Dear ladies, gentlemen and children, there is one small piece of property that we may not treat properly. It was invented in China in the 11th century BC, it was the first silk and waterproof article used by nobility and royalty. It protects us all year long. As you may guess, it’s an umbrella! Today I propose you to review together the proper umbrella etiquette.

Umbrella opening & closing


Keep an umbrella close to your body and then slowly open in the oblique position.If you have a long handle umbrella, be careful not to poke someone, especially if it’s a one-click open close umbrella. When there is water on it, it will splash into other people’s face if you don’t open umbrella slowly in the direction of no people around it.


With closing your umbrella you should tend to keep it as low as possible so you don’t splash other people and letting drops falling down away from others.

Walking with an umbrella

Walking alone

When you hold an open umbrella, the distance between the runner and your head should be around 20 cm so it won’t hit you while walking and the raindrops won’t fall on your upper body. While walking keep a certain distance from other people, so you can avoid poking them with the edge of an umbrella and prevent ourselves and others from getting wet. When facing someone on the street, you can tilt the umbrella in the opposite direction and prevent umbrella striking. In case you are taller than the other person, higher up the umbrella. If you feel tired from carrying it, rest your arm by putting the shaft on your shoulder.

Walking in pair

When two people with the same gender are using one umbrella, the taller one should hold it. In case, a lady is accompanied by a gentleman, he should hold it in a way that fully protects a lady.

Poses for elegant umbrella usage

The umbrella face is parallel to the ground, and the umbrella handle is normal to ground. With this umbrella’s position, you look elegant and sophisticated.

If there is a direct sunlight and you are using a sun umbrella, lean it back a little so that you can see the way clear before you. If the sun is splaying diagonally and you are using a sun umbrella, the selection of the holding hands is usually the same as the direction of the light source. For example, if the light comes from the right side, the right hand is used to hold the umbrella. This way you will be fully protected from the sun without difficulties with keeping the elegant look.

When a long umbrella is not used, a man can hold an umbrella vertically, which gives a feeling of the British gentleman. A lady can hang umbrella hook on the wrist or hold umbrella vertically and still remain sophisticated.

Being polite

Umbrella placement

When entering the room from the outside, the umbrella should be placed outside to control the water dryness, and the umbrella should be put into the umbrella holder if there is one. Put umbrella into the plastic bag or umbrella bag provided by the mall when entering the shopping mall or other places. Also, prepare a handkerchief (one with the texture of a towel is better) to wipe away your wet bags and clothing.

Umbrella renting

In case of sudden rain, we can rent an umbrella. Even though it’s not our belonging we should treat it equally, with care! Keep in mind that you should return it so it can be also helpful for other people.

Being a gentleman

If a sudden rain appears and a gentleman meets a lady, he should offer an umbrella to her. If she accepts, she should ask for returning address. If she hesitates to accept such a gesture, a gentleman may still offer to accompany her to her destination.

In case there are two ladies and a gentleman, he should let them to carry the umbrella between them and he walks outside of it.

I wish you to stay polite, cool and dry! Do you have any question regarding elegant umbrella usage? Please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below!