Young & Excellent

One day kids program to enhance their public speaking, confident photo-posing skills and to understand the afternoon tea etiquette.

  • Available in 4 cities
  • Photo-posing
  • Public speaking
  • Afternoon tea etiquette
  • Real-time tutorials
  • Practical knowledge

Course description

It takes three generations to make a gentleman. Actually, good habits should be developed from childhood; good manners are essential in presenting your children’s charisma in important occasions!

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Class benefits

  • Mastering public speaking skills: body posture, gesture, voice control, etc.
  • Overcoming stage fright and having a strong and confident presence in front of the audience.
  • Understanding how to remain formal when sitting or standing in pictures.
  • Learning how to strike the very best looking pose in compliance with child’s outfit, features and charisma.
  • Understanding how to have the proper elegant presence when posing in a group and how to eliminate the mistakes.
  • Afternoon tea etiquette – knowing the right protocol, behaviour and manners.
  • Throughout real-time tutorials, the children will practice newly learned skills and improve them with teacher’s guidance.

Class content

Public speaking

Public speaking tutorial
  • Getting prepared
  • Manage stage fright
  • The breath
  • The voice
  • Eye contact
  • Body rhetorical gestures
  • Walking while speaking

Each child will have a chance to do a speech in front of the other participant while applying everything learned. The speech will be recorded and analysed by the teacher. The video helps your child to reflect on his public speaking skills and to receive advice for the improvement. It won’t be used for different purposes.

Confident Photo posing

Photo-shooting tutorial
  • Confident standing poses
  • Formal standing poses
  • Formal sitting poses
  • Daily poses
  • Poses with friends
  • Poses with accessories
  • Rules and tips

Practice your poses in different scenarios, show your charisma. Get to know how to achieve the best looking photo with the teacher’s facilitation.

Afternoon tea etiquette

Afternoon tea etiquette tutorial
  • How to sit down correctly
  • Correct body posture at the table
  • Serviette etiquette
  • Holding a cup
  • Stirring tea
  • Milk/ sugar protocol
  • Eating scones

Each child will be offered with a high-end afternoon tea set in order to practice newly learned skills. With teacher’s assistance all elements will be mastered.

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