Open Classes

One night in Versailles dinner!

Some masterpieces made by the Chef

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Open Classes

«Royally Outstanding» Class in Shanghai on March 9 and 10!

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Open Classes

Special Announcement “New Etiquette Class” !

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are delighted to welcome our new etiquette class for adults. Over the years we have been asked by many of you to have a class with exceptional content which can be enjoyed & practised for several days. Therefore, this year we propose this 2-day program to you in order to gain deeper etiquette knowledge. Let’s discover it together!

“Royally Outstanding” Etiquette Class

The secret of living a delicate life and being outstanding with exquisite manners lies in consistent pursuit of perfection and elegance. Time passes, but elegance remains. “Royally Outstanding” is a refined program for you to discover your inner talents and be divine in every high-end event worldwide.

Class Content

Day One

The advanced table manners

The elite lunch experience (Part 1)

The modern & Elegant dress codes

The divine deportment

Day Two

Formal table plans

The elite lunch experience (Part 2)

Glamour & Photo-posing

Afternoon tea etiquette

Closing ceremony

Location & Time:
Shanghai:9-10 March
Beijing: 13-14 April
Shenzhen/Guangzhou:Spring 2019

Apply in advance
If you would like to secure your seat and register for this etiquette class
– to be notified once we release the class more in details,
– please contact us by scanning the Qr code:

Partnership Invitation
We take great pleasure in bringing these exclusive appearances to your attention and are delighted to offer you the opportunity to be part of our “Royally Outstanding” Etiquette Class. If your company is interested in being our class sponsor, please contact us:
Tel: +86 1522 1664 332 Arlene

Dear all, we will soon release the full class content and details here on Wechat. We hope you share our excitement about the new etiquette class and will join us soon. Are you looking forward to our exclusive class, please share with us?!

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Open Classes

1/6 Beijing Open Class for Adults

One is not born noble, one becomes one. The aristocratic behaviour cannot be possessed in one day; it comes over time through constant efforts. For you ladies and gentlemen to acquire the true essence of etiquette, let’s discover the noble heritage together on January 6th, let’s discover the noble heritage together at Ritz-Carlton Beijing, Financial Street!

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Open Classes

1/5 Beijing Open Class for Children

Excellence is rarely innate, it is acquired throughout time. We value family as the core of society and parents are the best teachers, so we propose family etiquette classes, for adults and children together, on January 5th at Ritz-Carlton Beijing, Financial Street!

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Open Classes

11/17 Shenzhen open class

One is not born noble, one becomes one. The aristocratic behaviour cannot be possessed in one day; it comes over time through constant efforts. For you ladies and gentlemen to acquire the true essence of etiquette, let’s discover the noble heritage together on November 17th at Hilton Shenzhen Futian.

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Table Manners

A general guide for Chinese table manners!

Dear ladies and gentlemen, since ancient times, China is a state of ceremonies. Table manners are also very rich and particular. Here we concluded the key points to express these rituals. Having good dining manners make those around you more comfortable and feel more impressed with your charisma.

Seating plan
Traditional/ancient rule: “The left side and door-facing seats were more important.” The seats of honour, are reserved for the host of the dinner or the guest with the highest status, facing the entrance or east. For details, please check our “Chinese seating plan” article!
The host should arrive earlier and wait nearby the entrance area and would guide guests.

Rules of ordering
1. Check the proportion and number of the guests, normally one dish per person is fine; if there’re more men, can go for more.
2. Standard Chinese dinner is composed of the cold dish, fried dish, main course, dessert, soup and fruits. Before ordering, ask your guests if they have food they dislike or they can’t eat due to personal reasons (for example, Chinese Buddhists eat less meat and food with strong taste). If there’re foreign guests, better skip animal viscera. Then start ordering according to the requirements. And ordering local specialities would show more courtesy or if you want to impress your guests.

3. If you’re having a business meal, don’t ask the dishes price in front of the clients.

At table
Wait for the most respectful person to start eating. It’s rude to insist on others to try some dish or even pick things to their bowls. While eating, don’t make a sound. For more details, please check our “mistakes in the Chinese table manners” article.

Toasting wine
Steps: the host and the accompany guest propose to the honoured guest; the honoured guest proposes back; at last accompany guests propose to each other. Do stand when giving or receiving toasts.
As a guest, one can’t take the host’s rule to be the first in toasting, which is rude for the host. For more details, please check our “Chinese drinking etiquette” article.

Serving tea
Hold the teacup with two hands, one around the cup and the other under. When refilling tea or drinks, always fill everyone else’s cup from the most honoured down before filling your own. Fill wine glass when toasting wine; but be careful not to fill teacup fully, around two-thirds of the cup is fine. Otherwise, people may think they’re not welcomed any more.

Leaving the banquet
After dinner, the guests shall wait for the host’s signal to leave. If you want to leave the party earlier, you need to explain and apologise to the host who invited you.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, Chinese table manners diverse from one region to another. We believe good table manners would enhance your image and impress your guests! Welcome to share your hometown table manners with us!

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Table Manners

Small secrets when eating fruits!

Dear ladies, gentlemen and children, we often eat fruit at the table. However, some rules defer when you attend high-end dinners. Which fruits can be eaten with fingers, which ones should be eaten only with a fork? I propose you to discover it together!

Eating fruit in a formal way
In formal occassions, fruit is eaten at the end of the meal. You will have a fruit plate together with a fruit knife and a fruit fork. The general rule is that medium-sized and larger fruit should be cut first before eating. Candied fruit and small fresh fruit should be eaten with fingers.

