Dear ladies, gentlemen and children our pets are our best friends! In order to cherish that relationship, we should be well-mannered! How to elegantly walk with a pet? Can you bring your dog to a wedding? Should you separate your pet and houseguests? Let’s solve these concerns together!

How to treat my pet?

Commit yourself – pet is a living creature, commit your time and care.

Treat it as a family member – involve your pet in family activities.
Arrange its place in the house – a pet should have a place to sleep, play, eat.

Be responsible pet owner – No matter where you are, you should clean up after your pet.

How to walk elegantly with a pet?

Be in control – you are walking your pet, not the other way around.

Practice – keep your dog next to or behind you when walking, teach it how to be synchronized with you.

Posture – keep your walking posture nice and straight, walk heel to toe and keep your head up, look 3 to 6 m in front of you.

How to shop with a pet?

Prepare your pet – it’s best to start small and work your way up, so they can gradually become used to things. Crowded places, strong smells can affect their behaviour. Once it’s gotten used to staying calm and by your side among the crowds, then it’s time to move inside.

Check the store policy – Quite a number of big retailers have dog-friendly policies, but be sure to call the specific store before your first visit to verify.

How to travel with a pet?

Check requirements – ensure with all your transportation providers that your pet will have a safe trip with you to your destination and that you have all needed paperwork.

Notice the hotel – let them arrange anything you may need once you arrive.

Know your pet – be prepared that your pet will be stressed, train your pet to behave in its travel bag before the trip.

Pets & Houseguests

Check with your guests – your pet is your best friend but your guests may not like it. Before the arrival of your guest, make sure you checked if they feel comfortable in presence of your pet. Some people can be e.g. scared of dogs, or may be allergic to your pet. Consider keeping your pet in a separate room.

Clean the house – make sure there are no pet’s toys around the house which could be in the guest’s way.

Give your pet a bath – Washing your dog or cat regularly can actually reduce the amount of allergens in your home.

Check with your hosts – If you’d like to visit your friends with a pet, call them first to double-check if your pet is welcome.

Pets & Children

Educate your child – teach him/her about the pet you own. What does it eat? How to cuddle? How to take care?

Make him/her responsible – let your child be in charge of something, e.g. replacing the water, walking the dog, cleaning the cage, etc.

Strangers & Pet – show your kid how to introduce a pet to his/her friend or teach your kid how to interact with someone’s else pet.

Pets & Special events

Pet as a guest of honour – since your pet is a family member it’s normal that e.g. on your wedding day you’d like to celebrate together. In that case, find someone that can take care of it through the day so you can focus on other details.

You and pet as guests – double check with inviter whether you may come together and rethink if you can spend the specific event with your lovely friend.
Provide your pet a suitable clothing.

And finally, be creative! Your best friend will happily follow and share all your moments with you! What else do you usually do with your pet? Share with us!