. If you place the bag in your teacup and you don’t remove it at all, over-steeping tea can make the tea taste bitter and has an astringent effect in the mouth, leaving you feeling dry and pucker. Also, it may bring stains on your cup or teeth!
2. Don’t pick up the bag by its string and jiggle it.

3. Avoid removing it without letting it drain, it will flood your saucer.


To do
1. Remove the bag with your spoon and hold it over the cup so it can drain.


2. Wind the string around the bag while it’s on your spoon and squeeze it dry.


3. Place the bag on your saucer, behind your cup.


4. When the tea is served in a mug without a saucer, go ahead and ask for a small dish.


My drink has the garnish, can I eat it?


Usually, you can eat it as long it has the edible parts! Here is how to eat it.

To avoid
1. Tapping the bottom of the glass or frantically trying to fish out a garnish with a straw is simply not acceptable for anyone.


2. Don’t eat lemons and limes because they will destroy your taste buds before your next drink.

To do
1. Eat your garnish after you have drunk your beverage.


2. Inedible portions of garnish should be placed onto its cocktail napkin, in the absence of it, place them into the glass or your bread plate. But never onto the bare tabletop!


Dear all, these summer tips will help you present yourself as gracious, polished and refined at any social gathering. Do you have any other tricky questions for us? Please share with us!

Quiz question
If your glass is wet from the ice melting on a hot summer day and you don’t want to wet your hand as well- what will you do?

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Face exercises to stay young and slim

Dear ladies and gentlemen, time flies very fast and unfortunately none of us is getting younger – our face can reveal our actual age. Therefore, today I am sharing with you a few exercises to have a slimmer and youthful face!

First, let’s warm-up

Sit down and hold your back straight. Sing vowels A, E, I, O until you feel your entire face is warm.


While doing the following exercises focus only on mentioned areas, other areas should remain smooth. If some exercise is causing you pain better not to do it anymore.

Miona at the moment & Miona in 40 years if she doesn’t do exercises.

Exercise 1: Neck rejuvenation

As we age our muscles become weaker causing the skin on the neck and jawline to sag.

Tilt your head back, looking at the ceiling.
Press your tongue into the root of your mouth.
Keep your tongue pressed and return your head to the natural position
Release your tongue and relax for 10 sec.
Do the exercise for 10 times.

Benefits: It will tighten up your neck and give the slimmer and younger appearance, the double chin will be forgotten.

Exercise 2: Lower lip lift

Over time, our main face features are falling, one of them is our lips.

Sit down and tilt your head back.
Stick out your lower lip upward, like you want to reach the ceiling. Hold for 10 sec.
Take 5 -sec break and do it again.
Benefits: By doing this exercise you get more defined and higher cheekbones and jawline, also it gives you fresh and toned appearance.

Exercise 3: Lifting with a spoon

Our smile is important feature that we carry through our life, smiling muscles should be in good shape, they are also connected with our cheekbones.

Take one spoon and place the handle in your mouth, between the lips.
Raise the spoon upward, smile and hold like that for 10 seconds.
Relax your muscles, the spoon goes to the former position, rest for 10 sec.
Repeat steps 2 & 3 for 10 times.

Benefits: Naturally lifting your cheekbones and smoothing out the laugh lines. Also can strengthen the neck muscles.

Exercise 4: Chubby cheeks removal

Are your cheeks too fluffy, big or loosen? You should rejuvenate & reshape them!

Pretend that you want to send a kiss or kiss someone
Blow a hundred kisses without making a break.

Benefits: It will activate your muscles in the cheek zone by forming the visible cheek lines with losing the fat.

Exercise 5: Crows feet elimination

Everyone has crows feet, this exercise will help you to erase them when your face is at rest, when smiling you will still have them.

Place your index and middle fingers at the bottom of your eyes. Pull your eyes gently up a bit, but don’t stretch.
Start to close & open your eyes. You are just moving your eyelids.
Do 50 repetitions.

Be gentle with this area
Benefits: Building the muscle at the corners of our eyes which leads to stretching of the skin and those small wrinkles will disappear.

Exercise 6: Eyebrow lift

The skin on your forehead can sag and wrinkle causing your eyebrows to drift lower and lower.


Place your index fingers between your eyebrow and eyelid
Raise your eyebrows as high as you can and pull the skin bellow the eyebrow downward at the same time.

Benefits: It slows down eyebrow sagging and reduces forehead wrinkles.

All these exercises can be done either in the morning or evening, 6 or 7 days a week. However, we are suggesting for better results to be done in the morning.
For the first results, you will have to be persistent for one month. The more you exercise the slimmer and younger you will look!