If you don’t mind about the seed then you use the edge of the fork to cut bite-sized piece and eat one bite at a time. If you want to remove the seeds, flick the seeds away using the tines and push them on a side of the plate.

The skin of a mango is inedible, therefore you may use a knife and a fork to cut the flesh away from it. To achieve the same cut as on the picture, cut 2 large slices along the mango pit, then with your knife do some squares on the flesh of the fruit.

Cherries are eaten with a spoon in formal occassions. The pit is inedible so it should be removed. Take a cherry with a spoon, place into your mouth, clean the pit and put it back on the spoon. Use your opposite hand to cover your mouth while you are putting the pit on the spoon. Then put the pit on your plate.

This fruit is usually served on a plate or in a bowl. Use your fork for cutting and eating and dessert spoon for pushing the pieces.

If it’s already peeled use your finger to eat. In case there are pits inside use the tip of your knife to remove them and place on a side of a plate. If it has the rind, cut off both ends of it. Cut the peel off in strips. For more details please refer to our previous fruits etiquette article.

If the pieces are sliced and peeled you will eat them with a fork or from the shell with a spoon.

Use your fingers to eat grapes. Some grapes are seeded, in case you would like to remove the seeds you may use one of two ways:
1. After you put the grape into your mouth, place the seeds between your thumb and index finger and then put them on the side of a plate. This way is not that elegant, but the seeds are too small to use a fork.
2. You can use the point of your knife to pierce the grape and remove the seed.

Rarely people eat only lemon, usually it’s used as a garnish to other dishes or beverages. When squeezing a lemon no matter if over a dish or a beverage, protect others from squirts. You may hold your cupped hand in front of the lemon or use a spoon. After squeezing, place the lemon on the egde of a saucer, in your beverage or on a plate.

Start with a cutting off the both ends, next cut the rind from one to another end and remove it. The skin goes on one side of a plate. Eat the banana one bite at a time. For more instructions please refer to our previous fruits etiquette article.

Strawberries should be eaten with fingers. If they are served with a cream, sugar, ice cream you should use a spoon.

Kiwi fruit
First you have to peel the inedible outer skin with a knife or spoon. Next, slice the kiwi crosswise. The seeds are edible so now you can enjoy your kiwi with a fork by cutting it in a bite-sized piece.

Pomegranate are usually served in halves. Use your hand to secure one half and then with another hand scoop some seeds with a spoon and place onto your plate. From the plate take the seeds with your spoon and eat them.

Dear all, is there any other type of fruit that you are wondering how it should be eaten? Please share your question with us!

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Table Manners

Chinese seating plan know-how!

Ladies and gentlemen, nowadays we attend all kind of events. Do you know the traditional Chinese seating plan, the right or the left side carries honour? When you need to organize a Chinese dinner, do you know how to place your guest? Review together with us!

The same as for a Western table sitting plan, in China, before placing the guests at the table, we have to take the following items into consideration to create warm banquet atmosphere.

Seats of Honour:
The seats of honour, are reserved for the host of the dinner or the guest with the highest status, facing the entrance or east. Those with higher position sit closer to the host of the dinner. The guests with the lowest position sit furthest from the seat of honour.

Round table:
Principles of business seating plan:
1. The seat facing the entrance is the seat of honour. The right side is more important than the left side. Seats with a good view and close to walls also carry honour.
2. People from two different companies shall alternate the seats.

Here we listed three common situations, based on the number of host side:
a. One-host banquet
In business dinner, the host takes the main seat, and the rest of the people take seats according to the right side rule, and both parties shall alternate with each other. Therefore, the shape of the same party looks like a zigzag line.

b. Two hosts (same gender) banquet
This is common in business occasions, the first and second hosts are the same gender, seats facing to each other. The rest of the people also apply to the “right side rule”.

c. Two hosts (host and hostess) banquet
This is the family style. Generally, the host faces the entrance (so that he can guide latecomers) and the hostess faces the kitchen door, in order to guide staff serving with eye contact.

Square table:
Traditional/ancient rule: “The left side and door-facing seats were more important.” Take Eight Immortals Table for example, a big square table with benches for two people on each side. Facing to the entrance side are the main seats (for the most important guest). The seats on the left hand side of the main seat were, from left in order of importance were third, fifth and seventh; and those on the right were second, fourth, sixth and eighth.

In grand banquet:
1. The table of honour is the one furthest from the entrance.
2. If there are many tables in one room, the central one is the table of honour.

Dear ladies and gentlemen, above are the general principals of Chinese seating plans, but the actual situations are quite complicated because of regional, cultural and other differences.

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Table Manners

10 finger foods you may be confused with

Dear ladies, gentlemen and children, there is a time when you can release yourself from using cutleries. Some foods are meant to be eaten with your fingers. The question is do you know what they are?
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Table Manners

Divine buffet host/participant

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, do you know how to host a buffet? How much food per person to prepare? How to keep your food warm or cold? Rules to follow at a buffet restaurant? Let’s discover together!
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Table Manners

How to decorate your Christmas table?

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, Christmas is knocking at our door! Ms Milakov and I are proposing you to see how to have an elegant table decoration? How to fold the napkins? What Christmas styles you can apply? Let’s see together!

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Table Manners

Chinese drinking etiquette know-how!

