Dear gentlemen, our hairstyle is an important part of our first impression. It projects confidence, may give you younger appearance and also affects admiration and respect from others. How to find the one that looks most flattering on you? Please follow me to discover!

It is all about the balance and contrast. To create an ideal look we should consider 2 things: hair texture and our face shape.

Know your texture
You may have fine hair or thick hair, look at the mirror and make a guess:
Fine hair is thin and fragile and has a difficult time holding a style.
Thick hair allows you to pull out all desired hairstyles. Asian hair is usually thick and shiny.

Know your face shape

For having the best-suited hairstyle you have to know your face shape. Follow these easy steps:

Stand in front of the mirror or put the mirror in front of your face
Pull back your hair and hold it in place
Using a lipstick or a bar of a soap trace the outline of your head onto the mirror
Compare your outline with possible face shapes to find yours

Now have a look at our recommendations for your face shape!

Face shapes & Hairstyle

Square face

Wide jaw bones and high cheekbones are main features on men’s face.

Keep your sideburns short and hair above the ears
Try having your hair relatively short but styled upward to elongate the face

Oval face shape

It is recognized as an ideal face shape, so congratulations – every hairstyle looks good on you! Your face is longer than the width of your cheekbones.

Create some volume at the top as it will help to elongate your features
Make sure that you don’t choose a hairstyle that makes your face look longer than it actually is.

Diamond face shape

Diamond shaped faces’ main feature is their length and a pointy chin. This face shape looks good with longer hair.

Think of softening your most angular features with a layered haircut.
consider growing mid-long hairstyle to create an oval shape.

Round face shape

With this shape you should tend to elongate your face, to have a longer, defined jawline.

Avoid short hairstyles because it brings attention to forehead and undefined jawline.
You have to create the illusion of height and angles, so keep your hair really short on the sides, and longer on top, as to create height, and length to the face.

Triangle face shape

A triangle head shape is defined by a thinner cheekbone/temple area that extends to a wider jawline.

You may want to add width and volume to the top of your head by going for longer hair to balance out your jaw.
A fringe can create the illusion of a thicker forehead which reduced the impact of a strong chin.

Oblong face shape

This is one of the most proportioned face shapes out there as cheekbones, jawline and chin are well-balanced.

Make sure that you don’t choose a hairstyle that makes your face look longer than it actually is.

Dear gentlemen, the haircut sets the tone for a man’s style, use this power and make your look irresistible! Share in the comments what shape do you have, mine is diamond!