Dear ladies, gentleman and kids, you will certainly enjoy a high-end dinner which includes one of the oldest delicacies around, the caviar. However, are you familiar with its etiquette? How to serve and enjoy this delicacy? How to recognize the caviar’s quality?

I am inviting you to join me and have a look at one of the world’s most exclusive delicacies.

What is caviar

Caviar is salt-cured fish eggs of a female fish, traditionally coming from sturgeon. The most commonly found types are Sterlet, Sevruga, Ossetra, Beluga. It was first harvested by the Russian and Persian fishermen and enjoyed by royalty. Nowadays, it’s a delicacy among the affluent population.

How to serve it

1 Storage
For having fresh caviar don’t keep it unopened and stored longer than 15-20 days.
Keep it at the ideal temperature from -1 Celsius to -2 Celsius to preserve optimal quality.

2 Cutlery
Caviar should never be served on steel or stainless steel plates or forks, as this can change the taste of the caviar and make it bitter or metallic.
Eat and serve caviar with utensils of crystal, ceramic, glass or plastic to preserve the taste. The spoon should be made from bone, horn, gold or mother of pearl for the best taste.

3 Serving
Don’t cook it, caviar must be eaten raw.
It should never be served with lemon.
Don’t serve it as a main course it should be consumed as an appetizer or as a garnish in main meal.
Serve it cold or even in a dish of ice to keep its temperature down, never at room temperature or frozen.
Caviar is often served on unsalted crackers or bread, or on small traditional Russian pancakes called blini.

How to serve it

Caviar comes in many varieties and each of them tastes slightly different. Try different types of caviar to find one that suits your personal palate. Don’t be discouraged if the first kind you try doesn’t taste good.
1 Russian way
You’re supposed to eat it off the back of your hand, between your index finger and thumb.

2 Normal way
Traditionally, it is considered incorrect, or even rude, to take large portions of caviar at a single time. Consume it in amounts smaller than a tablespoon (or one full tablespoon maximum).

How to pair it with wine

Red wine, beer, baijiu.
Champagne, vodka, white wine.
Once it’s served, it can’t be stored, you need to finish it the same day.

Quality of the caviar

The highest quality is called Almas, which means ‘diamond’ in Russian. The rules for quality are:
If the spheres of the eggs are larger, shinier and more perfect, the highest they are in quality. If the black colour is clearer it’s more precious.
Inexpensive caviar won’t have as strong of a fish taste and will have a darker colour.

Dear All, I hope next time you will have a memorable experience with enjoying this delicacy after knowing all this. For any further question, please leave a comment, I am more than happy to serve you!

This article was first published by Michelin Guide.