Dear ladies and gentlemen, a lot of you asked us to write about Chinese drinking etiquette. When is it your turn to toast your host? How to refuse the drink? When to refill the glass? Let’s discover together!
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Table Manners

Table Plans for Social Occasions

Dear ladies and gentlemen: we often have family dinners, or dinners with friends. How to create a proper table plan for this occasion? I propose you to discover here the etiquette rules for social occasions.
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Table Manners

10 mistakes in Chinese table manners

Dear ladies, gentlemen and children, it is believed that practising good Chinese dining manners can bring health and good fortune. An ill-timed faux-pas at a dinner could hinder the forging of new deals or friendships. Let’s review together 10 mistakes to be avoided!

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Table Manners

Tipping etiquette

Dear ladies and gentlemen, there are 194 counties in the world that wait to be discovered by you. Don’t wait until you’ve already ordered a steak in New York or delicious baguette in Paris to figure it out whether or not you should leave a tip. Instead, let me guide you through gratuity etiquette.

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Table Manners

How to eat caviar?

Dear ladies, gentleman and kids, you will certainly enjoy a high-end dinner which includes one of the oldest delicacies around, the caviar. However, are you familiar with its etiquette? How to serve and enjoy this delicacy? How to recognize the caviar’s quality?

I am inviting you to join me and have a look at one of the world’s most exclusive delicacies.

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Table Manners

Why do Chinese eat with chopsticks?

Dear ladies and gentlemen, we are all used to that “Chinese eat with chopsticks while westerners eat with fork & knife”. But do you know why Chinese choose and stick to chopsticks for thousands of years?

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Social & Business Manners

Successful Socialising at Workplace

Dear ladies and gentlemen, people often ask us for advice on their successful behaviour at networking events. However, daily networking at your workplace can be very powerful for your career as well. I invite you to discover the power of socialising with your colleagues and 7 tips for your successful implementation at work.

A Harvard University study showed only 15% of the reason why a person gets a job, keeps it, or advances in a job is connected to technical skills and job knowledge meaning things you learned for instance at university. Whereas 85% is related to people skills, which also includes the successful interaction, communication, and socialising with people.

Tip 1
Some of your colleagues may put pictures of their families, children, hobbies, or pets on their desk. While you pass by their desk, it is easy to do the first step and ask them about that picture or thing you see on their desk. For example: “What a beautiful child you have. How old is she?”

Tip 2
Try to find commonalities to easily connect with a person. Maybe you are interested in a specific topic that your colleague is an expert in or you have the same hobby. It can be something you have heard about your colleague which is a good topic to start a small talk. For example: “Hello James, I heard you spent your Chinese New Year skiing in Switzerland. I also did the same. In which area did you ski?”

Tip 3
When you get up from your desk to go and grab new water or tea, challenge yourself to even start a conversation with a colleague who also gets a new drink, but you don’t know yet. You can start by introducing yourself: “Hello, my name is Mr. Wang. I am a software engineer in this department. We haven’t met yet. What do you do?”

Tip 4
When you have a small talk, show your genuine interest in your colleague by asking some open questions, e.g. questions like what, when, why… It will keep the conversation alive and you can build up a connection with this person. Closed questions that can be answered with a short yes or no, make it more difficult to keep the conversation running.

Tip 5
Spend your lunch time by talking to your colleagues. Important is, put your phone down and put your attention on your lunch partners. Encourage your colleagues to talk about themselves again by asking questions and be a good listener. It will help you build up a closer and trustworthy relationship. This conversation will also give your brain and body a good break from your work.

Tip 6
Always try to genuinely help others. Find out about your colleague’s challenges and needs and see how you can help him or her first. It will strengthen your connection.
Tip 7
People love to hear their name. While having a conversation or greeting someone in the hallway, greet them with their name. Throughout a conversation, feel free to repeat their name a few times as well.

I hope you are now well prepared to start socialising more often at your workplace.

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Social & Business Manners

How to introduce other people?

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am sure you have all faced this situation: you have to introduce a group of people, who do you introduce first? Men or women? Do you introduce by rank, by age or simply introduce them from left to right(or from right to left)?

General rules
Here are few rules in business occasions before we go into the details:
Introduce others to the most important people;
Introduce the lower rank to higher rank;
Same rank, introduce younger ones to older ones;
Same rank, same age, introduce men to women.

Introduce two people
Imagine we need to introduce A and B, A is our client, and B is our colleague, then we need to:

Greet A, introduce B’s name and title
Greet B, introduce A’s name and title
A & B greet each other

Note:Don’t forget to introduce A to B.

Introduce one group of people
What if we need to introduce a group of people? Then we need to make judgments before we introduce them: who is the most important person in this group? If we need to introduce A and B, C, D to each other. A is our client, B, C, D are our colleagues. Then we need to:

Greet A, introduce B, C, D by their ranks (with name & title);
Greet B C D by ranks, and introduce A’s name & title to them;

Note:Greet B, C, D first, and then introduce A to them all together.

Introduce two groups of people
If we need to introduce A&B&C (clients) and D, E, F (colleagues), and we need to know the most important persons in the two groups, then we introduce:

Greet A,B,C by their ranks, introduce D,E,F by ranks;
Introduce D,E,F to A,B,C, with names &titles.

Note:The sequence of introducing a group implies their importance in this meeting.

Now we understand the general rules about introducing people. In reality, things would be much more complicated. And, what if you are going to introduce three groups of people? How to do it properly?

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Social & Business Manners

How to choose business gifts?