Dear all, try on these exercises and let us know your results after 4 weeks. 15 minutes a day is nothing comparing to what you can achieve! Let us know if you have further questions!

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Flattering sunglasses for your face shape

Dear ladies, I am sure you have few pairs of glasses, but do you have the proper ones? Let’s first get to know possible frame styles which you can apply according to your face shape for achieving the most glamourous look. Take a mirror please!

Step 1: Which frame style do you have now?

Remember the name of the style because now we’ll discover your face shape and the style that goes along!

Step 2: What face shape do you have?

Round face shape

You have feminine, soft, contoured features? Your face height and width are almost equal with less defined angles? Then you must have lovely round face shape!

Your goal: You want to achieve a longer, slimmer and sharper face look.
My advice: Look for geometric shapes (horizontal frames), emphasizing sharp angular lines.
Frame style: rectangle, square, wrap, shield-shaped shades.

Heart face shape

You have a narrow chin and broader brow? Then you have the fabulous heart face shape!
Your goal: You want to elongate your face and to direct the attention downward in order to even out your face proportion.
Frame style: shield, butterfly, aviator, rimless styles.
My advice: Look for frames with thin temples, frames with exaggerated bottoms and light coloured frames.

Oval face shape

Your face is gently rounded with even features: you’re a lucky lady with oval-shaped face!
Your goal: You want to balance an oval face’s vertical.
My advice: Even though your face shape allows you to pull off any style better go with the rectangle frame.
Frame style: any style will look beautiful.

Square face shape

You have a strong jaw line with a prominent forehead? Then you have a splendid square shaped face!
Your goal: You want to round out the sharpness of the face and create a more balanced look.
My advice: Better go with curvier frames to accentuate your eyes and to reduce the sharpness of your jaw line.
Frame style: Round, oval, cat eye, butterfly, semi-rimless frames.

Diamond face shape

Narrow jaw line and forehead with the cheekbones as the widest part of the face? Congrats, you have diamond-shaped face!
Your goal: You need the sunglasses to compliment your wide or high cheekbones.
My advice: Find a frame that is not wider than yours cheekbones.
Frame style: Oval and rimless frames look most flattering.

Long face shape

Long and narrow face with few angles? You have a flattering long (oblong) face shape!
Your goal: You want to sharp those soft features.
My advice: You must avoid small frames. Better go with larger lenses and with thick frames, it will add width to your long face. Also shades with tall or deep lenses will give your face sharper appereance.
Frame style: wrap, shield, square, wayfarer, rectangle styles.

Step 3: Let’s review & check!


Dear ladies, I hope now you know better how to achieve the most elegant and suitable look while wearing sunglasses!
Let us know in the comments if you already have a frame style but wondering if it is suitable for your face shape !

Dear ladies, what do you think about this photo, are these sunglasses good for her or not? Why? Just share your points with us~

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High heels’ mishaps: How to prevent them?

Dear ladies, I am sure at least once in your life you had some misfortune when wearing heels. How to avoid falling when wearing a long dress? How not to get your heel stuck somewhere? How to walk down the stairs? Grab one pair and follow me today!

Scenario 1: Walking in a long dress

Moon So Ri before the fall

One moment you are posing, looking gorgeous. Next moment you are on the ground!

How to prevent?

1. Make short steps – That way you are more in the control of your movement, balance and dress.

2. Walk with enthusiasm- when walking , try to gentle swing your leg in front, that will raise the hem of the dress (like you are kicking the hem)

3. With one hand hold and raise one side of the dress- That way you will have space to put your foot at without stepping on the dress.

Scenario 2: Riding escalators when wearing high heels

Escalators can be found almost everywhere, it looks like a simple activity but can actually break your high heel and leave you without your favourite pair.

How to prevent?

Here you can have 2 options:
1.Sole contact: Let your heel to be in the air while the sole is on the stair. That way it can’t be stuck. Better hold the handrail for the right balance.

2.Step with your sole and heel: Make sure your hill doesn’t get into the hole, this one can be tricky because you have to match it with the surface.

Please be careful as well if you have a long dress, it can also be stuck, raise the hem so it isn’t touching the escalators.

Scenario 3: Walking up & down the stairs

When walking up & down the stairs we shouldn’t look where are we stepping, it should look as natural and elegant like we are normally walking.

The first rule is to maintain a good posture. Head parallel with the ground, shoulders back and down, belly in. If heaving railings use them as a support, if not walk slowly or ask someone to help you by holding a hand.

Walking up

1.Sole & heel contact – place the heel and sole at the same time on each stair, in the middle of each.

