Dear ladies and gentlemen, today you may buy everything in a few clicks. But having a unique home requires more than just buying the luxurious goods. But what is that ‘more’ on your way to sophisticated uniqueness? What luxurious items will help?

Let’s have a look together!
A sophisticated host/hostess will generate a special family culture and have a specially decorated house. To decorate your house you might need unique items: the antiques.

The antiques


They tell a story from the past, whether it’s a piece passed down through your family, or a piece you bought. You actually become a part of that story the moment you set your hands on it.


Variety is the spice of life and layering your home with different periods creates an elegant, comfortable home. E.g. Stark and modern table with clean lines, no embellishments you may accompany with the velvet Baroque chairs.


France, England and China offer the best selection of antiques anywhere in the world. You may buy them online, at flea markets, antique shops or at auctions. Of course, for auction, there are certain manners we should follow.

Auction manners

Know the auction jargon

With entering to auction world you must speak the language, learn the word and phrases used at the auction.

Be seated & quiet

Before asking for bids, auctioneer will often tell little bits of information about each item so if you make noise (talking, phone ringing…) some people might not hear him. Between items, you may have a quiet conversation but please when bidding is going keep it down.

Catch the Auctioneer’s Eye

In order to make the Auctioneer notice you, you may raise your hand or auction card. Keep it raised until the auctioneer points to you or otherwise acknowledges you. After that, he’ll go back to you to bid again, so a nod of the head will do.

Know Your Limits

Know what you can afford and quit bidding when you reach your limit.

Leave kids & pets at home

You should fully concentrate only on bidding and also let others do the same.

Act immediately

If the auctioneer mistakenly thinks you have bid on an item when you have not, it is important to speak up before he sells the item to you. In case you got your desired item but damaged, point it out as soon as possible.