Ladies and gentlemen, to choose a business gift is not an easy task during the Chinese New Year, right? Let’s check the following tips that may help you choose an appropriate present in business environment.

1. Keep the goal in mind
Business gift giving is to show appreciation, to remind people of you for business, also a good chance to show gratitude to those who supported you before.

2. Respect corporate guidance
Some companies have very strict policies about what kinds of gifts their employees can receive. If you are not sure if they can accept, check with the HR department first.

3. Evaluate the cost
An extravagant gift can be embarrassing and an inexpensive gift can make you look cheap. Check both side policies about gift standard.

4. Informational due-diligences
You can know your receiver (personality, interests, hobbies, family, etc.) from your previous meetings, for example by previous project or the dialogues during business lunch.

5. Know your receiver’s expectations
You need to know the receiver’s interests, for example what kind of sports or food they like. Thus the gifts you send shall meet their valued standards. You can get help from their assistants if you don’t know them well. If you know them very well, you can send unique presents to impress them.

6. Choose specific gift
Avoid too personal or taboo gifts. Business gift is different from daily gifts, which is more office or work related. Try to avoid perfume, personal beauty products, especially to the opposite gender. Also pay special attention to religion and certain cultural meanings, like yellow rose in Europe or clock in China. You can’t be wrong with sweets, flower, wine, local specialty etc.

Red rose is not suitable in Business occasions

7. Appropriate Presentation
Wrap and display your present in a nice festive way. Meanwhile the logo is understated enough to avoid looking like blatant marketing piece. The package should also contain a wish card with your signature.

8. Be generous about group gifts
When sending group gifts, make sure there is enough for everyone. The New-year season is not the time for complaints.

9. Re-gift with caution
Traditionally re-gifting was not accepted, it’s better not to do it. But if you do it, make sure any original information is removed and the item itself couldn’t be unique. After receiving gifts from others, it’s always better to arrange another gift as well.

10. Say thank you
Don’t forget to thank the person who give you present, either oral, handwritten letters or via email. Handwritten letter in an envelope show better sincerity.

Dear all, do you have any other opinion about business gifting? Welcome to share with us!

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Social & Business Manners

Giving an elegant toast!

Dear ladies and gentlemen, toasting to health, wealth, love, friendship, etc has been practised for many centuries. If you want to acknowledge an event or compliment an important visitor: be sure to know how. Polish your toastings skills with me!
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Social & Business Manners

15 tips for blind dating!

Dear ladies and gentlemen, you may encounter a blind date these days. Your family and friends may arrange one for you or you may find a match on TanTan, Tinder and other apps. How to behave during a blind date? Is it okay to flirt? Should you kiss at the end? Let’s prepare for it together!

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Social & Business Manners

Etiquette for attending balls

Dear ladies and gentlemen, have you ever been to a ball? Do you know the etiquette about balls? Review with us!
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Social & Business Manners

How to deal with awkward situations

Dear ladies and gentlemen, very often we will attend some social events, like formal dinners, cocktail parties etc. However, there are always some unforeseen circumstances that would embarrass everyone. Then what would you do to gracefully remove yourself from such embarrassments?

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Social & Business Manners

How to choose an English name?

Dear ladies and gentleman, pronouncing Chinese names can be tricky and hard for non-native speakers. Therefore, Chinese people usually decide to give themselves or their children anglicised names so it’s easier for them to integrate into Western society. However, do you know what is the best method for choosing the proper name which won’t ashamed you?
Our guide for giving a proper English name is suitable for any English-speaking country, we will use America as an example.
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Social & Business Manners

Social manners: mistakes of Donald Trump

Dear ladies and gentlemen, social manners are critically important in diplomatic occasions. For politicians, being exposed to cameras and examined by critics are their routine. Today, we will have a special analysis of the social manners of American President: Donald Trump. How many mistakes can you recognize?

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Social & Business Manners

The rules for online social networking

Dear ladies and gentlemen, nowadays our social activities rely more and more on internet. As we all agree that a new space of human interactions also means new etiquette rules. So, let’s review together the new rules for online social networking.

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Woman Fashion

Elegant types of women’s collar!

Dear ladies each detail should be impeccably worn, everything you wear comes to the spotlight when it comes to presenting yourself in a social or business gathering. I propose you different types of collar that can adorn your neckline.

Social occasions
Shawl collar
Shawl is a round collar for a V-neckline that is extended to form lapels, often used on cardigan sweaters, dinner jackets, dresses and women’s blouses
How to wear: You can never be wrong with this type since it’s a timeless style. It gives a luxury layer to your garment.

Meghan Markle wearing a shawl collar dress

Mandarin collar
It’s a small unfolded standing collar, open at the front, based on traditional Manchu or Mongol-influenced Asian garments.
How to wear: Since mandarin collars are short and do not fold over, necklaces are not worn with mandarin-collared dress shirts. Mandarin collar shirts go wonderful with blazers. Could be worn when you want to show you are fond of your culture or to achieve a formal look.

Queen Letizia wearing a mandarin collar dress

Peter Pan collar
Peter Pan collar is also a flat one and it curves round along your neckline. It’s named after the collar of the costume worn in 1905 by actress Maude Adams in her role as Peter Pan.
How to wear: This type looks stunning in dresses. You can wear it without a necklace because it can already give the impression of having it. This collar gives you a feminine touch and glam effect. Also makes you look younger.