2.Sole contact – only the sole touches the stairs, while the heel stays parallel in the air.

Try on both styles and see which one makes you feel more confident.

Walking down

1.Put the entire foot before shifting your weight on it.

2.If wearing a narrow skirt, put both feet on each step as you walk down, in another situation you can one-step. Same stands for going up the stairs.
3.If the stairs are narrow, tilt your feet on one side.

Don’t lean your hand on the wall, use the handrail.

Scenario 4: Entering & Exiting the car

There is a simple thing, when you have to elegantly enter and exit a car: imagine you are a mermaid! Keep your knees together.

Princess Diana exiting in the wrong way, by losing her balance she has to hold the door.

When entering the car bend your knees slightly and slide in backside first. Keep your knees pressed together as you lift them into the car and swing them around to the front.

To exit, twist slightly towards the door with your knees pressed and swing your legs down onto the ground. Once you feel that the sole is touching the ground stand up.

This way you have a full balance which prevents you from falling in high heels, also it helps in keeping your dignity when wearing a skirt.

Scenario 5: Dancing in high heels

You planned a perfect night out in your charming outfit? Are you sure you can dance like a lady in those high heels?

Follow these tips for a more pleasant night:
1.Stretch before you strap on your high heels – This prepares your feet, thigh and calves for dancing.

2.Choose wisely your high heels. Those with a thicker heel are more stable and confident for dancing.
3.Your posture – shoulders back and down, pull your core in and up. This will reduce the pressure from your knees.

Dear ladies, please let us know by voting which scenario helped you the most!
And is there some other scenario you are interested in? Please leave a message and let us know.

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Looking glamourous in the right swimsuit

Dear ladies, summer is already here. I am sure you are looking forward to go to the beach, but do you know your body shape and which swimsuit comes along with it? Follow me to find your perfect swimsuit for this summer!

Which body type are you?

Inverted triangle
Your shoulders are wider than your waistline and hipline? You should be inverted triangle shaped.

Your goal: focus the attention on your legs and hips in order to balance your body shape.

My advices: your ideal swimsuit will have to enhance your legs and hips. Therefore, you can choose a low-leg style bikini in order to broaden your hips or a high-waisted bottom to accentuate your waistline.


If you have beautiful legs, you must definitely go for a high-cut one-piece. This kind of swimsuit will enhance your legs and create the illusion of hourglass shape.
You may get some inspiration from Naomi Campbell or Cheng Lisha for example.



Rectangle morphology
Your shoulders, waistline and hipline are about the same size? Then, you must be rectangle-shaped!

Your goal: create the illusion of defined curves and waistline.

My advices: choose a padded bikini because it will enhance your breast and make it look bigger. You can also go for a swimsuit with ties on the bottom part thus to create wider hips and give the illusion of a thinner waistline.


Olivia Wilde, Gwyneth Paltrow or even Nicole Kidman have this type of morphology, therefore you can get inspired by their styles!


Hourglass morphology
Your hips and shoulders are about the same size, but your waistline is a lot smaller? You are definitely hourglass-shaped!

Your goal: show your feminine curves, lucky you!

My advices: there are so many options offered to you, you can wear any type of swimsuit! Indeed, any type of leg cut or neckline will suit you. You can choose some printed swimsuit for a joyful summer.


If you are more comfortable with a one-piece swimsuit, you should choose one very colourful: it’s summer!I advise you to avoid large garments, it will accentuate your body shape and it is not very elegant. If you want a better lift and support, you should get a bikini with higher straps.
Sofía Vergara, Zhang Ziyi or even Kim Kardashian have this kind of body shape, you can definitely check their styles!



Pear body shape
Are your hips wider than your shoulders and waistline? You are definitely pear-shaped then.

Your goal: emphasize your top half and to draw the attention away from your hips.

My advices: to elongate your legs, you should wear a higher cut swimsuit because it will create the illusion of thinner and longer legs.
If you want to draw the attention away from your hips, you should wear dark colours on the bottom.


Finally, if you wish to have a colourful swimsuit, I advise you to wear bright colours on the top part. Indeed, it will create the illusion of an intensified breast.
You can take ideas from Rihanna’s or Cheryl Burke’s style.



Apple body shape
Your shoulders and hips are about the same size? Your waistline is about the same size or wider than your shoulders and hipline? Therefore, you are apple-shaped!

Your goal: emphasize your chest and to draw the attention away from your belly.

