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How long should be your dress?

Dear ladies, the dress is an ultimate classic that can make a woman look elegant, casual, chic, sexy and a number of different things, depending on how and when the dress is worn. Therefore, if you wear an above the knee dress should you go to work? How to look taller if you wear a midi dress? Let’s review together!

Different length

Mini dress

When to wear
Perfect when going out at night, in case of some performance or casual occasions.
How to wear
Wearing the tights with a mini dress can make it classier and offer more coverage.
Pair a small purse with mini dress style.
Wear flats for the daytime, and flats or heels for night time since heels make mini dresses look even shorter.

You should avoid
If your hemline doesn’t fall below your fingertips when your hands are next to the body, the skirt is too short, look for another one.

Picture 1: hemlines above the fingertips-too short
Picture 2: hemlines below the fingertips-appropriate length
Avoid fishnet or net tights and wear opaque or solid tights instead.
Don’t show too much skin.

Above the knee dress

When to wear
For any day & night occasions except the formal and business one.
How to wear
Wear flats or high heels, depending on the occasion, dress type and comfort.

You should avoid
Avoid wearing a skirt hemline across the widest part of your thigh as it makes your thighs look bigger.

Knee length dress

When to wear
Wear in any day & night occasion, especially in business one.
How to wear
Wear a belt, it will show more your feminine figure, it gives you a slimmer look.
Pair it with the strappy heels, they will elongate your legs.

You should avoid
Try to avoid wearing flat shoes since this hemline makes your legs appear shorter.

Cocktail dress

When to wear
Cocktail dresses are elegant, sleek, and perfect for most events, especially for the cocktail parties.
How to wear
Wear them with high heels, both open and closed-toe shoes are acceptable for a formal or informal event.
For an elegant and refined look, pair your cocktail dress with a clutch or a mini bag.

You should avoid
Flat shoes are not going well with this kind of dress.

Midi dress

When to wear
In casual, elegant, work-related occasions.
How to wear
A midi skirt is typically supposed to be worn at mid-calf-length. If you are petite then choose the one that falls just below your knees so it doesn’t make you look even shorter.
This dress usually fits snugly around the waist, so find one that fits correctly around your narrowest part of your waist.
Wear a pair of basic pumps or stilettos for the most elegant look.

You should avoid
Avoid shoes with ankle straps, they can make your legs look shorter.

Maxi dress

When to wear
These hemlines can be worn to any event from weddings to the beach and even the office.
How to wear
Wear with pair of heels for elegant occasions and flats for more casual ones.
Pair it with a small purse for elegant events and with a bigger one for casual.

You should avoid
Don’t wear an oversized maxi dress in elegant occasions, it looks inappropriate and unstylish.

Floor length and longer dress

When to wear
Keep this length for the special events like black tie events, evening art performances like the symphony or opera, and of course for weddings.
How to wear
Pair it with beautiful sparkling jewellery to enhance the look.
Wear high heels for the perfect appearance and visually longer appearance.

You should avoid
Make sure you are in control of the dress hemline and avoid trapping on it, also pay attention that someone else doesn’t step on it.
You cannot do back steps if you walk it’s only forward or you may step on the dress.

Dear ladies, when dressing, don’t forget what Coco Chanel said: “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance”.Keep that in mind when grooming for your next event! We are impatient to know what is your favourite dress length, please leave a comment!

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Fashion mistakes that will age you

Dear ladies, I know most of you don’t like looking older than your time and more would like to look younger! Therefore, I propose you top fashion faux-pas that might be ageing you, and bits of advice on how to turn back the clock for each one.

Undergarments are the base, if this step in dressing is unproperly done, it will ruin your look, the ill-fitting bra will definitely age you.

My advice:
Ask for professional help. A lot of stores do offer their assistance in finding the right bra size.
Also, you can ask their help to find the correct bra style that will flatter your shape.
Avoid wearing the grandma’s panties, better find a more stylish one.

No more grandma’s panties

Besides ageing, finding the proper bra will correct your posture (no more slouching) and boost your clothing.

Baggy clothes
It is very popular nowadays but by hiding your body first you look larger and then you look less feminine and older as well.

My advice:
If you really like to have baggy clothes better find a stylist and/or tailor that will create a style that will at least slightly follow your body shape.

Try to combine femininity and loosen clothes 

I often see ladies wearing the tights in the wrong size and colour. Too big tights create layers on your legs which will give the impression of too loose and old skin. Tights in nude colour are really unflattering as the skin tone never matches with the colour of the tights.