Queen Letizia wearing a dress with a Peter Pan collar

Jabot collar
This collar is a standing collar with a pleated, ruffled or lace-trimmed frill down the front. The name comes from a French word  jabot-bird’s crop, it was very famous in the 19th century.
How to wear: Jabot collar is usually decorated with a beautiful brooch, so if you want to point out its beauty it should be definitely attached to it. Also, it gives you a real old-world charm.

Queen Rania wearing a jabot collar shirt

Puritan collar
The Puritan is a flat collar, has no stand so the full width lies against the garment. It extends to the shoulders. Can be found on coats, dresses and shirts.
How to wear: This type of collar attracts the attention to your upper body especially your face. Make sure you have a nice makeup and earrings to enhance your look. You may match it with the shirt cuff.

Princess Diana wearing a Puritan collar dress

Business occasions
Classic collar
Traditional collar, therefore, a ‘must-have’ in any basic women collar shirt wardrobe. It’s the most formal one.
How to wear: Worn mostly for official purposes, this type of collar is typically made out of cotton and belongs to formal office wears and pairs impeccably well with a blazer. You can add a tie or a bowtie to accessorise your outfit.

Queen Rania wearing a classic collar shirt

Spread collar
Variation of the classic collar, the distance between the collar points is wider than usual. The spread collar visually gives the wearer a widen face.
How to wear: Safe choice for any business occasions, because space is wider between the collar point you can have a bulky tie knot.

Notched collar
Type of collar with square corners on the lapel and a triangular notch on it. You can also have a rounded notched collar but they are more used for nurses uniforms.
How to wear: We often see this type of collar in blazers and blouses worn with business suits. Additionally, the notched collar on coats gives you credibility.

Kate Middleton wearing notched collar blazer

Dear ladies, I hope we enlighten you some tips on having a flattering collar. Which type is your favourite and why? Please share with us!

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Woman Fashion

How to walk in High Heels?

Dear ladies, it is believed that women look more elegant and attractive when they wear high heels. The fashion industry comes up with plenty of different types of women’s shoes in order to maximize the attractiveness of the female walk! Do you know how to choose and walk elegantly in high heels? Let’s review that together!

The most suitable heel height
Nowadays people accept the concept of “High heel Golden Ratio”, to determine your ideal heel height, there is a special formula of the Golden Ratio: 1,618. About the details, please refer to our previous article on how to choose the perfect heel height.

The comfort myth

The key to comfort with any shoes is getting the right fit, which is highly affected by the slope (the slant, or the space between the heel and the ball of the foot), as well as the shape of the toe box (the front of the shoe).
A low heeled, wide open toe box and a gently tapered last may be extremely comfortable, it’s not as stylish and definitely not as sexy as a high heel.

The heels size really matters as smaller size may cause pain and cramps, and the bumps on the shoe corners show to the others. While a larger size would make your foot slides awkwardly.

How to walk in heels?
As with any shoes that have elevated heels, a little practice walking in them helps you get a feel for how the shoes can bring out your most attractive side. Here are some tips to help you feel more like yourself in those sky-high heels!

1.Take short steps and keep your legs close together. Move slowly, and be conscious of the surface you are walking on and if there are any upcoming obstacles such as sidewalk grates.

2. You must fully extend your legs and keep them straight, and your knees must be straight and not perpendicular as you walk.

The knees are not straight

3. Your heel should touch the ground first as you step, rolling the weight forward to the ball of your foot and then to your toe while stepping forward with the opposite foot.

4. Keep good posture by bringing your chest up and shoulders back. This makes you look more confident and helps to balance the change in your body’s centre of gravity.
5. Keep your stomach in, move your pelvis slightly forward if needed, in order to get a very straight body line. Then walk without being tense, which will give a more confident look.

When to wear platform high heels?
1. Galas, dinners, evening events etc. The daily footwear won’t give you the charisma or authority you’d like to express at more sophisticated events.
2. When the outfit is very long, you may need extra elevation to pull off the look.
3. When you want to look sexier, you can choose platform high hills, especially in darker colours, enhancing the whole outfit class if matching well.

Some words of caution
Matching: Don’t match tight pants or short skirts with platform heels, as it doesn’t look elegant.
Platform: Some people might find platforms comfortable to wear. But don’t try a pair of platform with too high heels. Generally speaking, the higher the platform is, the less elegance will show. Clearly, with the added height of the platform, if someone was about to twist one’s ankle, the damage might be even worse than normal high heels.

Dear ladies, we hope you learned some interesting and useful tips on wearing high heels. If you want to share more please feel free to contact us!

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Woman Fashion

Handbag etiquette

Dear ladies, how you handle your handbag says a lot about you, not only about your personality or style but also about your good manners. How to keep your grace while carrying different types of handbag? How to hide your imperfections with it? Take your handbags and try out our advice!

Have a look at these pictures, who has a proper posture while carrying a handbag? Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge or Manushi Chhillar, Miss World 2017?

Kate Middleton

Miss World 2017

Maintain elegant posture

First of all, looking elegant while carrying the bag requests an elegant posture. Keep your shoulders back and down, chin parallel with the floor, engage your core.

Rosie Huntington

How to carry different types of handbags?

Shoulder bag

Rest the strap on your left shoulder. Holding your bag on the left side allows you to socialise since right hand is the social one, regardless of whether you are left or right-handed.

Grasp the centre of the front strap to hold your bag in place as you walk.

Crossbody bags

Wear across your body with a bag behind you or in front of you.

