Dear ladies,

As we know, many of you care about your face. But do you know how we can adapt a perfect smile according to our face shape? Let’s discover it today!

What is your face shape?

Take a minute to recall your face shape:

Oval is gently rounded face with even features, the most harmonious.

Round face has feminine, soft, contoured features.

Heart shape have narrow chin and broader brow.

Long and narrow face with few angles.

Square shape has strong jaw line with a prominent forehead.

Diamond has a narrow jaw line and forehead with the cheekbones as the widest part of the face.

Did you get your face shape ? Now it’s time to see how to smile!

Fake or real smile?

What is a real, what is a fake smile? Let see the muscles we use for smiling.

It’s easy to use the mouth muscles. The eyes muscles are more difficult to action intentionally, it needs practice. That’s often how we recognized fake smile: it involves only the mouth.

How to practice your eyes smile? Wink. Wink several times. Your muscles will be more efficient.

You’re afraid of wrinkles? No, it won’t create much of them, far less than sun, smoke, or lack of sleep.

Now let’s see the different types of smiles!

The 5 types of smile

In general, Oval, Diamond and Heart face can do them all, it will depend on their teeth and lips. Let’s see the details.

Smile 1: the Closed Mouth

How to do it: keep your lips together, rise the edges of your mouth a little bit until it involves your cheekbones, slightly crease your eyes.

The edge of Catherine Deneuve’s mouth is too flat, thus her smile looks fake 
While Liu Wen’s rise up, making it genuine

Advantages: Confident appearance, easy to do, this smile is the safest one if you don’t know your best smile.

Inconvenient: Your face will look closed, you will appear more distant.

Suitable face shapes:

  • This smile goes with all faces, but round and square shapes should rather pick it since it will not enlarge their cheeks
  • Ladies with very thick lips, their face look easily fluffy with bigger smile
  • Ladies with bad teeth have no other option than this one!

Smile 2: the 1 finger smile

How to do it: slightly open your mouth enough to have the space of 1 little finger. Crease your eyes a bit for more intensity, like the blond lady below.

Advantages: Quite easy to achieve, you will look more approachable. Depending on your expression, you may look confident, shy, sexy or other emotions 

Inconvenient: Not recommended for ladies with too thin lips

Suitable face shapes:

  • Long face shapes should avoid it, it will tend to make them even longer.
  • Very suitable for square shapes, it will soften the face
  • Other shapes can adopt it according to the size of their lips

Smile 3: the 100% smile

How to do it: here you uncover only your upper teeth. Edges of the mouth are up, eyes are involved

Advantages: The most balanced smile, between confidence, friendliness, seduction. Scientists have found it is the most appreciated smile to see.

Inconvenient: This smile will easily look fake if you don’t involve eyes.

Suitable face shapes:

  • Round and square faces should absolutely avoid it, it will make them larger
  • Very suitable for long faces, it will balance them
  • Appropriate for heart, diamond and oval unless you have thick lips
  • If your upper lip is thin, smile so that the bottom edges of your upper teeth touch your lower lip. It will take attention away from the thin upper lip.
如图中凯拉·奈特莉所示,上唇薄的女士可以选择100% 展开嘴角笑或笑不露齿

Smile 4: the 200% smile

How to do it: here you uncover both your upper and lower teeth. Edges of the mouth are up, eyes are creased, almost disappear.

Advantages: The most powerful smile if well executed, engaging the most emotions.

Inconvenient: Extremely hard to do. If not well executed or if your face is not suitable it will look fake, and probably ungraceful. 

Suitable face shapes:

  • Round and square faces should absolutely avoid it, for the same reasons as before
  • Still suitable for long faces. Powerful on heart, diamond and oval shapes.
  • Avoid it if you have thick lips, your face will look too full
  • Avoid it if you have thick cheeks
  • Avoid it if you don’t have perfect teeth
  • Avoid it if you are incapable to control your eyes  
Above Kim Kardashian smile in the 2000’s, which was blowing her face
Since the 2010’s she rather keeps a closed mouth smile, since she has thick lips

Smile 5: the over smile

How to do it: This one is when there is a space between the teeth ranges, when we see tongue and potentially the pink gum.

Advantages: Hum, we search but actually there are not many

Inconvenient: This smile is intuitively considered as exaggerated, at best, or as ugly, at worse.

If it’s your natural smile:

If your smile naturally unveil your gum you need to practice the little finger, the 100% or the closed mouth smile.

Bonus: little tips!

What the common point of these 3 ladies?

Their front incisors are slightly longer than side incisors! This type of smile is often seen as extremely sympathetic! For those of you still reading us here, I hope you reach a beautiful smile.