My advice:
Double check the size you need, it usually depends on your weight and height.
Instead of nude tights wear a colour skin sheer tights, that way the difference is not that obvious.

Wrinkled tights around ankles

Reading glasses/sunglasses
We spend many hours in front of different screens (pc, tablet, phone…) so most likely you will need one pair sooner or later. Glasses can make you look really older than you are.

My advice:
Use contact lenses.
Find a frame that fits your face shape.
Try on different shapes and ask people around you which ones are the most flattering.

Diamond face shape goes well with rounded glasses

Very careful with them! Even though you are looking good, wearing a mini skirt or midriffs will draw attention to your age. In attempting to look younger, you will be considered older.

My advice:
Better use the slimmest part of your knee as a guideline to know where the hemline of your skirt should be. That way you will look younger and slimmer!

Inappropriate mini skirt

Even though they are very elegant and charming having one can age you if it’s not worn properly.

My advice:
The size: Depends on your hairstyle, the smaller the volume of your hair is, the smaller the size of the fascinator.
The shape: Should be the opposite shape of your face shape.

Good examples

Platform/chunky heels
By wearing the platform/chunky heels you don’t only look older, but also lager since they visually add weight to your lower body.

My advice:
Better wear high heels with a pointed toe, they will give you a slimmer and younger appearance.
Also, try to avoid high heels with a strap around the ankle, your legs will look shorter with them.

Better chose high heels with pointed toe

Unstylish sensible shoes
Sometimes sensible shoes lack in the style which means they are outdated and clunky even though they are extremely comfortable.

My advice:
Look for a pair that is stylish and comfortable at the same time. This pair will freshen up your entire look.

Stylish sensible shoes

Mixing prints and colours
Ladies tend to look younger and then they try to follow the current trends and to look fresh and “crazy“ young but then they end up being seen as a person that is too old. Avoid mixing too many styles in one outfit, or too big wordings.

My advice:
Do short research what is trending for a lady your age.
If you are mixing prints be sure they are in the same colour –steam and complementary in style.

Too many prints make you look older

Dear all, I hope this will help you in achieving a younger and slimmer look! Do you have any other points of interest regarding this topic? Please share with me!

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Elegant types of women’s collar!

Dear ladies each detail should be impeccably worn, everything you wear comes to the spotlight when it comes to presenting yourself in a social or business gathering. I propose you different types of collar that can adorn your neckline.

Social occasions
Shawl collar
Shawl is a round collar for a V-neckline that is extended to form lapels, often used on cardigan sweaters, dinner jackets, dresses and women’s blouses
How to wear: You can never be wrong with this type since it’s a timeless style. It gives a luxury layer to your garment.

Meghan Markle wearing a shawl collar dress

Mandarin collar
It’s a small unfolded standing collar, open at the front, based on traditional Manchu or Mongol-influenced Asian garments.
How to wear: Since mandarin collars are short and do not fold over, necklaces are not worn with mandarin-collared dress shirts. Mandarin collar shirts go wonderful with blazers. Could be worn when you want to show you are fond of your culture or to achieve a formal look.

Queen Letizia wearing a mandarin collar dress

Peter Pan collar
Peter Pan collar is also a flat one and it curves round along your neckline. It’s named after the collar of the costume worn in 1905 by actress Maude Adams in her role as Peter Pan.
How to wear: This type looks stunning in dresses. You can wear it without a necklace because it can already give the impression of having it. This collar gives you a feminine touch and glam effect. Also makes you look younger.

Queen Letizia wearing a dress with a Peter Pan collar

Jabot collar
This collar is a standing collar with a pleated, ruffled or lace-trimmed frill down the front. The name comes from a French word  jabot-bird’s crop, it was very famous in the 19th century.
How to wear: Jabot collar is usually decorated with a beautiful brooch, so if you want to point out its beauty it should be definitely attached to it. Also, it gives you a real old-world charm.

Queen Rania wearing a jabot collar shirt

Puritan collar
The Puritan is a flat collar, has no stand so the full width lies against the garment. It extends to the shoulders. Can be found on coats, dresses and shirts.
How to wear: This type of collar attracts the attention to your upper body especially your face. Make sure you have a nice makeup and earrings to enhance your look. You may match it with the shirt cuff.

