Young Outstanding

One day kids program for them to step into etiquette world and polish theirs confident deportment, table and social manners.

  • Available in 4 cities
  • High-society Social Manners
  • Aristocratic table manners
  • Elegant deportment
  • Real-time tutorial
  • Practical knowledge

Course description

Excellence is rarely innate, it is acquired throughout time. By gradually trying to give the best in our lives, we become a better version of ourselves. The best time to start is during childhood!

Class benefits

  • Learn how you can greet people, achieve a positive first impression.
  • Understand the French table manners and know how to apply them.
  • Solve uncertainties that may occur while dining, have a more confident presence at the table.
  • Learn how to be seated, remain graceful at the table.
  • Understand how to have the proper elegant presence when walking, sitting or standing.
  • Throughout real-time tutorials practice newly learned skills and improve them with teacher’s guidance.

Class content

High-society Social Manners

Social manners tutorial
  • Introducing yourself
  • Introducing senior or older people
  • Handshakes
  • Social kissing
  • Titles & Correct form
  • How to enter/leave a room with panache
  • Dos and don’ts

Experience how to successfully socialise in any occasion, make a splendid first impression. Master your newly learned skills with the teacher’s facilitation.

Aristocratic Table manners

Table setting tutorial
  • History of Table manners
  • How to sit down correctly
  • Correct body posture at the table
  • Table settings
  • Serviet Etiquette
  • French Table Manners
  • Bread etiquette

Step into the world of formal fine dining, become true French etiquette connoisseur. Master your newly learned skills with the teacher’s facilitation.

Elegant and Confident Deportment

Deportment exercises
  • Arms control
  • Legs reinforcement
  • Walking straight
  • Correct stepping
  • Legs spacing
  • Book exercise
  • Standing and Sitting with composure and style

With book exercise correct your posture and achieve more elegant and confident deportment. Learn how to appear more lady/gentleman like.

your ultimate elegance experience