Dear gentlemen, you are about to buy a new suit but you don’t know how to choose one that will fit your needs and your personality. In this article we will teach you all the steps to create your own suit with a tailor’s advice from Atelier Fusari.

Let’s remind the essentials if you need to dress like a gentleman. This month we have met Guillaume Rué de Bernadac our favorite Etiquette coach. Mr Rué de Bernadac is a French gentleman travelling all around China to give classes on how to stand, how to eat or how to sit and walk properly. Mr Rué de Bernadac is a suit lover and it was a pleasure to write together on how to wear a suit properly!

Which details matter for a proper suit?

How to choose the fabric?

Choosing the right fabric for your tailor-made suit requires good taste and fabric knowledge.
In order to choose an appropriate fabric, we always ask our clients on the occasion they need a suit for, if they have a discreet or a strong personality, and as well as how many suits they already own.

Mr Rué de Bernadac chose a very elegant pattern fabric, dark colour, very fine stripes, smooth finishing, this fabric totally matches his personality and that’s how we like to work !

What about the suit style ?

Mr Rué de Bernadac chose a double breasted suit, which corresponds the best to his needs and his personality. What could be more elegant than a double breasted suit to attend events weekly and to teach elegance in China?

How to wear this suit style?

Keep your double-breasted suit buttoned while standing or sitting. There’s a button on the inside called the “anchor button” that should also be fastened all the time.

Details for a proper suit

Another important thing while choosing your next suit are DETAILS !
Details matter to recognize a proper suit from lower quality suit. To be the most elegant you need the perfect fit. Atelier Fusari experts stylists are here to enhance your style. Take appropriate measurements, work on all adjustments needed to make your body shape better and create a modern suit cut, are important factors in tailor-made. Beside this, colour matching, suit design, button quality need to be carefully selected.

Complete your outfit

We emphasize some gentleman details on the above pictures. Accessories will complete your gentleman look. Bowtie, pocket square, cuff links are accessories every gentlemen need !
Mr Rué de Bernadac particularly loved our Weixuwang collection with premium and original bowtie set made in Shanghai.

Gentleman reminder

Never overdress or underdress
Prefer a white shirt
Dark suits are always more elegant

Dear gentlemen, I hope you enjoyed this article and will from now on know how to create your own tailor-made suit. Please share with us if you have any questions!

This article was first published by Atelier Fusari