Princess Diana wearing a Puritan collar dress

Business occasions
Classic collar
Traditional collar, therefore, a ‘must-have’ in any basic women collar shirt wardrobe. It’s the most formal one.
How to wear: Worn mostly for official purposes, this type of collar is typically made out of cotton and belongs to formal office wears and pairs impeccably well with a blazer. You can add a tie or a bowtie to accessorise your outfit.

Queen Rania wearing a classic collar shirt

Spread collar
Variation of the classic collar, the distance between the collar points is wider than usual. The spread collar visually gives the wearer a widen face.
How to wear: Safe choice for any business occasions, because space is wider between the collar point you can have a bulky tie knot.

Notched collar
Type of collar with square corners on the lapel and a triangular notch on it. You can also have a rounded notched collar but they are more used for nurses uniforms.
How to wear: We often see this type of collar in blazers and blouses worn with business suits. Additionally, the notched collar on coats gives you credibility.

Kate Middleton wearing notched collar blazer

Dear ladies, I hope we enlighten you some tips on having a flattering collar. Which type is your favourite and why? Please share with us!

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How to walk in High Heels?

Dear ladies, it is believed that women look more elegant and attractive when they wear high heels. The fashion industry comes up with plenty of different types of women’s shoes in order to maximize the attractiveness of the female walk! Do you know how to choose and walk elegantly in high heels? Let’s review that together!

The most suitable heel height
Nowadays people accept the concept of “High heel Golden Ratio”, to determine your ideal heel height, there is a special formula of the Golden Ratio: 1,618. About the details, please refer to our previous article on how to choose the perfect heel height.

The comfort myth

The key to comfort with any shoes is getting the right fit, which is highly affected by the slope (the slant, or the space between the heel and the ball of the foot), as well as the shape of the toe box (the front of the shoe).
A low heeled, wide open toe box and a gently tapered last may be extremely comfortable, it’s not as stylish and definitely not as sexy as a high heel.

The heels size really matters as smaller size may cause pain and cramps, and the bumps on the shoe corners show to the others. While a larger size would make your foot slides awkwardly.

How to walk in heels?
As with any shoes that have elevated heels, a little practice walking in them helps you get a feel for how the shoes can bring out your most attractive side. Here are some tips to help you feel more like yourself in those sky-high heels!

1.Take short steps and keep your legs close together. Move slowly, and be conscious of the surface you are walking on and if there are any upcoming obstacles such as sidewalk grates.

2. You must fully extend your legs and keep them straight, and your knees must be straight and not perpendicular as you walk.

The knees are not straight

3. Your heel should touch the ground first as you step, rolling the weight forward to the ball of your foot and then to your toe while stepping forward with the opposite foot.

4. Keep good posture by bringing your chest up and shoulders back. This makes you look more confident and helps to balance the change in your body’s centre of gravity.
5. Keep your stomach in, move your pelvis slightly forward if needed, in order to get a very straight body line. Then walk without being tense, which will give a more confident look.

When to wear platform high heels?
1. Galas, dinners, evening events etc. The daily footwear won’t give you the charisma or authority you’d like to express at more sophisticated events.
2. When the outfit is very long, you may need extra elevation to pull off the look.
3. When you want to look sexier, you can choose platform high hills, especially in darker colours, enhancing the whole outfit class if matching well.

Some words of caution
Matching: Don’t match tight pants or short skirts with platform heels, as it doesn’t look elegant.
Platform: Some people might find platforms comfortable to wear. But don’t try a pair of platform with too high heels. Generally speaking, the higher the platform is, the less elegance will show. Clearly, with the added height of the platform, if someone was about to twist one’s ankle, the damage might be even worse than normal high heels.

Dear ladies, we hope you learned some interesting and useful tips on wearing high heels. If you want to share more please feel free to contact us!

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Handbag etiquette

Dear ladies, how you handle your handbag says a lot about you, not only about your personality or style but also about your good manners. How to keep your grace while carrying different types of handbag? How to hide your imperfections with it? Take your handbags and try out our advice!

Have a look at these pictures, who has a proper posture while carrying a handbag? Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge or Manushi Chhillar, Miss World 2017?

Kate Middleton

Miss World 2017

Maintain elegant posture

First of all, looking elegant while carrying the bag requests an elegant posture. Keep your shoulders back and down, chin parallel with the floor, engage your core.

Rosie Huntington

How to carry different types of handbags?

