How to introduce other people?

Dear ladies and gentlemen, I am sure you have all faced this situation: you have to introduce a group of people, who do you introduce first? Men or women? Do you introduce by rank, by age or simply introduce them from left to right(or from right to left)?

General rules
Here are few rules in business occasions before we go into the details:
Introduce others to the most important people;
Introduce the lower rank to higher rank;
Same rank, introduce younger ones to older ones;
Same rank, same age, introduce men to women.

Introduce two people
Imagine we need to introduce A and B, A is our client, and B is our colleague, then we need to:

Greet A, introduce B’s name and title
Greet B, introduce A’s name and title
A & B greet each other

Note:Don’t forget to introduce A to B.

Introduce one group of people
What if we need to introduce a group of people? Then we need to make judgments before we introduce them: who is the most important person in this group? If we need to introduce A and B, C, D to each other. A is our client, B, C, D are our colleagues. Then we need to:

Greet A, introduce B, C, D by their ranks (with name & title);
Greet B C D by ranks, and introduce A’s name & title to them;

Note:Greet B, C, D first, and then introduce A to them all together.

Introduce two groups of people
If we need to introduce A&B&C (clients) and D, E, F (colleagues), and we need to know the most important persons in the two groups, then we introduce:

Greet A,B,C by their ranks, introduce D,E,F by ranks;
Introduce D,E,F to A,B,C, with names &titles.

Note:The sequence of introducing a group implies their importance in this meeting.

Now we understand the general rules about introducing people. In reality, things would be much more complicated. And, what if you are going to introduce three groups of people? How to do it properly?

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