Wearing this kind of bag allows you to reduce stress on your lower back since you can adjust the strap length and reduce the swing and to arrange the weight.

Bags with short handles

Hold the handles in your left hand, keeping your arm relaxed and poised by your side.

For a more refined look, slip your hand through the handle from the outside, let the handle rest on your forearm, turn your palm so it is facing upwards and relax your fingers. Now place your bag lightly against your waist so it can rest on the hip.

The clutches

Grasp over the clutch with your left hand lightly but firmly.

Another option is to place your hand over the top of the clutch with keeping your fingers together and left hand close to your body to add an elegant touch.

If the clutch has a chain simply wear it on your left shoulder.

Hiding imperfections with a bag

Situation 1: Wearing a short skirt/dress while sitting

Crossed ankles- cover the hole between the dress and legs by placing your bag on your lap.

Queen Letizia of Spain

Crossed knees – Sit a little bit on the side and cover your exposed thigh.

Isabel Goulart, model

Situation 2: You prefer not to do a handshake when greeting with people.

Hold the bag with 2 hands in front of you. If you are married you may let the people see your ring by putting your left hand on top.

Situation 3: You are petite and would like to have a taller appearance.

Don’t take big handbags, you’ll look even shorter, go for small ones.

Please Avoid

Carry more than one bag throughout the day. You appear overloaded and unorganised. If you have a laptop bag if it’s possible to try to put your handbag into the laptop bag.

Put your bag over your shoulder if it is a large bag.

Overload your bag, it looks ungraceful and also it might affect your posture because of the bigger load.

Our Advice

When you are at the table place your bag on the empty chair next to you, on your lap or behind you.

Navigate through crowds with ease while holding your bag down with your left arm while carrying it on your left shoulder. The other option is to take it off your shoulder and carry it in front of you or beside you. Be mindful of others when you are putting your bag on & taking it off of your shoulder.

Take care of your purse. Depending on the material of your bag use an antibacterial spray or wipe or have it dry cleaned to keep your bag in top condition!

Keep your bag snapped, zipped or buttoned shut so the content is well protected.

Dear bag lovers, carry yourself with strength, confidence & grace everywhere you go! Which one of the ladies from the beginning has the proper posture while carrying the bag? And why do you think so?

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Woman Fashion

How to match Valentine’s Day makeup & attire?

Dear ladies, there are few events in a year when you should look outstanding, and as you guessed, Valentine’s Day is one of them. What colours to choose? What to wear? If wearing a black dress what makeup to apply? Let’s prepare together!

Colours of Valentine’s Day

Pink represents love, but also compassion and nurturing. Red colour stands for energy, passion and action. Depending on the stage of your relationship or the way you feel you may choose appropriate colour to incorporate in your style. If your relationship is mature, pink is more appropriate. If you are fresh lovers then apply red.

Valentine’s Day style

Your dress tells about your intentions. Always a good choice is little black dress. There are many variations, you can wear e.g. one with a sweetheart neckline or a one-shoulder dress. Another option is a long evening gown, that can show-off your feminine figure. Perfect occasions are to add pretty diamond jewellery to impress your valentine.
When you are going out with a partner try to coordinate the style so you look like a perfect couple. If you look glamorous he should look as well.

Colour matching
There are many ways how you can add the finishing touch to your look. Since pink and red are Valentine’s colours we will use them as an example. Once again for the colour matching protocol, we’ll use the colour wheel.

1. Monochromatic

Monochromatic look requires to have only one colour for the entire look, but you can play with different shades of one colour. Therefore, if you are wearing a pink dress, then apply pink lipstick.

For the makeup, you can also use this principle, take one colour and apply different shades.

2. Complementary & Split complementary

To achieve complementary style, match 2 opposite colours on the colour wheel. Therefore, if you want to apply red lipstick, wear a green dress.

It’s too extravagant to apply green lipstick, but you can combine red one and green eyeshadow.

Split complementary allows you to have 3 colours and the matching rule is that you choose one colour and then take two more around the opposite.

3. Mixing the colours (makeup & clothing)
a) Using a colour from a fabric
If you are wearing a dress with some pink flowers then go ahead and apply pink lipstick. Take one colour that exist on your dress and find a makeup that can be in same colour.

b) Creating contrast with neutrals
The neutral colours are black, white, grey, brown.
Create some contrast and make your look vivid. If wearing a little black dress, put on some red or pink lipstick, also stands for other neutrals.

c) 3 colours rule
The golden rule is not to have more than 3 colours for the entire look. The only exception is when wearing some pattern like animal print, floral, etc… Pick 3 colours and match them with each other.

Dear ladies, what is your favourite principal for colour matching? Share your opinion with us!
I wish you all a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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Woman Fashion

Makeup etiquette: the flawless effect!

Dear ladies, you like to look flawless to yourself and others. Do you know how to handle the makeup blunders? How much makeup you should apply according to the events you are attending? Let’s groom together!

General rules
Makeup styles come and go, but some rules are timeless!

1 Foundation

Before applying anything to your face be sure to moisturise it first. Then be sure to have a foundation that matches your skin colour. Having a face and neck in different colours is a big no-no. Also, apply it evenly all over your face. For a not glowy look apply setting powder as well.

Proper vs wrong application

2 Eyebrows
Eyebrow shape should look natural on you. They play a great part in facial expression. Avoid looking too serious or angry, and match the colour with your hair.