My advices: choose a swimsuit with vertical line thus will elongate your body shape. I recommend you to not choose a swimsuit with horizontal lines because it can create the illusion of a wider body.
I also recommend you to choose a V-neckline swimsuit because it will enhance your breast and draw the attention away from your belly.
If you are not really confident with your belly, I advise you to wear a long tankini or one-piece bathing suit with over-the-shoulder straps and you should choose solid colours on neutral dark background。


Lisa Rinna and Elizabeth Hurley have also this body shape, you can check their styles!


Dear ladies, I hope this helps you to find your next swimsuit. Do you want to know more about beach etiquette? Let us know!

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Celebrities posture analyses

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we inaugurate new articles series concerning the analyse of famous people’s behaviour: how do they sit, pose, hold a glass. You will see that money and fame don’t necessarily buy perfect manners.

Sitting while watching a show

Here is our first analyse, let’s start with the lady in the purple attire.

She is crossing her legs at the knees level. This posture is to avoid if you have a short dress or skirt, otherwise your tight will be too visible. Moreover, you should never cross the leg which is visible for people on the side. Here, she’s crossing her left leg while the photo is taken by the left, giving her a big tight. Last point but not least, she is slouched in her seat, which is neither elegant or feminine.

The lady in white has a better leg posture: legs in front of the knees, crossed at the ankles. Her dress is too short for a knee crossing. Her back is straight, but her shoulders are a little bit stooped. To correct this, she may contract the muscles between her shoulder blade.

The family picture

What can we say about this impressive picture of the Trump family?

Ladies first, Melania is having a sexy pose, reminding more her model career that her first lady status. Her left leg is elegant, well placed. With this kind of posture, I will recommend to bend the opposite arm, but the presence of Mr. Trump on her right side gave her the reason to place on her hip the same arm as the outstretched leg. It is emphasized by the veil, which gives movements to the photo. She has a good shoulder posture has bent the chin down to have her face facing straight to the camera.

The efforts made by Donald Trump on this picture are remarkable. His face is not crude, his smile and expression look confident and calm. The legs posture is not bad, he opens his legs at the same width of his shoulders. The hands position, as Angela Merkel often do when standing, is perfect to hide the inside.

But as often his suit is too big for him: excepting the sleeves long enough to let show some white of the shirt and the socks long enough to cover the ankles, his jacket is too big at the shoulders level, we can observe too many creases on the arms and his trousers remind us the 70’s bell-bottoms style. And of course, the tie always too long. Plus he is not straight seated and his round-shoulders doesn’t help.

Globally, this picture is not excessive, we don’t observe big mistakes as we used to. So we can assume many efforts have been made for this photo.

Sitting on sofa for Afternoon Tea event

Here is our third analysis. Zhao Yazhi has almost the perfect posture: straight seated, shoulders back and correctly placed ¾ side, she is lightly lending in front, which helps to give a slimmer waist and narrower shoulders. The legs are in front of the knees line which emphasize a thin and long legs shape. This is accentuated by the second leg placed behind.
The only thing we can correct is her hands posture. She lies them down, which gives a taller image of them and she additionally place them one on the other, so we have a big unique hand illusion.

Drinking Champagne correctly

Our last picture analyse is about glass holding. Her body posture here is perfectly elegant in every aspect: her shoulders, neck, head, back and arms. But the main issue is with the right hand. The thumb and index should hold the glass under the bottom and not on the curved part, and they should not be up. The little finger in this position is not refined at all, it needs to be with the fourth finger.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed our analysis. If you have some comments, please let us know!

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Heels: proper heights and postures

Dear ladies, I am sure you all have high-heels at home. Indeed, high-heels would give you a more feminine touch on your whole attire. Today, we are going to review the etiquette for high-heels: proper height for different occasions, and proper seated postures for different heights. This would be the very first step towards elegance, are you ready?


When: 2cm to 3cm is the most comfortable height,you won’t feel tired even if you need to walk a lot. It is naturally the favourite height for daily activities: working, going shopping, etc. It gives a feminine touch for both social and business circumstances, but remains proper, serious.

Legs position: With this height, you could have a lot of possiblities when seated. One of the postures you could do is to cross at your ankle, your feet should be parallel.Or you could just put your feet together, just remember to put your legs a little bit in front to make them look longer.


When: 4 to 7cm is the medium height, it gives femininity and elegance. It helps to lengthen yourbody and legs but not at a sexy level. This is why this height is proper for almost any occasions: outings, parties, business meetings, etc. I would also recommend this height for outdoor weddings as there would usually be a little moving around, socializing, but not too much walking that would make your feet hurt.

Legs position: Here I recommend you to have the calves crossing posture. This posture break the line of your calves and make them look thinner and longer. You should also leave the leg in front straight. Your back leg should be slightly crooked, but don’t put your knees apart.