Shoulder bag

Rest the strap on your left shoulder. Holding your bag on the left side allows you to socialise since right hand is the social one, regardless of whether you are left or right-handed.

Grasp the centre of the front strap to hold your bag in place as you walk.

Crossbody bags

Wear across your body with a bag behind you or in front of you.

Wearing this kind of bag allows you to reduce stress on your lower back since you can adjust the strap length and reduce the swing and to arrange the weight.

Bags with short handles

Hold the handles in your left hand, keeping your arm relaxed and poised by your side.

For a more refined look, slip your hand through the handle from the outside, let the handle rest on your forearm, turn your palm so it is facing upwards and relax your fingers. Now place your bag lightly against your waist so it can rest on the hip.

The clutches

Grasp over the clutch with your left hand lightly but firmly.

Another option is to place your hand over the top of the clutch with keeping your fingers together and left hand close to your body to add an elegant touch.

If the clutch has a chain simply wear it on your left shoulder.

Hiding imperfections with a bag

Situation 1: Wearing a short skirt/dress while sitting

Crossed ankles- cover the hole between the dress and legs by placing your bag on your lap.

Queen Letizia of Spain

Crossed knees – Sit a little bit on the side and cover your exposed thigh.

Isabel Goulart, model

Situation 2: You prefer not to do a handshake when greeting with people.

Hold the bag with 2 hands in front of you. If you are married you may let the people see your ring by putting your left hand on top.

Situation 3: You are petite and would like to have a taller appearance.

Don’t take big handbags, you’ll look even shorter, go for small ones.

Please Avoid

Carry more than one bag throughout the day. You appear overloaded and unorganised. If you have a laptop bag if it’s possible to try to put your handbag into the laptop bag.

Put your bag over your shoulder if it is a large bag.

Overload your bag, it looks ungraceful and also it might affect your posture because of the bigger load.

Our Advice

When you are at the table place your bag on the empty chair next to you, on your lap or behind you.

Navigate through crowds with ease while holding your bag down with your left arm while carrying it on your left shoulder. The other option is to take it off your shoulder and carry it in front of you or beside you. Be mindful of others when you are putting your bag on & taking it off of your shoulder.

Take care of your purse. Depending on the material of your bag use an antibacterial spray or wipe or have it dry cleaned to keep your bag in top condition!

Keep your bag snapped, zipped or buttoned shut so the content is well protected.

Dear bag lovers, carry yourself with strength, confidence & grace everywhere you go! Which one of the ladies from the beginning has the proper posture while carrying the bag? And why do you think so?

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How to match Valentine’s Day makeup & attire?

Dear ladies, there are few events in a year when you should look outstanding, and as you guessed, Valentine’s Day is one of them. What colours to choose? What to wear? If wearing a black dress what makeup to apply? Let’s prepare together!

Colours of Valentine’s Day

Pink represents love, but also compassion and nurturing. Red colour stands for energy, passion and action. Depending on the stage of your relationship or the way you feel you may choose appropriate colour to incorporate in your style. If your relationship is mature, pink is more appropriate. If you are fresh lovers then apply red.

Valentine’s Day style

Your dress tells about your intentions. Always a good choice is little black dress. There are many variations, you can wear e.g. one with a sweetheart neckline or a one-shoulder dress. Another option is a long evening gown, that can show-off your feminine figure. Perfect occasions are to add pretty diamond jewellery to impress your valentine.
When you are going out with a partner try to coordinate the style so you look like a perfect couple. If you look glamorous he should look as well.

Colour matching
There are many ways how you can add the finishing touch to your look. Since pink and red are Valentine’s colours we will use them as an example. Once again for the colour matching protocol, we’ll use the colour wheel.

1. Monochromatic

Monochromatic look requires to have only one colour for the entire look, but you can play with different shades of one colour. Therefore, if you are wearing a pink dress, then apply pink lipstick.

For the makeup, you can also use this principle, take one colour and apply different shades.

2. Complementary & Split complementary

To achieve complementary style, match 2 opposite colours on the colour wheel. Therefore, if you want to apply red lipstick, wear a green dress.

It’s too extravagant to apply green lipstick, but you can combine red one and green eyeshadow.

Split complementary allows you to have 3 colours and the matching rule is that you choose one colour and then take two more around the opposite.

