Dear ladies, we all know that hips are actually the crucial factors to show your feminity. That’s why today we are going to discuss about the shapes of the hip, and how to wear clothes (pants, skirts, shorts) accordingly, to help you express your charisma to the fullest. Do you know how to measure your hip type?

Two standards

There are two figures I would like you to remember for a perfect hip!

The most desirable waist-hip ratio is 0.7:1

The perfect ratio of hip width and the leg length is (1- 0.618) :1

The FIVE shapes

Generally, there are 5 types: Square, V shape, A shape, round shape, and heart shape.

01 Square

A square shape: The upper part and the bottom part are almost the same size.

It happens to those who are very likely to have fat depots at waist. And thus the feminine curviness disappears as the waistline is not so obvious. It could be even worse with flat square hips, as it visually makes thighs look bigger.

02 V shape

A “V” shape: Broader upper part than the bottom part with two sides fallen inside, which forms a clear “V”from the back.

03 A shape

An “A” shape: Broad and flat bottom and thin waist, with fat easily deposit on the thighs. Usually a lady with A shape has nice waist-hip ratio, and most likely her body shape is a “pear”.

04 Round

A round shape: It is a shape almost perfect, very attractive. All the fat is right in the center of the hip. However, hip could prolapsed and thighs may be bigger when getting older, and thus became the A shape.

05 Heart

A heart shape: the most beautiful hips! With very thin at waist and the waist-hip ratio is almost the perfect 0.7 (close to the golden ratio).

You may be confused it with the round shape, however, A heart shape also requires the nice outline of legs, and “a small triangle” between the two legs.

How to dress according to hip shapes

01 Square

Our target is to create the waistline, and to erase the flatness of the hip. In this case, you should choose clothes with clear waistline; or those have some volume at hips and legs. 

Right one is better, as you hip is hidden inside and the patterns on the dress emphasize more your waist and your hip

Choose the trousers having pockets at the back, as the pockets will add some volume on your hip. Avoid tight trousers, as they will show the flatness of the hip.

02 V shape

V shape means you will have to wear “thick” dress/trousers instead of slim fits.

You can choose pleated skirts, with which the pleats will only make your hips look bigger but without being too extravagant.

Wide-legged pants are also perfect choice for V shape! It will only show the widest point of your hip and hide the small bottom hip inside.

03 A shape

As we said before, A shape hip usually owns a very thin waist, so pick some slim fit with high waistline to show it!

For instance, you can have a high-waisted sheath dress to show your bodyline! In case have big thighs, then try one with the length that reaches the ankles, so that you will only have your delicate ankles exposed.

04 Round

Round hip can be very attractive; however too much fat on the hip may also look fat from the back. As the shape is already round and solid, so please choose those clothes with simple cuts.

If you really do think you have too much on your hip & thighs, then you could try a side slit long dress. The long dress can cover your hip and your thighs, and show a bit the skin on your legs, thus you will erase the “round” feelings over your hip and your thighs.

Besides, dresses having fishtail also fit round hips. Your hip will be smaller compared with the big fishtail. Be careful, if you don’t have slim legs, then you should try long dresses.

Baggy pants are not for round hips, try straight pants with simple cuts instead.

05 Heart

Lucky you! You can wear any clothes you like!

Do you know your hip type? However, knowing your hip type is only the first step. Many ladies have encountered hip problems: flat hips, asymmetric hips, sagging hips, etc. Do you know how to solve them? Follow us, we will introduce you some exercise in the next article.