Staff Training

Level up your business, improve the skills, knowledge of your team and your client service

  • From 1 to 3 days
  • Adapted on request
  • Practical exercises
  • Specific tutorial
  • Certification
  • Real-time improvement

Course description

Nowadays, for being different and successful on the market, the company has to put the effort and stand out from the crowd. We offer different programs for companies willing to grow their business by providing training to employees. Our expertise covers different industries and etiquette disciplines listed below. Please contact us for your particular needs.

Choose from a selection of bespoke disciplines to fit your needs

6 disciplines available


Have impeccable butler image

Top Seller

Sales and Clients Relations

Boost your salesman image

Excellent Food & Beverage Service

Polish the service until excellence

The Successful and Refined Manager

Start leading by outstanding example

Excellent Professionals in Healthcare

Wow your patients with excellence

Supreme Personalized Service

Tailor your program

Butler Top Seller

From 3 to 5 days For enterprises and individuals , Practical exercises, Wide spectrum, Real-time tutorial, Adapted on request

Whether in the private house or in a hotel, a butler must master multiple skills: food and beverage service, social manners, control of appliances etc. Furthermore, the butler has to anticipate every need of the people (s)he is serving. Our program covers all the aspects of the butler’s duties.

Program content

  • First contact: social & business etiquette and on-site training
  • Public-speaking skills
  • Table setting
  • Afternoon tea etiquette
  • Wine etiquette: essentials & service
  • Elegant Deportment
  • External presentation and grooming
  • Different types of clients
  • Treating clients, inquiring needs
  • Presenting service of the hotel
  • Handling difficult situations and on-site training
  • Packing/Unpacking
  • Ties/Shoes/Laundry

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