Learning Excellence

A solid 3-month curriculum covering all table manners skills a global citizen must master. We make your children outstanding through excellence.

  • Online course
  • Table manners
  • Interactive practice
  • Designed curriculum
  • Media learning
  • 1-2-3 months program

Course description

“Brilliant Education for a Bright Future”- that’s what parents want for their children. A brilliant education is not only about how to realize academic excellence; it is a comprehensive development of social aspects focusing on manners when dining. The three months online program “Learning Excellence” is specially designed for children who are destinated to top universities in the world.

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Every Monday and Wednesday, at 19:00-19:45, you will meet us online for three consecutive months. The curriculum covering all aspects of the table manners. We make your children outstanding through excellence.

What will be learnt here?

  • Understanding the basics of table manners in every aspect
  • Mastering the politeness rules at the table like a modern young lady & gentleman
  • Achieving excellence in each step at the table, behaving like real young lady & gentleman
  • Practising new skills and making improvements with teacher’s guidance

Class content

Understanding the table manners

Month 1
  • Table setting theory
  • Setting up the table
  • Table posture
  • Soup etiquette
  • Manipulating the cutlery
  • Resting cutlery & forbbiden gestures

Gain the basic pillars needed for being a polite and sucessful dining participant.

Mastering the table manners

Month 2
  • Mastering the rules of bread and napkin etiquette
  • Mastering the politeness rules at the table like a modern young lady & gentleman
  • Mastering the use of cutlery on popular food
  • Mastering the reactions to have in all difficult situations
  • Mastering the common types of cutlery, knowing the uncommon
  • Mastering what can be drunk, how and when

Step into the world of dining, become true etiquette connoisseur. Master your newly learned skills with the teacher’s facilitation.

Excelling the table manners

Month 3
  • Excellence at the restaurant & Excellence when eating at someone’s home
  • Excellence in the use of cutlery in extreme situations
  • Excellence in the conversations
  • Excellence even with difficul food
  • Mastering the afternoon tea rules at the table like a modern young lady & gentleman
  • Excellence at eating pastas

Go even extra mile, know the finest secrets of table manners.

Online class trainers

Our expertise lies in internationally experienced etiquette teachers who have been sharing their knowledge within China for years.

Online class details

Class time:  Every Monday & Wednesday, 19:00-19:45

Quota:10 seats

Age: 6-14 years old

Language: English only

The new class group can be requested on-demand. Depending on a number of applicants.

Our qualification

For children successfully completed the program, we will prepare the certificate of attendance recognised by AIPE.

The AIPE (Association Internationale des Professeurs d‘Etiquette), headquartered in Paris, France, aims to coordinate the cooperation of high-end international etiquette trainers worldwide.

Online class price

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8 classes

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¥ 1588 / 1Pax
¥ 1288 / 1Pax

16 classes

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¥ 2988 / 1Pax
¥ 2388 / 1Pax

24 classes

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¥ 4288 / 1Pax
¥ 3288 / 1Pax

Do not accept choosing certain classes to attend. Participants can only take consecutive classes onwards

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