When:8cm to 10cm will show your feminine shape perfectly, plus a little sexy. It is the highest you could choose for social or professional activities. You may walk or stand but not too much: you can not spend your days running meetings after meetings. You should have limited movements, rather have seated moments.

Lady Obama should cross the other leg to attenuate the shape of her thigh.

Legs position: You should turn your body either on the left or on the right, facing the person in front of you from 1/3. Then cross your legs on the knees level depending on the side: always place the leg from the back on the front leg (your thigh will look too big if you do the contrary). Always keep the legs together, not wide apart, rather in front of the knees and the feet parallel.

Our deportment teacher Svetlana

Over 11cm

When:High-heels over 11cm are only for models doing presentations or for performers. With this height, the shape of your hip will be more explicit, your legs will look very long–it is a height of sexy. Avoid it for social or business activities.

Ladies, hope this article will give you some inspirations and help you to choose the perfect heels for each occasion!

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Cocktail attire

Dear ladies, summer is coming, so are its rooftop parties, high evening events, cocktails invitations, etc. Only one specific dress code is needed for those occasions: the cocktail attire. Here are the rules to master this dress code and the faux-pas to avoid during those semi-formal events.


Colour: Choose sober colours as black, grey, white, light pink; or every deep colour: as deep blue, green or even red. All those colours are glamour and very feminine.

Shape: To respect the cocktail attire, your dress should be short, with a length stopping right above the knees. You can choose a voluminous feminine and fresh dress, which will create a contrast with your legs and make them look thinner.

Materials: You can opt for lace fabrics, which are as elegant as silk, soft and light fabrics. Casual fabrics as denim, jersey, chino, etc. are too informal for a cocktail party.

DON’T: Do not wear a dress or skirt above half of your thighs. Back low-cut is sophisticated but be aware: don’t fall in the sexy attire. Skin tight dress or a plunging décolletage are not appropriated to this kind of occasion.

Alternatives to the dress

The skirt: If you don’t want to wear a dress, I recommend wearing a flounce skirt. Graceful and light, it is a very elegant outfit when it is matching with a feminine top. I recommend sequin tops, which are festive and elaborate.

Trousers: You can also choose soft pants or a jumpsuit, long enough to cover your feet and make your body long longer and slimmer.

DON’T: Avoid wearing a shirt, jeans or shorts, which are absolutely not suitable for this kind of event.

Hairstyle and make up

Hairstyle: Concerning the haircut, this cocktail dress code leaves you several options. You may raise your hair up to accentuate the fineness of your face, highlighting your chin and your neck. You can also let your hair loose. However, you must make it sophisticated: brush it to create volume or structure them with hairspray or refined hair-slide.

Make up: Cocktail event means elegant and light make up. Rather choose night colours, like sustained red for your lips. For the eyeshadow, choose a pearl colour or light grey but forget day colours such as blue, pink and green. Concerning the nail polish, match it to the tone of your lipstick to create a nice harmony.

She chose to match lipstick and nail polish and wore light make up on the eyes.


DO: The cocktail etiquette asks delicate and refined jewellery. Choose between necklace and bracelets, earrings and ring. The rule is to have no more than two pieces of jewellery peer hand maximum.

DON’T: Fine or costume jewellery is appropriated, but do not wear tiaras. Do not wear a whole trinity at the same time. If you make an imposing jewellery attire, you will be seen as the lady who wants to show how rich she is.

Here is a good example of too many jewelleries.

Evening bag

Size: You will stand and walk the whole evening, therefore your bag should be small enough to be hold on one hand, and not too heavy, in order not to make you tired.

Colour: Match your bag with one minor colour of your outfit. If you are in one colour attire (as black), pair the colour of your bag with your jewellery or even with the colour of your lipstick.

DON’T: Forget the shoulder bag or any big hand bag, which are too heavy. This evening bag should not be bigger than 2 times the size of your hand. Hold it with one hand only on your side around the height of your waist.


DO: Your evening dress will look even more graceful with footwear that adds length to legs. Any kind of high heels will work well with these outfits. I precisely recommend you stiletto, which suggests a feminine and lengthens shape of your feet and ankles.

DON’T: Avoid every ballet, flat, or other shoes. As a Lady, you can’t assume to wear non-feminine or non-elegant shoes for this type of occasion.

Ladies, I hope you now are able to choose the perfect attire in your wardrobe for the comings cocktail invitations this summer. Others articles about Dress Codes are going to be published, if you have an event and want to know about one dress code before the others, write us a comment, we will be please to do it as you wish.

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