3. Mixing the colours (makeup & clothing)
a) Using a colour from a fabric
If you are wearing a dress with some pink flowers then go ahead and apply pink lipstick. Take one colour that exist on your dress and find a makeup that can be in same colour.

b) Creating contrast with neutrals
The neutral colours are black, white, grey, brown.
Create some contrast and make your look vivid. If wearing a little black dress, put on some red or pink lipstick, also stands for other neutrals.

c) 3 colours rule
The golden rule is not to have more than 3 colours for the entire look. The only exception is when wearing some pattern like animal print, floral, etc… Pick 3 colours and match them with each other.

Dear ladies, what is your favourite principal for colour matching? Share your opinion with us!
I wish you all a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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Makeup etiquette: the flawless effect!

Dear ladies, you like to look flawless to yourself and others. Do you know how to handle the makeup blunders? How much makeup you should apply according to the events you are attending? Let’s groom together!

General rules
Makeup styles come and go, but some rules are timeless!

1 Foundation

Before applying anything to your face be sure to moisturise it first. Then be sure to have a foundation that matches your skin colour. Having a face and neck in different colours is a big no-no. Also, apply it evenly all over your face. For a not glowy look apply setting powder as well.

Proper vs wrong application

2 Eyebrows
Eyebrow shape should look natural on you. They play a great part in facial expression. Avoid looking too serious or angry, and match the colour with your hair.

Different appearances with a different shape
If your eyebrows are too rare, consider making them thicker. From the photo, you can get familiar with the procedure.

Doing eyebrows – step by step

3 Lipstick
Moisturise your lips, if they are too dry there is nothing to hide. Apply the lipstick very precisely, don’t overdo it. Find the lipstick that looks good on you. For long-lasting lipstick search for matte.

Too dry lips

Choose a fitting lipstick
If you still have some doubts, please refer to our previous article on how to choose the perfect lipstick.

Makeup for different occasions
1 Natural look
This look is a daily look when you just want to enhance the beauty you already possess. You can apply it when going to work, shopping, meeting friends, etc… You may apply: foundation, concealer, loose powder, earth-toned eye shadow, mascara, lip gloss or tinted lip balm in a natural colour, blush to achieve this look.

2 Sexy look
This look gives you attractiveness and a feminine touch. Sexy look is appropriate when you are attending some night event or you go on a date. You may apply: foundation, concealer, loose powder, smokey eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner, red lipstick, blush to achieve this look.

3 Special event look
For this look, you need all the possible makeup! You should apply it when going to events like galas, dinners, weddings and other festive events. You may apply: primer, foundation, concealer, loose powder, smokey eye shadow, glitters optional, eyeliner, mascara, lipstick, blush, bronzer, eyelashes extensions, setting spray to achieve this look.

At the dining table
When dining you are sitting at the dining table not at a makeup table. Only conversation and dining should happen. If you think you should ‘powder your nose’ simply excuse yourself from the table and go to the restroom. If you are not sure if you should go and reapply some of the makeup, you may take a mirror from your bag. Keep it on your lap and skillfully check your face without letting others noticing it.

Makeup blunders
If you spotted someone with lipstick on her teeth, bleeding lips or any other makeup blunder try to subtly notice that person. You may offend that person, especially if you aren’t friends, that is why you shouldn’t do it in an intrusive way.

How to remove the lipstick from the teeth?
Once you become familiar with it, the best is to find a restroom in which you can have a look and correct your lipstick. If there are no restrooms nearby then try to slowly lick your teeth to remove the mark, don’t put your finger in your mouth in front of people!

Applying makeup in public
Do apply all your makeup at home before leaving. Avoid applying it in the car, it can be messy and dangerous while driving. If you doubt doing something in public – don’t! It is always a good manner to excuse yourself and prompt in private.

Dear Ladies, is there anything else you would like to know more about makeup etiquette? Please share with us!

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How to dress sexy but not vulgar?

Dear ladies, it is the end of the year again, peak time of parties, high evening events, etc. If you want to look sexy, here is our advice to handle occasions and the faux-pas to avoid looking vulgar during those events.
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How pearl lovers wear pearls

Dear ladies, do you have any pearl accessories? Pearls, as the most precious and expensive gems on earth in ancient times, are still the beloved pieces for almost everyone. Let’s review together how pearl lovers wear them with elegance!
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Accessories for an elegant winter look!

Dear ladies, the winter is a perfect time to adorn your dressing style with a hat, scarf and gloves. That’s why I am sure you are thinking about these questions: How can you tie your scarf? Should you wear long or wrist length gloves? When you should take off your hat? About these and more, please follow me.
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