Different appearances with a different shape
If your eyebrows are too rare, consider making them thicker. From the photo, you can get familiar with the procedure.

Doing eyebrows – step by step

3 Lipstick
Moisturise your lips, if they are too dry there is nothing to hide. Apply the lipstick very precisely, don’t overdo it. Find the lipstick that looks good on you. For long-lasting lipstick search for matte.

Too dry lips

Choose a fitting lipstick
If you still have some doubts, please refer to our previous article on how to choose the perfect lipstick.

Makeup for different occasions
1 Natural look
This look is a daily look when you just want to enhance the beauty you already possess. You can apply it when going to work, shopping, meeting friends, etc… You may apply: foundation, concealer, loose powder, earth-toned eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss or tinted lip balm in a natural colour, blush to achieve this look.

2 Sexy look
This look gives you attractiveness and a feminine touch. Sexy look is appropriate when you are attending some night event or you go on a date. You may apply: foundation, concealer, loose powder, smokey eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, red lipstick, blush to achieve this look.

3 Special event look
For this look, you need all the possible makeup! You should apply it when going to events like galas, dinners, weddings and other festive events. You may apply: primer, foundation, concealer, loose powder, smokey eye shadow, glitters optional, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blush, bronzer, eyelashes extensions, setting spray to achieve this look.

At the dining table
When dining you are sitting at the dining table not at a makeup table. Only conversation and dining should happen. If you think you should ‘powder your nose’ simply excuse yourself from the table and go to the restroom. If you are not sure if you should go and reapply some of the makeup, you may take a mirror from your bag. Keep it on your lap and skillfully check your face without letting others noticing it.

Makeup blunders
If you spotted someone with lipstick on her teeth, bleeding lips or any other makeup blunder try to subtly notice that person. You may offend that person, especially if you aren’t friends, that is why you shouldn’t do it in an intrusive way.

How to remove the lipstick from the teeth?
Once you become familiar with it, the best is to find a restroom in which you can have a look and correct your lipstick. If there are no restrooms nearby then try to slowly lick your teeth to remove the mark, don’t put your finger in your mouth in front of people!

Applying makeup in public
Do apply all your makeup at home before leaving. Avoid applying it in the car, it can be messy and dangerous while driving. If you doubt doing something in public – don’t! It is always a good manner to excuse yourself and prompt in private.

Dear Ladies, is there anything else you would like to know more about makeup etiquette? Please share with us!

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Woman Fashion

How to dress sexy but not vulgar?

Dear ladies, it is the end of the year again, peak time of parties, high evening events, etc. If you want to look sexy, here is our advice to handle occasions and the faux-pas to avoid looking vulgar during those events.
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Woman Fashion

How pearl lovers wear pearls

Dear ladies, do you have any pearl accessories? Pearls, as the most precious and expensive gems on earth in ancient times, are still the beloved pieces for almost everyone. Let’s review together how pearl lovers wear them with elegance!
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Woman Fashion

Accessories for an elegant winter look!

Dear ladies, the winter is a perfect time to adorn your dressing style with a hat, scarf and gloves. That’s why I am sure you are thinking about these questions: How can you tie your scarf? Should you wear long or wrist length gloves? When you should take off your hat? About these and more, please follow me.
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Woman Fashion

Fashion Rules for an Elegant Lady

Dear ladies, how many of you have ever wondered how to be elegant and how to behave accordingly? Let’s see how with simple fashion rules to follow you can achieve a truly elegant style.
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Woman Fashion

Dress code: the meaning behind

Dear ladies and gentlemen, you may receive an invitation nowadays which read white tie, black tie or cocktail dress code required. What does that mean? What are dos and don’ts of each type? Let’s review together!

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Woman Fashion

High heels: proper heels shapes

Dear ladies, when it comes to high heels, I know you have a special place in your hearts for them. We already have talked about perfect heel height, which height to have for different occasions and postures.Today, let’s talk about heel’s shape and elegance.

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Woman Fashion

Colour protocol for 2018 autumn look

Dear ladies, have you ever found yourself wondering how to smoothly transition between your summer and autumn wardrobe? It’s a common problem we all face. Here’s a quick five-minute guide to how to change up your autumn wear and stay stylish throughout this season.

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Man Fashion

How to wear a pocket square

Dear Gentlemen (and curious Ladies), accessorising your outfit can upgrade your look effortlessly for any occasion. Therefore, knowing the pocket square etiquette is essential. Take out your squares and let’s learn together!
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Man Fashion

Gentlemen’s sitting and standing poses

Dear gentlemen, I am Alexey, trainer for Académie de Bernadac and in today’s article, I will teach you sitting and standing postures you should always adopt. It will give you an elegant figure, convey a confident attitude and also improve your health. Let’s see how a man should sit and stand properly.
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Man Fashion

How a gentleman chooses a tailored suit

Dear gentlemen, you are about to buy a new suit but you don’t know how to choose one that will fit your needs and your personality. In this article we will teach you all the steps to create your own suit with a tailor’s advice from Atelier Fusari.

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Man Fashion

Dress code: the meaning behind

Dear ladies and gentlemen, you may receive an invitation nowadays which read white tie, black tie or cocktail dress code required. What does that mean? What are dos and don’ts of each type? Let’s review together!

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Man Fashion

Do you have a proper hairstyle?

Dear gentlemen, our hairstyle is an important part of our first impression. It projects confidence, may give you younger appearance and also affects admiration and respect from others. How to find the one that looks most flattering on you? Please follow me to discover!

