Dear gentlemen, I am Alexey, trainer for Académie de Bernadac and in today’s article, I will teach you sitting and standing postures you should always adopt. It will give you an elegant figure, convey a confident attitude and also improve your health. Let’s see how a man should sit and stand properly.

Sitting Postures
Postures to adopt

a. Formal posture:

– Always keep your back and your head straight. You should be seated on a half of the chair, keep one fist distance between the chair and your calves.
– The legs are parallel to each other and slightly open, the distance between your legs is two fists or a bit more but never larger than the width of your shoulders. The feet should rest flat on the ground and the hands on your laps.

b. Business posture:

Prefer joining your hands in front of you and close to your body, for men it shows big hands, so it will convey the message of you being powerful and also very confident.

c. Crossed legs postures:

Crossing your ankles crossing your legs are both acceptable postures.

Always remember to keep your back straight. The hands are on your laps but never on the knees as it will draw people’s attention on them and not your face or your eyes. Unlike women, men are allowed to have a little bit of space between their legs when they are crossed and the feet should always be facing one direction.

Postures to avoid

For business meetings, there are some postures you should avoid doing, as they are too relaxed and people won’t take you as a serious person. And for everyday, they can cause you health problems.

a. Legs spreading

The legs are too open, the head and the back are not straight. When your sitting, standing or taking pictures, be careful not to tilt your head.

   b. Slouch on the chair

This is not the way to place your legs and when you are slouched on the chair, it gives the impression that you are tired or you don’t care.

   c. A leg on the other

You can cross your legs but on this picture the leg is too high and the back is, again, not straight. Also showing the soles of your shoes is not polite.

Standing Postures

Postures to adopt

a. Formal posture

For galas, weddings or other social events, keep your back straight but you don’t need to look as strict as for business events.

The arms and the feet are more relaxed and you can see that the feet can be open and not straight.

Here one foot is open and both arms are not along the body.

b. Business postures:

You should always have your back straight and a serious face, your feet are slightly open but not wider than your shoulders. You can keep your hands in front of you or along your body.

You may be required to take a photo for your professional profile.

Make yourself look taller, look ahead with a serious expression, you can join your hands together in front of you to show more confidence, twist a little bit your body to look slimmer.

c. Fashion poses:

They are fancy and trendy poses, more appropriate for photo posing or fashion events.

You can play around with your arms and hands. Cross your legs if you want to and have a less serious expression.

Postures to avoid in business

Just like the sitting postures, these postures are not appropriate for business meetings as they don’t show seriousness in your attitude.

a. Laying on the wall

You don’t need the wall to hold your body.

b. Hands in the pockets

c. Arms behind

The attitudes on these pictures are too relaxed for business occasions and some social events.

Gentlemen, please share with us which is your favourite posture and if you want to know more on men’s sitting and standing postures!