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Man Fashion

Make or break menswear look: Cufflinks

Dear gentlemen, cufflinks can be a finishing touch to top off your daily attire, regardless if it is a formal/informal social or business occasion. They should stay in tune with your sophisticated style and express who you are! With that in mind, let’s review together how, when and which cufflinks to use!

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Daily Etiquette

How does a sophisticated person tie shoes?

Dear ladies and gentlemen, if you are like me you learned at a young age how to tie your shoes. Since then you are doing it in the exact same way and probably you don’t think it’s the wrong way! Let me introduce you to how to tie elegant and durable knots. Take your shoes and give a try!

The Shoelaces – 6 rules
First of all, you need proper shoelaces. Follow these rules

1. For your dress shoes use thin round or flat shoelaces.

2. Use cotton or leather shoelaces. Do not go with nylon, they are good for sports shoes.

3. Maintain your laces, replace with a new one when it’s time. Not only because of the look but also so they don’t just break during the day.

4. Don’t use too long laces, they should be from 60 to 80 cm, depending on the shoe number.

5. For formal occasions, the colour of the shoelaces should be black or brown. For different events like a cocktail party, you can play with different colours.

6. When they are tied, they should be lying down horizontally not vertically. That’s why I’ll introduce you 2 knots that allow you to achieve this position.

How to match laces with shoes?
Laces are reversible, you may put them in any pair of shoes you want. They are less expensive than buying a new pair. How to change the look of your shoes:

1. If you want to have a pop of colour then you should pair it with a colour of your socks, pocket square, tie, bow tie or cufflinks – e.g. black shoes/red laces/ red socks.

2. If you are not a colour fan you may just change the shape (round to flat and opposite) or use laces with less contrast in colour – e.g. brown shoes/ black laces.

Straight bar lacing method
Before tying our shoes we should lace them. For oxford or dress shoes straight bar lasing method is the proper one. Don’t use the crisscross method, it’s not elegant!

1. Start with equalizing the length of shoelaces.

2. Take the shoelace on the left side and take it across and pull up and out.

3. Then on the same level, pull in through top down.

4. Take the other lace across and pull up.

5. On the same level, pull in through top-down like we did in step 3.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5.

7&8. Take the other lace and cross it over and pull up.

9. Check if the laces are equal, and go back with loosening in case you need to fix them.

*In case you are using flat shoelaces make sure that they are lying down flat while lacing.

Berluti Knot
Designer Olga Berluti introduced the knot in the 1970s. She took her inspiration from The Duke of Windsor who used this double-loop knot that prevented his shoelaces from coming untied during military parades and official ceremonies. This very strong double knot is familiar as the quintessence of sophistication!

How to tie?
1. Start with twisting your laces once.

2. Form two bunny ears, one in your right hand and one in left.

3. Take the bunny ear in your left hand and take it over the right.

4. Take everything from the left side and push it through the hole and pull it through.

5. Take everything from the right side and pull through the hole.

6. Pull equally only the bunny ears.

*To Untie- pull both ends equally.

Parisian Knot
Once more this knot is a double knot that ensures that once you tie it, you are sure it won’t untie or move during the day. It gives you really elegant flat loop and allows you to centre the knot.

How to tie?
1. Start with twisting your shoelaces twice around each other.

2. With your left hand form a bunny ear.

3. With right hand wrap the shoelace around your finger twice.

4. Push the shoelace through the middle where your finger was to create the second bunny ear.

5. Pull the ears and centre your knot.

Dear all, the way you are tying your shoes may not be so visible for some people but it makes difference. Start your day with knowing that you are different than others!

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Daily Etiquette

Queen vs Duchess: Who is more ladylike?

Dear ladies and gentlemen, Queen Rania and Duchess Kate are royal fashion icons. Ms Svetlana and I are having a debate which lady is more gorgeous. Finally, we can’t make a decision, therefore we are inviting you to help us! Please join us in this difficult decision.

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Daily Etiquette

Door etiquette: entering and exiting

Dear ladies, gentlemen and children handling a door is such a simple thing but it unlocks a lot of good things. Do you know how to approach the door in different situations and don’t lose your face? Let’s look at them so you never fail in this important social contact.
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Daily Etiquette

Unique home of sophisticated person

Dear ladies and gentlemen, today you may buy everything in a few clicks. But having a unique home requires more than just buying the luxurious goods. But what is that ‘more’ on your way to sophisticated uniqueness? What luxurious items will help?
Let’s have a look together!
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Daily Etiquette

How to be an elegant pet owner?

Dear ladies, gentlemen and children our pets are our best friends! In order to cherish that relationship, we should be well-mannered! How to elegantly walk with a pet? Can you bring your dog to a wedding? Should you separate your pet and houseguests? Let’s solve these concerns together!

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Daily Etiquette

Secrets for elegantly umbrella usage

Dear ladies, gentlemen and children, there is one small piece of property that we may not treat properly. It was invented in China in the 11th century BC, it was the first silk and waterproof article used by nobility and royalty. It protects us all year long. As you may guess, it’s an umbrella! Today I propose you to review together the proper umbrella etiquette.

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Daily Etiquette

How to be a genuinely polite person?

Dear ladies, gentlemen and children politeness is nothing hard to achieve. It’s just common sense, manners and making others feel appreciated. Politeness will make you be more likeable, appreciated, loved, respected, etc… Let’s have a look at 16 things that genuinely polite people possess!
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